How do we do it?

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Although we do this on our own, and that’s very much part of the equation, for the best of lives we need to be good at doing so with one another


A flow between folks.  A means of exchange.  A vehicle of transfer.  A fair exchange of energies, materials, products.  A way of expressing support, and getting what we need, want, desire, etc.

No parasitical middlemen included.  No artificial controls draining the joy out of the Human interactive exchange of works and so on.

Dog eat dog competition, rules, fear, compartmentalization, laws, regulations, mandates, coercion, fines, violence, taxes, and other forms of theft regardless of the flowery language used by those currently ‘leading’, through force or threat of violence and imprisonment, all these techniques are intended to keep the best of us, in one prison or another.  Imagine how we’d prosper without all that nonsense.

A free Market even works in actual prisons. No wonder it’s outlawed. No wonder it’ll work here.

Mental, Financial, Physical, Emotional. It makes no difference what name is used. Slavery by any other name does not support a beautiful world or a free people.

What we intend with this question, together with your participation and experience and the like is to eventually create an ‘open source’ system, where all can freely participate, directed by intelligent natural design with integrity and hence honesty at its core and as its source. Humanity has done it before. We can do it again.


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