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Achillea millefolium, a.k.a. Yarrow


This commentary began its life as a post on Facebook, but in bringing it to this medium much has been added.

Working through my first year (two-plus seasons ~ fall, winter, and spring) in the Pacific Northwest, I am literally *awed* by Nature: its beauty, intelligence, power and grace. It is humbling to see how *little* this great Gift is appreciated or used intelligently in our society. Indeed, we still act as though Nature is either a conquest to be pursued, or when it knocks us on our asses, a malevolent adversary.

How ironic since we can’t live a life of any real quality without it.

As such, it is appalling how *alien* our social/cultural and technological beliefs, habits and practices have become, when measured against Nature’s Design and Standard Instruction Set.


One example is how we’ve grown accustomed to administering (or receiving) ~ especially to children ~ chemical injections to “fight” future diseases that we don’t have now, as though the human immune system is incapable of responding to *any* real threat.




The human body comes standard with full self-repair capability. In the same way that the heart beats on its own and systems work without us having to go to school to learn how to “control” them, a wide range of injuries will repair quite automatically with minimal intervention on our parts.

And if we know and give our body what it needs, it will reciprocate by sustained health, strength, longevity, and more qualities that we have believed were not “standard” fare.

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No one told us that throughout primary education (but is included in my book, I Am My Body, NOT!) Apparently, no one tells this simple fact to future doctors during all their years of training in medical school.

Since we don’t think of the body having self-repair abilities built-in, then we’re not inclined to see government-led obsession with vaccination policies and practices as a convenient way to intentionally break down the population’s natural defense systems (and their cognitive abilities), as part of some broader plan of what might be termed, “population duncity” and control.

The net effect is a dumber and more “manageable” population, whose social norms are presumed to reflect their general, and actual level of evolution and intelligence.

But this is a false reading.

How can there be true evolution when devolving social norms have been “programmed” in and are running with our help and defense?

A devolving social norm is any standardized activity that, in an of itself, lowers the quality of life, often under the guise of improving it. In addition to the practice of vaccine use and policy already described, our society today there are many examples:

  • War (killing and destruction to get one’s way) or the threat thereof
  • Circumcision ~ easily forgotten and dismissed later in life, but this act creates a major trauma that affects the child’s metabolic and psychological development
  • Application and use of toxic agents to “fight” (meaning kill) microorganisms in humans and animals that are thought to be causes of “disease”.
  • Application and use of toxic agents to “fight” (kill) microorganisms in soils to make it more convenient to grow single crops.
  • Application and use of toxic agents into the water supply and atmosphere.
  • Extraction of fluid substances from the earth to run our internal combustion engines when other methods are available that are more efficient, produce far more power, with far less adverse effects to the environment.

There are many more examples.


A Mind Game

The Mind: More than we have been led to think.

Yes, the social drivers of society are running a self-destruct program targeted at the mind of every human being, where it can’t be seen, but from whence all beliefs and behaviors are formed.

HOWEVER, since the program itself is unnatural it will degrade on its own if not reinforced regularly. This applies to genetically modified organisms (GMO) as well as psychological operations (PSYOPS). Human Nature would immediately restore itself if we turn off the nefarious suggestions of institutionalized cultural “programming”.

The Natural Human Being is nothing like the crazed animal that is suggested in some “civilized” circles.

By the way, the human mind is not the brain. There is one Mind, from which all that we see, perceive, and imagine, springs. The brain, and every component that makes up the human body, is a product of the Mind. All that exists, both manifested and unmanifested, comes from the Mind. You journey within the Mind whether you have a physical body, or not.

The Mind is “physical” and not physical. ALL that is “physical” come into existence from the Mind as a product, effect, and result of your desire and Will, and through the auspices of vibrational resonance and affinity.


In the non-physical regions of The Mind are the patterns and matrices that make physical organization and change possible. It is due to the existence of these perfect and unalterable templates that a consistently recognizable “you” is possible. The stability of these templates is also why and how the microscopic lifeforms that live within the body are able to repair and renew body parts through the process known as healing.

The practice of administering antibiotics, another of those self-destructive cultural norms, decimates entire populations of lifeforms that would normally and naturally protect, repair or rebuild areas within the body that had been injured, or become dysfunctional.




We allow these lifeforms populations to be decimated by doctors’ prescriptions without a second thought, and oblivious to the effect that such medications have on overall balance within the ecosystem.

Yet, if left alone, balance would restore itself. This is why opinion managers need humanity’s attention in order to continue the distraction, diversion, and deception through empty promises, fear, misinformation, and outright lies.

Another great title that goes into great detail on the roles that the microbial population plays within the human body, is Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There, co-written by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D and Steve Bhaerman.



The degrees and levels of cognitive and metabolic dysfunction that humanity presently experiences and exhibits is the result of the imposition, perpetuation, and intensification of unnatural, unsustainable, destructive behaviors for the apparent gain of a minuscule segment of the population (“rulers” and “leaders”) at the great expense to the vast majority.



A Microbial Holocaust

Indeed, the process of introducing such substances into the human ecosystem actually kills off large numbers of proto-lifeforms and microorganisms that would normally respond IF the need arrived.

The ability to heal is implicit with the ability to disable. The relationship between the two activities ~ thought to be linear in nature ~ has been elusive, mainly because the perpetrators (latter-day elites who run major corporations, governments, military, medical institutions and their agents) are getting what they want; a sense of control over, and ownership of the planet and all that dwell thereon.

Furthermore, the “prey” have been convinced that it is better not to question. In other words, “Conquered”.

We, who either promote or defend such practices or allow them to continue, don’t help ourselves by simply following precedent and bowing (or bending over) to these Draconian “traditions”, especially in light of the astounding rise in crises, chronic disorders, and conflicts that, in spite of claims to the contrary, can be linked to certain practices.

This stuff eventually reaches consumers’ stomachs.


The substances used today (not just vaccines) are far different (and more damaging) than they were even a few decades ago. While there is great denial of any link to damage to health, the environment, or human cognitive abilities and consciousness, there is little appreciation for the real price, beyond “money” and “health”, that is extracted and paid from ALL.

Passive Parties to Insanity

It’s amazing how we continue to allow ourselves and our children to be exposed to these substances in so many ways. This is the effect of trusting (or not questioning) the perpetrators, and the not knowing to what extent they affect us.

There may be another factor: cellular memory of gruesome measures taken against large populations by people intent on “playing God”.



inquisition: n. ~ an ecclesiastical tribunal established by Pope Gregory IX c. 1232 for the suppression of heresy. It was active chiefly in northern Italy and southern France, becoming notorious for the use of torture. In 1542 the papal Inquisition was re-established to combat Protestantism, eventually becoming an organ of papal government.

A significant portion of the world’s population, proponents of Christianity, is expecting a major conflagration, a head-to-head battle between “good” and “evil”, as embodied in their chief protagonist, Jesus Christ, “Lord” and “Son of God”.

My use of quote marks is not to mock the term, or the use thereof. I use them to question, even challenge the appellation. The Jesus figure has been set up as someone to worship; an idol by any other definition. He is called a “Savior” by many believers, who think they are incapable of being or setting the example or living up to the standard that He apparently set.

Based on the stories written in the bible, for which a dear price was very likely paid many generations ago by those who didn’t believe, adherents today are thoroughly immersed in the idea that He had powers then that they don’t possess today.

Wisdom and Knowledge? Yes. Powers, No.

One thing about “worshiping” another being, the worshiper excuses and absolves himself from taking an active role in knowing the truth (that we are expressions of Source), and when the truth is known, then making it part of your day-to-day experience.

This includes the simple advice to treat others the way you would be treated, “loving your neighbor as yourself”.

No one can “love” another if they are of a mind that they need a “savior”. They can’t even accept, respect, or love who they are. Yet true love, freedom, truth and knowledge begins there… within

A Long History of Little Change

Few humans can imagine doing this to other humans, but such practices were once widespread.


“Anyone who attempts to construe a personal view of God which conflicts with Church dogma must be burned without pity.”– Pope Innocent III


Some will rationalize the acts inferred above as being of the “Dark Ages”, but its easy to see that the same type of thinking is liberally sprinkled throughout certain sectors of society to this very day.

Our fixation on the visible, perceivable world renders us blind to the ideas (of Mind) that drive them. The incessant debate for and against gun control in response to the growing phenomena of cultural self-destruction with guns, totally ignores the ecological, metabolic, and psychological damage that is still being by our unchallenged use of chemicals. Few voices are being raised (though some are) to end vaccination and circumcision practices.

More people are preferring foods that have not been injected with hormones and genetically modified. Even more are preferring produce grown on lands, and using methods that restore balance to soil and water.

We’ve got a lot of turning around to do, as the greatest damage was psychological and spiritual, which is both the hardest and easiest to change.

A New Day: Loving Nature

These toxin-free apples will enhance someone’s life when they grow up.

If we imagine that the practices associated with that period for which millions of people horribly, wrongly, and needlessly suffered were passed on as recollections from generation to generation, it would be easy to see how, or why so many people today are content to believe in God, or a doctrine rather than seek to know and exercise their own, true, creative, equal, divine nature.

Then they’ll act surprised, unduly inconvenienced, and unfairly targeted when diseases surface after we have indulged, or permitted one egregious crime against Nature after another for years and even generations.

For those who may wonder what a crime against Nature is, please consider for a moment that ALL of humanity (you and me included) is part of Nature. (Even Trump, Hillary, et al.)

As expressions of Life (and sometimes sentient), we are already part of the Natural Order; not apart from it. No other “Order”, neither “New” nor “Old” World, is Natural.

The Natural Order will always trump the unnatural schemes and practices dreamed up by wannabe “emperors”.

For these and other reasons, we have institutionalized many unnatural practices with respect to our environment, both inside the body, and out.

The alarming rise in long-term, chronic diseases can also be stated as the decline in natural immune function. This should be, and would be obvious to anyone not trained to set aside common sense, ignore reason, or suppress the truth in order to continue receiving a paycheck, or to not question an opinion simply because the practitioner has “credentials” (and we’re not worthy if we don’t) or might get offended.

Do you see the mental “game” they’re playing?

The social experiment on the human race has gone so far that Pavlov would be green with envy.

We who make wars possible by cooperation with puerile tyrants and despots, who make famine possible by making a world industry that grows and delivers “foods” that provide little nourishment; we have grown accustomed to sitting around, waiting for our Savior, and listening to others’ promises to make our lives better, to the point that we don’t actively do it ourselves.

How ironic that we’ve grown so mentally, emotionally, and socially afraid and dependent, then boast our courage and independence? How tragic that we’re so ready to “protect” ourselves from each other that “killing” is the way… as long as its an *approved* “enemy?”

I write these thoughts because, consciously or not, intentionally or not, this is our doing. Whether we knew it, agreed, or not, our BS meters were damaged or turned off when we entered this realm.

I say this because I KNOW that in spite of claims of intelligence ~ evidence of which is seen everywhere in the Natural Order ~ humanity acts pretty damn DUMB in matters that count, and appears to be doing much too little to right its own ship. We’d rather wait and see if the politician or oligarch du jour has promised to do it, or people in some government agency have *blocked* promising new approaches.

They need our compliance in order to do these things. Non-compliance does not have to mean violence or anarchy.

It might mean, however, that we’re growing up to become the one’s we’ve been wishing for.

We Always have a Choice

That said, we ~ the collective human population “we”~ are still the Power that makes it all possible; not only the crap that I have described, but amazing new directions that make you *want* to get up each morning to enjoy… not just the final realization, but *the journey* too.

You don’t have to believe me. You must know yourself, which only you can choose to do. I can only suggest to you that the choice, and the journey, when you decide to take it, will be well worth it.

Life is everywhere, in ALL forms of expression. We can learn from ALL life, because a piece of us is being expressed through ALL life that we see and encounter. Doing what they do is as much part of the Natural Order as our actions are. Their cooperative activities and interactions affect the quality of *our* lives, as our toxic, combative interactions with each other affect theirs.

Mutually respectful, proactive, constructive balancing cooperation sustains a high quality of life for all Life involved. Competitive, combative, destructive and destablizing activity lowers the quality of life for ALL, even while *some* may thing they’re exempt. There are no “privileged” classes who are exempt from Nature’s Laws.

Even insects appear to know this, but many of humanity’s apparently “brightest minds” (that the masses are encouraged to listen to), don’t have a clue.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Written by Adam Abraham

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