Cuckhold by Currency

Words By Lorenzo & Video By Cambell with Lorenzo


Cuckhold- ‘’ Traditionally, a cuckold was a man who was oblivious to his wife’s adultery.’’

In its simplest form (seems to me) it is about having your trust in something you love and depend on, being betrayed.

Many would spend, perhaps, a lifetime building such relationships, probably, for the perceived or imagined outcome of a stable family and life. A way to make said family, by including children, and thus generate an ongoing ‘ancestor-ship”.

As this is looked at as something of great and lasting value to most, it is commonly seen as a worthwhile way to invest and spend one’s life.

In other words, full trust with your partner could be understood as a required pre-requisite for the continuing growth of your happy family life: in the best of outcomes, leading to future abundant and strong generations. For some this may even be the ultimate outcome of their time here on Earth.

We’ve all heard ‘nightmare’ stories of divorce. On the painful and negative repercussions that, usually, the children must bear.  And for the parents, a tearing apart of a family, a unit that should have been built on trust, certainly taints and weakens whatever life they had intended from the start.

Seen, let’s say, as a strong current of one’s existence towards a strong community and future, one that is no longer easily attainable, is where the real tragedy of being  cuckholded lies, I would say.

So, in the end, much more than someone you trust ‘sleeping’ with someone else, but it is a full betrayal of the foundations being built for an entire life, a family full of lives I should say.

In this way, our trust in our currency systems, can be just as catastrophic, when we place our energy in systems that do not, ultimately, love us or have our best interests at heart.

Same goes with investing in collecting wealth, currency, money in all its various forms: cash, fiat, metals, credit, digital dollars and the such. Most of us spend most of our daily time, in one way or many, increasing the ‘numbers in these wallets’. Whether physical, imaginal, digital or ‘bananas’, doesn’t matter to me, in that, all require a certain trust and dependence in forces outside our own two hands to be fully functional. And when those trusts are betrayed, well, it can be seen as getting ‘f*kd’, and not in a pleasant way.  =)

In this chat we look at alternative ways we can generate our currency and flow with creation. Using our birthright, this currency, for something other than collecting ‘somethings’ to get other ‘things’, when we can all go directly to the source. In fact, I would say, we are that source.

This way, we may all be ‘Uncuckholdable’ through a directional change in our unique perceptions. In other words, come to the knowledge, that we are that Currency we’ve been ‘tricked’ to collect from outside sources. And with that we may plug directly into anything we choose to create for ourselves.

I have seen for myself we need no outside ‘power routers’ or ‘money changers’ to pretend to help us while only getting in the way of our Happy Destiny.

Cheers Lorenzo



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