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America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly.

— Chicoms


Tucson Airport

Last summer I helped The Senior Citizens move from over-taxed, soggy, pantifa-demoralized Oregon to sunny election and border-demoralized Arizona. The two-month event was exciting but stressful, and not without some sobering revelations about how dysfunctional everything in America has become after seventeen years away.


Make America Functional Again


June 27, 2023
Make America Functional Again


(Girly upspeak voice) Hi, thanks for calling Hucksters Inc. Just say what you’re calling about. For example, if you’re calling about your— Customer service agent! I’m sorry. Did I hear you right? Did you say that you are calling about custom service prices?


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After years of living overseas in six cities across four European countries, there is no greater moment visiting family in the Empire of Lies than when it’s time to depart again. Don’t get me wrong, the reunions are sentimental and touching. The hugs and laughs are therapeutic, but nothing beats the high of leaving again.


When we arrived at the Tucson airport in the late morning, the temperature was already well past a hundred Fahrenheit (38C). I went through the Ryan Bingham express line for Sky Team members, checked my bags, grabbed my boarding pass, and headed for the American Patriot Act demoralization ritual at the security theatre outpost before the terminal.


At the entrance, I noticed three lines. One for pre-check TSA members who give their DNA to the feds for convenience, one for the citizen tax-paying slaves, and one for the regime’s preferred class of new American dreamers.


The rumors were true.


Dozens of illegals stood in a dedicated express line holding new phones, DHS paperwork that guaranteed boarding and served as their new identity documents since they “lost” theirs on the perilous journey through a coterie of global NGOs stationed across Central America and Mexico that gave them maps in their native languages, prepaid debit cards, food, water, and sometimes temporary shelter.


There were children as young as maybe four or five standing awkwardly next to men and women who were not their parents. They certainly didn’t behave as children do around their parents. These adults were their handlers working for DHS contractors, collecting millions to escort them around the country. This is nothing less than government-funded and sanctioned child trafficking and it has probably been going on for years, if not longer.


The government has spent $20 Billion on this human trafficking operation in the past three years with as many as 8-10 million new invaders sent to various states and cities to further milk local governments dry.


Not surprisingly the citizen debt slaves around me found nothing unusual in any of this. Most of them wiled away the time in line flicking their thumb across their screens before the customary humiliation and molestation at the security theatre checkpoint. Once we got through, we were all…




The Great Replacement “Theory”


Wikipravda calls Renaud Camus “a French novelist, conspiracy theorist, and white-nationalist writer.” Imagine the horror! Can’t you just picture him surrounded by jack-booted thugs marching with swastikas to your Nan’s house?


Yeah, me neither.


How France's 'great replacement' theory conquered the global far right


He is also the “inventor” of The Great Replacement theory. This “invented theory” involves tens of millions of mostly Arabs, Africans, and South Asians (mostly Muslims) replacing ethnically white European races, in their own nations.


It’s just a “theory” though.


It hasn’t been happening in practice since Germany invited temporary Turkish guest workers to help engineer their economic “miracle” in the 1960s using billions of U.S. dollars. Since there is nothing as permanent as a temporary government program, the Turkish population in Germany is now over nine million.


Many of them speak German and hold German passports but consider this: If the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan got ideas from watching Napoleon or reading about Ghengish Khan or Alexander The Great or whomever the Ottoman equivalent was, he could incite a Turkish insurrection and topple Germany within a week and pronounce himself the new German Emperor, or Sultan.


Does that make these people German?


The Turks don’t include the millions of other Arabs, Africans, and South Asians that Frau Wanderlust invited in 2015. Germany’s foreign-born population or foreign citizen population is now teetering on a quarter of the country, and that will hit a multiplier effect since these people breed like rabbits and Germans have permitted the natives of their nation to be infested by the toxic combination of feminism, socialism, eco-marxism, and cucksterism—none of which help with procreation.


There hasn’t been any Great Replacement in France either, where millions of immigrants from all her former Magrehbi and Sub-Saharan colonies have invaded the homeland.


France’s national motto is Liberté, fraternité, and Suicideté. Just kidding, it’s Liberté, égalité, fraternité. The liberty and brotherhood are fine, but the égalité is where things get perilous for poor France because in the spirit of equality, she doesn’t bother keeping any demographic statistics.


That would be racist.


When you don’t bother keeping statistics, you can just make shit up.


The French government says its foreign-born Muslim-speaking population is anywhere from 5-9% of the population but as someone who lived in France for three years, it’s more like 20-30% and up to 60% in places like Marseilles.


This is just France and Germany, never mind Italy, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK. Has anyone been to Birmingham? No more Peaky Blinders.


Incredible pictures show almost 90,000 Muslims gathered in Birmingham park to celebrate Eid – The Sun | The Sun
Birmingham Park: letting Brits know they’ve been conquered without a single shot fired.

When I spent a year in Basque Country I strolled into the “old town” or Casco Viejo of a medium-sized city. The north side of the old town was completely overrun with men in pajamas and funny hats that resembled inverted peanut butter cups and certainly not Spanish berets. I asked my Spanish friend what the hell was going on and if there was some international festival or something.


To paraphrase our exchange:


“In ten years they took over the city. Before it was normal. Spanish shops, no Kebabs, nice restaurants. They always take over everything and make it like their home country.”


“Didn’t you expel them five centuries ago and make them convert?”


“Not enough. And it doesn’t matter. They always come back.”


Does all this sound like an “invented theory” to you?


The replacement birthrate of any people in any country is 2.1 children per wahman. No Wahman, No cry.


China’s one-child policy has entered the chat. No whamen, No China.


Ho Lee Fuk!


Spain and Italy are barely above half of the needed replacement level. Germany too. No country comes near it, but the reversed colonized “France” is the closest at 1.8 because she has been at it for much longer, so the new arrivals have invited extended family including second cousins who help keep those numbers up.


What the social engineers, the wonderful Davos men lizards want to do is replace native populations in all European countries with third-world imports to compensate for the falling birthrates create chaotic low-trust societies replete with crime, cultural destruction, and all propped up on debt-financed welfare for gimmigrants.


If you think this is a conspiracy theory, kindly go take a walk in Marseille’s northern districts after dark and get back to me. Or Malmo, Gothenburg, Mainz, Rotherham, Rotterdam, Naples, Rome, Montpellier, Saint-Denis, or a thousand other cities west of Silesia.



From Jeff Childers’ Covid & Coffee Stack last weekend:


In fact, the entire European Union is awash in mostly muslim migrants. It’s so bad that if you open a box of European Cracker Jacks you expect to find an illegal immigrant looking up from the bottom. In nearly every EU country, mass migration is a touchstone topic. The only two holdouts are Hungary and Poland, and Poland is wavering.


This is mostly accurate though I would add Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia as other partial holdouts because they aren’t welfare magnets. The later is not in the EU, and maybe that’s for the better.


For a Scandinavian country, Finland doesn’t do too poorly either outside of Helsinki and a few other urban areas in the south that have invited too many of Ilhan Omar’s cousins to stay.


Overview - Somali-Americans in Minnesota - LibGuides at Minnesota Historical Society Library
Welcome to “Finland”

The level of a European nation’s demographic (and thereby socio-cultural and economic) destruction is in direct proportion to three factors:


  1. The amount of $$$ and freebies handed out (Sweden, Britain, and Germany win this one easily which is why they all go there)
  2. The amount of power given over to Feminists, Greens, Socialists, and Marxists (they will destroy a nation from within in under one generation)
  3. The lack of suffering under the boot of Bolshevism for forty years (Poles have a strong memory)


Numbers one and two are permitted by a combination of weak men and emotional blackmail artists (See No. 2 for the list) who use the same old tired accusations to get what they want: “Racist!” “Xenophobe!” “Nazi!”


Once the new arrivals settle in and run for local political seats and national parliament it’s game over. See London where their Paki poison dwarf mayor recently said, “The white family doesn’t represent real Londoners.” Imagine a white mayor saying that about any other race in any city. How about a white mayor of Islamabad? “The brown family doesn’t represent real Pakistanis.” They’d find pieces of his body strewn across all provinces.


And how did the Chicom-controlled corporate media react to the London mayor’s comments?


This Great Replacement is now arriving on the shores of America at a rate ten times worse than before Operation Wetback.


Good Citizens of the Empire are finally starting, slowly, hopefully, to wake up to this invasion, without slouching at accusations of “Racism!” or “Anti-Chicomism!” from the loony left and Chicom media.


Governor Hot Wheels


Doing the humiliation ritual for the real controllers of American politicians – Chicoms.
Why would Texas need to have a bond with Chicoms? Why not Texas and Bulgaria or Texas and Paraguay?
(L) Election-year Governor Greg Abbott of Texas | (R) Non-election-year Governor Grigor Abbottstein, a known Chicom

There’s a reason the third rule of this substack is to never trust anyone in the alternative media, along with corporate media and government.



Ian Smith was the gym owner in New Jersey who refused to close his establishment during the lockdowns for the hoax pandemic. He also refused to pay any fines incurred by the city for standing up to all the madness. He openly asked why Americans were being prohibited from staying healthy by getting regular, physical exercise, and sunlight exposure (Vitamin D) if the pandemic was really about health and safety? Checkmate.


Charlie Kirk is a Con Inc. grifter who pushes whatever Right-Left political theatre needs to be pushed to distract the subjects of the Idiocracy from what’s going on. His “non-profit” Turning Point USA is funded by Chicom Billionaires like Bernie Marcus and Sheldon Adelson’s ghost.


Thanking Governor Abbott for doing his job on a mile of fencing across a 1254-mile border is like thanking the French for fortifying their border with Germany while ignoring their border with Belgium between the World Wars. Kirk could have just said, “Thanks for keeping the invasion going while pretending to do something about it and giving me something to grift on my podcast today that will help the red team.”


For years now Governor Abbott’s doppelganger Grigor Abbottstein, a known Chicom has been bussing illegals to the interior of the United States. For years Con. Inc. and the other alternative media gatekeepers thought this was funny, that this was somehow “exposing the Dems” in sanctuary cities for the double-speaking frauds that they are. Think about that Good Citizen conservatives. None of these people gave a damn about closing the border and implementing immediate deportations.


Gov. Hot Wheels: WEF Page of honor

They used the spectacle of open borders as a game, as content to extract attention from their podcast viewers to keep the red-blue spectacle in the forefront as something that matters. This level of duplicity and deception by the conservative “alternative media” should pique the curiosity of even their least discerning viewers, but it rarely does. These people have already invested far too much emotional energy, time, and attention into cheering for the red team. They would prefer to throw more of it at the cause than to think critically about who is manipulating them and why.


Governor Hot Wheels doesn’t care about destroying the country demographically or playing politics with people who were used and abused by a series of U.S. Government-funded NGOs, and Mexican cartels who employ human traffickers working with both to flood the nation with illegals from all over the world.


Human trafficking is a nasty business. Women are raped. Children are used as shields and props. DHS has admitted that 85,000 children have gone missing in the interior of the country since Biden was installed, just like those children in Tucson I saw at the airport with escorts who were not their parents. If that’s the official number, what’s the real one?


Governor Abbott didn’t care about any of these people and still doesn’t. He still puts them on buses destined for sanctuary cities.


Why not charter flights to Mexico City or Quito, Ecuador where many of them arrive?


How many would head for Texas if they knew the odds they would end up back in Quito after a two-month hike was 50-50? What if it was 80-20?


The invasion of Texas would stop within a few months once word got around. All the governor is doing is ensuring that once New York and California go bankrupt, Texans will be bailing them out while all those he bussed to their cities will be headed to Texas in uHauls where they will elect Henry Cuellar the next Governor and at that point they might as well rename the state Texico.


Everything happening right now around the border issue is to rouse political divisions, enflame tensions, and distract the masses from bigger things just around the corner involving the U.S. dollar’s final death knell and a reset of the global fiat monetary system. Perhaps even bank bail-ins after massive bank runs and engineered financial panics. (Beware the Ides of March)


But since we’re on the border issue now, and since Con Inc. is determined to ignore the culprits, let’s pull back the curtain on those Alex Jones, a man who is never wrong, knows is responsible—the Chicoms!


Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) aka “Chicoms”



On an episode of Alex Jones’s InfoWars last week he and Michael Yon discussed the open border calamity and the invasion of 8-10 million third-world “immigrants” under the Biden Administration.


They even put up a screenshot showing the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society building next to a massive holding center labeled “China Camp.”


Alex Jones has been accused of being “controlled opposition” for years. I avoid using that term willy-nilly since I’ve been accused of it privately in emails from past subscribers who thought I was paid to peddle an agenda here.


But now I have my suspicions about Jones as well.


Watch Alex Jones’s broadcast on September 12, 2001, and his direct criticism of the “Chicoms” and then watch him with Stew Peters in December, a man who has noticed a lot recently, and you’ll see two very different Alex Joneses.


When he was young and fearless, he noticed the “Chicoms” were not the ally that Con Inc. and Neocons proclaimed, and that they were very dangerous and “would get a lot of Americans killed in war.” Which is exactly what happened in the following two decades. Those wars strengthened the “Chicoms” while destabilizing and fiscally destroying the United States.


Today Alex Jones sounds like Cathy Newman interviewing Jordan Peterson in his Stew Peters conversation when it comes to criticizing the “Chicoms” and noticing serious connections regarding who is really behind the demographic destruction of the United States AND Europe.


Hold, please. Barbara Lerner Spectre has joined the chat.


Iceland is the safest country in the world. For how much longer?

Was Alex Jones invited back on to X and a few weeks later for an “exclusive” interview with Tucker Carlson in exchange for not noticing anymore?


Was there a clause in his bankruptcy negotiations that he gets to keep his ranch and significant loot if he stops noticing?


I’m not blaming the guy. With a family and kids and a billion-dollar judgment against me, I’d likely cave too. Everyone caves to the “Chicoms” eventually. Seek, and Ye shall find no exceptions.


Jones and Yon seemed to dance around the subject last week as if they deliberately refused to notice, and called it HIAS a few times and then diverted to Jones’ favorite boogeymen the “Globalists” as those responsible for orchestrating this invasion.


“Chicoms” Camp!


But the purposeful obstruction of the truth is now just downright sad when you make a few rudimentary connections, rendering Jones a theatrical parody of his former theatrical self. While Michael Yon has done a lot of recent noticing on X lately, so credit to him for that.



The current head of DHS (charged with “Homeland Security”) is Alejandro Mayorkas, who also happens to be a former BOARD MEMBER of HIAS.


Funding for his former NGO exploded since he was appointed head of DHS.


If funding and engineering the demographic destruction of your nation isn’t treason, then what is? Or perhaps he doesn’t view it as his nation?




Do you think the Republican party in Congress (ALL owned by the American Isreal Political Action Committee – AIPAC aka the “Chicoms”) is going to mention any of this the next time they bring Mayorkas in for more congressional deposition theatre?


From the HIAS Website:


10,000 dead Palestinian children ignored. The humanitarian “crisis” according to HIAS is only in Israel.

Why would they ignore the ethnic cleansing in Gaza?


Because they push the “Chicoms” lie about October 7th.



Here’s the truth about October 7th. By some estimates, the IDF killed up to 80% of Israeli civilians that day mostly with Apache helicopters and tanks. The knew the attacks were coming and where they would happen, and have been actively funding Hamas for years.


October 7, 2023: Israel’s Second 9-11


December 6, 2023
October 7, 2023: Israel's Second 9-11


Do you condemn Hamas?! It’s an easy question! Do you condemn the barbarism and horror of these savages who ruthlessly slaughtered innocent people and raped grannies, beheaded forty babies and stole kids’ soccer balls, and savaged rave music go-ers, it’s an easy question, either you condemn this terror or you…


Read full story

But don’t fret Good Citizens because The Daily Fire of Con Inc. is on the case. Benny Shapiro is currently doing a series on “Biden’s” border invasion.


Oh, wait. What’s this?


HIAS fundraising documents show America’s favorite kosher rapper Shapiro donated between $10k and $18k to this organization in 2022 to assist the border invasion.



What else could one expect from a “Chicom” tool?




It’s not just HIAS.





They use the right-left paradigm and political and cultural spectacle to shield themselves from culpability and criticism.


By keeping the squad and their “woke” flock pitted against MK Ultra MAGA and vice versa, the slaves will never see who holds the key to their chains.


They buy people like Chaya Raichik aka “Libs of Tiktok” to gain the trust of conservatives, libertarians, “classical” liberals, and the non-woke so that when it’s time to push their propaganda they have levers of power everywhere with inbuilt trust.


It’s safe to assume that all of these influencers are on the “Chicoms” payroll. They get treated to field trips where they’re required to post the official version of events for their clueless flock.



One of the great mysteries of the 21st century that nobody can answer: How does someone as stale and lame as that monotone Lex Fridman Lex Rogan Jr. get so popular out of nowhere?


The guy was a nobody from MIT until he started a YouTube channel virtually mirroring Joe Rogan’s model (and life) and within a year he had a million subscribers. It would make sense if the man had an original thought or a sense of humor, or challenged his guests. This is why it’s safe for Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to go on his show. It’s like watching paint dry and yet the algorithms push people like him into the spotlight inorganically so that there is one more safe and chosen narrative manager extracting the attention of the masses.


Even when the tyranny of a “woke Twitter” is liberated and transformed, they control the liberation and the transformation so that censorship is converted from bannings to dethrottling and shadow banning.




All the top anti-Zionist accounts on X the past month have been BOMBED before, during, and after Elon was doing his tours of shame in Israel and Auschwitz. And this is why I bought more silver instead of giving that asshole $188 for a blue checkmark.


Oy Vey!




Who are they? The “Chicoms” of course!


Put your head in the “Chicoms” lunette Good Citizens. It’s right where they want you.



The United States and Great Britain are full-on vassal states of the “Chicoms.”


Good Citizen
Nov 2

What you won’t hear is that Israel, a nation with an annual GDP of $480 billion and a Debt-to-GDP ratio of only 60% will already receive $38 Billion from 2016-2026, plus $5 Billion for missile defense, plus other loan guarantees from a nation with $34 Trillion in debt and a debt-to-GDP ratio of 130% which is approaching Weimar numbers just before their currency became worthless.


Another Chicom confesses, incapable of hiding her giddiness.


A nation that makes laws to protect Chicoms is owned and controlled by Chicoms. 37 states passed Anti-BDS laws prohibiting state government employment to any citizen who supports boycotting, divestment, and sanctions of Chicoms and Chicom businesses.


If your conscience is against the Chicoms because you’ve done too much noticing, these state governments will fire your ass.


Imagine passing laws to insulate and protect one, single, theocratic ethnostate specifically, one that endorses Apartheid and genocide. What kind of politicians would subvert the Constitution on behalf of a foreign power? And how many videos of them with kiddies does this foreign power hold over their heads?


Imagine what they have on Governors like Brian Kemp. No state contracts without an oath to a theocratic foreign ethnostate.


Based Asian gets it…

But don’t pay any attention to those facts dear Americans. There’s an election this year that demands only your feelings.


So, I feel like once Trump is elected again, everything is going to change for the better. He’s tough on those Chicoms.



Isn’t he?


Trump, family make private visit to Western Wall - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
The 45th US President Jared Kushner with his father-in-law in the holy land.

When you finally figure out that the right-left domestic political spectacle is a meaningless distraction, an illusion, a grand diversion, to keep you from noticing certain things, this is what you’ll see…


And once you notice there’s only one cure to help you stop noticing…


Is Iran next? One final encore for the Chicoms?




And did those feet in ancient time,
Walk upon England’s mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God,
On England’s pleasant pastures seen?


And did the Countenance Divine,
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,
Among these dark Satanic Mills?


Bring me my Bow of burning gold:
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear:


O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire!


I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In England’s green and pleasant Land.


— William Blake


Good Citizen


Dumb and silent we are being led, like sheep to the slaughter.





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