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In an October, 2021 Forbes article, AstraZeneca marketed an experimental “injectable antibody therapy cocktail” to a fearful public. Without valid research, or proof, it claimed its cocktail to be effective at preventing severe illness or death in people with mild or moderate Covid-19 infections. It claimed its therapy cut the risk of death or severe illness by two-thirds (67%) if given within five days of showing symptoms.

The cocktail was marked as experimental for a reason.

AstraZeneca, with its impressive corporate rap sheet, could make any claim it chose, since, by law, no pharmaceutical company is held accountable for side effects (or direct effects) from any “vaccine.”

Sound like fraud?


The Experiment Unravels

Image by hollywut from PixabayNeither AstraZeneca, nor any vaccine maker, has ever revealed the ingredients of its experimental antibody or mRNA cocktail to the public. Neither have they provided informed consent as part of the offer.

Everything is an offer to contract, whether it be a personal, medical, or a business relationship. Every vaccinated subject must sign that they take full responsibility. Because no one else will.

According to the AMA, Informed Consent is required in all medical contracts in order to provide the nature, purpose, burdens, and risks of the proposed medical intervention so the patient can formally consent. The informed consent process falls under 45 CFR 46, for human subjects in research, which sounds a lot like conducting human experimentation. Americans were warned by the Secretary of State in March of 2020 that COVID is a live exercise.

In the beginning, COVID injectables were deployed as Emergency Use Authorized, or EUA, meaning, Off-label, Experimental Research, Unapproved, and no Informed Consent. In other words, use at your own discretion. Until recently, if you wanted to know what was inside the injectable mRNA cocktails, you were handed a blank piece of paper. However, what was hidden is now being revealed.

Under the UK Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act of 2007, charges were recently filed against corporate entities for “Corporate Manslaughter and Gross Criminal Manslaughter.” These corporate defendants are the usual miscreants :

Corporate Defendants Identified:

  • AstraZeneca
  • Pfizer
  • Moderna
  • National Health Service (NHS)
  • Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
  • Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI)
  • Her Majesty’s Government

According to the United Kingdom (UK) Case Briefing Document:

In November 2020 Dr Andreas Noack, a German chemist and one of the EU’s top graphene experts, released a video explaining that he had discovered graphene hydroxide contained in the COVID-19 experimental treatments. He described how the graphene hydroxide nano structures injected into the human body act as ‘razor blades’ inside the veins of recipients and how they would not show up on an autopsy or normal toxicology tests given their atomic size. On 26th November 2021, just hours after publishing his latest video about graphene hydroxide, he died in suspicious circumstances.

Professor Dr Pablo Campra, University of Almeria, Spain also examined Covid-19 experimental treatments in November 2021 using Micro-Raman Spectroscopy, the study of frequencies. He too confirmed the presence of graphene.

The charges center around the nano-ingredient, graphene hydroxide (GHO), discovered in EUA COVID injections. Considered to be a trade secret, GHO is not found on any label. Therefore, no one would be the wiser, except that GHO can be identified for its polymeric signature properties using Micro-Raman Spectroscopy. Other methods used to verify the serums morphologies and contents include: Optical Microscope, Dark-Field Microscope, UV absorbance and fluorescence spectroscope, Scanning Electron Microscopes, Transmission Electron Microscope, Energy Dispersive Spectroscope, X-ray Diffractometer, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance instruments.

Damage Report

Trade secrets aside, Graphene hydroxide is well known in the world of science. A Pubmed database search generates over 18,000 published studies on ‘Graphene oxide’. Whether called graphene oxide (GO), or graphene hydroxide, (GOH), it is nanotechnology invisible to the human eye. Graphene has optical, thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties, with applications in silicon-based semi-conductor devices. Once inside the human body, graphene acquires magnetic propertiesand becomes a superconductor. The human body becomes a superconductor.

In the body, Graphene hydroxide can generate the same symptoms as the supposed “SARS-CoV-2”, which includes blood clots, post inflammatory syndrome, cytokine storm, collapse of the immune system, inflammation of the mucus membranes, bilateral pneumonias, loss of smell and taste (anosmia) (see November 2021 Journal Circulation Abstract). Graphene’s applications in electrical conductivity also involve modulation of the neural network and the hypothalamus, for mind control. However, the majority of studies are focused in biomedical gene and drug delivery systems (See in Polymer Journal).

From the 2016 Journal of Particle and Fibre Technology:

Graphene is isolated from crystalline graphite. It is a flat monolayer composed of single-atom-thick, two-dimensional sheets of a hexagonally arranged honeycomb lattice. A summary of the findings detailed in the attached toxicology report reveals that Graphene nanomaterials (GFNs) can penetrate the body’s natural barriers and damage the central nervous system.

Summary of Graphene hydroxide (GOH) in biological systems:Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

  1. damages internal organs
  2. damages the reproduction and development system
  3. destroys blood health
  4. damages and destroys cells (harms sense of smell)
  5. triggers cancer and accelerates aging
  6. damages mitochondria and DNA
  7. triggers an inflammatory response and three different kinds of cell death
  8. causes changes in gene function
  9. triggers optical modulation of hypothalamus, neural activity, i.e. mind control.

Cocktail Contents

According to a Laboratory Report Summary, a summary of the findings from RAMAN Spectroscopy discovered the following particles in the EUA treatments:

● Graphene
● SP3 Carbon
● Iron Oxide
● Carbon derivatives
● Glass shards

Image by LEEROY Agency from Pixabay

Epigenetic Toxicity

Epigenetic toxicity comes from toxic environmental exposures which exert undesirable genetic effects on living organisms. Epigenetic toxins are found in water, air, food, and medical drugs, including nanotech. The current focus of graphene nanotech utilizes its electromagnetic properties as a carrier and adjuvant in vaccines. For instance, UV Fluorescence test results from the Pfizer BioNanoTech vaccine, show nanomaterial present in the vial that corresponds perfectly to that of graphene oxide (340 nm).

Graphene was first detected in the aqueous suspension, COMIRNATY™, in a June 2021 report by a Spanish team titled “Graphene Oxide Detection in Aqueous Suspension, Observational study in Optical and Electron Microscopy,” followed by a report from Dr. Andreas Noack from Germany. In some cases, GO is grafted onto glass fibers (GFs) to improve its polymer properties of strength and toughness. What about its toxic properties?

The question you should ask Pfizer, is why are those razor blades in the vaccine?  – Dr. Andreas Noack

Toxicity is defined by dose and route of exposure. For instance, people are told that eating an emulsifier called Polysorbate 80, a food additive is not risky, since the liver can safely process and detoxify it before elimination. However, injecting Polysorbate 80 is harmful. The same is true of Thimerasol (mercury) and aluminum hydroxide when injected as adjuvants in vaccines. If ingesting graphene oxide, from eating barbequed foods, the smoke, or char, contains carcinogens called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heterocyclic amines (HCAs) from incomplete combustion. You can scrape them off your food to reduce your risk.

Magnetism, In All Its Forms

There are over 200 scientific papers on the magnetism of graphene in its various forms. Among the Graphene family materials, Graphene Oxide (GO), Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles (GONPs), Graphene Hydroxide (GOH) and Reduced Graphene Oxide (RDO) all have paramagnetic properties, a form of magnetism. Graphene-based nanomaterials utilize conductivity properties that act as nanosensors and biosensors for food quality analysis and smart food packaging. Graphene is “The New Plastic.” You can now find graphene oxide nanoparticles in cereals, PCR swabs (nasal vaccination), cars, smartphones, and, of course, air pollution since graphene is now an international industry standard.

Due to its magnetic properties, Graphene oxide nanoparticles have the ability to absorb radiation from frequency 5G technology. Unfortunately, most MSDS sheets ignore contact by injection, and electromagnetic effects. If injected into the body, these nanoparticles have the ability to not only cause biological harm, but also to absorb radiation and convert gigahertz signals to terahertz signals, thousands of times higher than those created by silicon, alone. The European Union research group called EUCALL states:

What makes this feat possible is the highly efficient non-linear interaction between light and matter that occurs in graphene. The researchers used graphene containing a large number of free electrons that originated from the interaction between graphene and the substrate onto which it was deposited. When these electrons became excited by an oscillating electric field in room-temperature conditions, they rapidly shared their energy with bound electrons in the material.

Cell Tower Map (find towers near you)

An Intelligent Poison 

This is a “highly intelligent poison.” – Dr. Noack, German chemist and leading expert in activated carbon engineering and GRAPHENE, recently deceased.

This operation is not about killing people, it’s about controlling them.Dr. José Luis Sevillano, Graphene researcher

It is best to lower expectations for justice to prevail in the UK case, or any case, of criminal corporations who geo-engineer humanity using experimental cocktails. After all, it is the individuals hidden behind the “corporate entity” who write history. For as long as humans have lived on earth, biology, along with history, has been altered. (See Arthur Firstenberg’s book, The Invisible Rainbow).  Nothing changes when criminal defendants are identified as “corporate entities,” without names and insurance bonds. It becomes impossible stop the interconnected crimes, let alone stop the madness.

History and biology continue to be rewritten and transformed. While fraud is allowed to continue under the guise of ineffective public shaming rituals that pass for justice, humanity is entering a new Transhuman Age. With so many corporate criminals protected by bubble indemnity, there is a question that must be asked. Is the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act of 2007 and other Acts like it, a distraction, established to legalize the Act of Corporate Homicide, rather than deter it?

The way to rewrite history and biology is an individual process of knowing who you are and of rejecting The Transhuman Agenda.

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Disclaimer: The author encourages you to consult your health care practitioner before making any health changes, especially any changes related to a specific diagnosis or condition. No information in this article should be relied upon to determine diet, make a medical diagnosis, or to determine or prescribe a treatment for a medical condition. This information is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended to build synapses for thinking.



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