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Cosmic Cleansing




Greetings, readers!


If you’re at all like me, you may have been noticing a recent acceleration and intensification of Energy/Light waves in your body, accompanied by greater sensitivity and awareness. (And see Miles Mathis’ science site for sunspot reports.)


This is physical and emotional evidence of a karmic purification process that mankind is going through, aligned with the birthing of a new era. It is occurring on an individual, collective, planetary, and solar system level.


Mankind’s longtime attachments, entanglements, polarizations within the “3D” octave are rising to the surface to be noticed, felt, and cleared from our bodies and minds. Both “positive” and “negative” aspects within a dualistic human framework are emerging into awareness, to be dissolved and merged into a harmonious higher whole.


Many longtime patterns that have kept us locked into limited behaviors are being shown to us repeatedly, in order to be consciously cleared from our system. As our bodies are being gradually cleansed of all traumatic programs and toxic substances, it’s helpful to be aware of this upgrading process, and to be gentle and patient with ourselves as we realign.


When we acknowledge and feel whatever turbulent streams may be arising, without attachment or judgement, we can infuse the current natural evolutionary flow with loving cooperation, and smooth our personal journey.


One of the greatest breakthroughs we can experience is to adopt an “All for One, One for All” energetic awareness and approach. For a long while, humanity has been locked into predatory/parasitic energy struggles with our fellows – indulging in fear-based and selfish behavior – under the false belief that Life Energy is scarce. In fact, by looking within and reconnecting with our creative Heart Source, we can practice tapping into an abundant Life Stream that can supply all our needs, without our having to look with the mindset of a victim or pauper to temporary external fixes. Opportunities to expand our development will be provided in perfect timing, overriding the split-screen human mind’s addiction to dividing and controlling things, loosening the grip of past behavioral loops, and thus freeing up energy for us to engage in more resourceful approaches.


As outmoded patterns and systems disintegrate, fresh avenues to explore and activate will present themselves, with decreasing ambient interference. We will emerge into an Energy geography with spectacular vistas that beckon us to grow in Love, Adventure, and Wonder – and to finally fulfill our deepest dreams. Now that’s a vision worth celebrating!



Ascension Intention-From Shadow to Light





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