Cultural Marxism and


The Timeline of Transgenderism




Barack Obama began engineering transgenderism as a mechanism,



tool and weapon of cultural Marxism


beginning in 2009 and in 2024, Michelle Obama will be its beneficiary.





In the last article, we reasoned that the trans agenda was a component in the application of cultural Marxism to U.S. society. We reached those findings by relying upon substantial existing analysis and evidence that is discussed below and which is overlaid by evidence of a resurgence from Michelle Obama to become the 2024 Democratic Party nominee.


In summary with the details below, “transgenderism”[and “transphobia”] is going to become a pillar in any Michelle campaign.


This is because a clear political timeline exists to evidence how the transgender agenda was hijacked by politics.


Transgenderism was hijacked for the Intelligence Community to be used as the contextual component inside of perception management operations.


Those operations, which are more commonly known as “psyops,” are designed to apply cultural Marxism to the population in a broader effort to overthrow and convert the United States to a communist nation under Globalist control.


In other words, Marxist communism is the chosen enforcement mechanism to keep the slaves in line and producing while Globalist elites tyrannically rule by their credence of “rules for thee but not for me”.


Therein, transgenderism is a herding and bullying component of cultural Marxism in the form of a mechanism, tool and weapon.


That’s the long explanation for saying that the transgenderism agenda is cultural Marxism.


Major Premise

Our major premise for the examination of the timeline is this: culture can exist independently of politics but at the moment culture becomes targeted and funded by politics to achieve a particular societal outcome, culture becomes a political mechanism, tool and weapon.


When the weapon is wielded by Marxists, the weapon takes the form of cultural Marxism.


Our purpose is to therefore identify the moment in time that transgenderism was technically hijacked by U.S. politics as a mechanism, tool and weapon; and where it would become the spine of the public education system.


Secondarily, our purpose is to examine how that moment calibrates to the timeline of Dynastic Bush.



Our previous discussion concluded with a perfect segue to examine the timeline of transgenderism in consideration of its application of cultural Marxism:


The Intelligence Community’s perception management operations are shoehorning and bullying the population into ‘trans acceptance’ so it can be shoehorned into accepting the first trans couple to occupy the White House for the third time.

Or it’s Newsom.

Either way, Dynastic Bush wins, Americans lose and no matter what, it can’t be Trump.

The Intelligence Community is seeing to that.

I can’t imagine all of this time has been invested in propagating the trans agenda without transphobia becoming a pillar of Michelle Obama’s campaign in 2024.

Or it’s Newsom.

Political Moonshine

Analysis and Introduction

If the analysis bears-out as accurate, the Intelligence Community political continuum that I’ve branded ‘Dynastic Bush’ is operating to position Michelle Obama as the 2024 Democratic Party nominee for the purpose of continuity in the Executive on down.


Consider the tactical objective of continuity to be the primary objective of Dynastic Bush.


The recent shift in dynamics relegates a once surging Gavin Newsom to second in line.


Any such continuity derived from Michelle stands to deliver Barack Obama what are arguably his fifth and sixth terms; assuming Michelle becomes a two-term president [I expand on this in the ‘Go Deeper’ section below.]


If that were to be the case, from this point in time forward is a nine-year window within which Newsom may desire to further his political seasoning by positioning himself as Michelle’s replacement after a run in the U.S. Senate.


In such a case with Newsom succeeding Michelle for two terms, Dynastic Bush would extend its stranglehold on the U.S. by a 17-year margin.


By that time, our goose will have been cooked, eaten and the rest of it.


By that time, the U.S. will be China’s twin sister and there is no U-turn on that road.


Timeline of Transgenderism In Application of Cultural Marxism

Our purpose is to identify the moment in time that transgenderism was hijacked by U.S. politics as a mechanism, tool and weapon and examine it for calibration with the Dynastic Bush timeline [“Lying, Stealing, Killing and Treason Since 1963.”]


Our timeline was published in The New York Times on 28 Aug 15 and the majority of it is left for independent consumption.


The timeline picks-up in the early 1950s at the time that transgenderism was further emerging into the public spectrum as an American cultural component where it intersected with the establishment of norms in the medical community relative to sex reassignment surgery:



Hold on to this notion of sex reassignment surgery because it comes to bear down below.



By the mid- to late-1960s, the cultural aspects of transgenderism included rioting and state sanctioned discrimination representing an inverse of the situation today:



Through the 1970s and 1980s, the cultural aspects generally became more oriented towards “revolution” as transgenderism impacted public events, media, athletics and more; including achieving rights protections.


The cultural aspects of the late 1980s and 1990s included the addition of ‘Gender Identity Disorder’ as a clinical psychiatric diagnosis, state protections and the first transgender international law and employment policy conference.


By the mid-1990s, transgender lobbying emerged and by the end of the 1990s, it had transgenderism own day of remembrance.


The lobbying component is an important indicator because lobbying always ties to money and federal dollars is the crux of the issue between the federal government and transgenderism as a bona fide mechanism to apply cultural Marxism.


Throughout the 2000s transgenderism continued to build momentum and grow as an American cultural component.


In 2008 and in direct alignment with the first election of Barack Obama, transgenderism saw its first U.S. mayor:



A year later in 2009 the application of transgender as a label for a protected legal class emerged and this is important with respect to its utilitarian value in the world of lawfare and where litigation is used by political activists to shoehorn society into compliance with political narratives that are antithetical to the core of society’s beliefs.


The legal interface to engage in lawfare relative to transgenderism has substantial utilitarian value and therefore it is a critical indicator on our timeline.


Additional indicators under Obama were obvious in 2009 and 2010:



Nearing 2011 it was obvious that Obama was clearing a path for the designed hijacking of transgenderism as a cultural component to be folded into the body politic as a mechanism, tool and weapon.


In May 2011 another Obama indicator emerged when the Office of Personnel Management issued federal transgender support guidance.



Under Obama in 2012, the federal apparatus further enveloped transgenderism when the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission applied Title VII rights to transgender employees.



Pause for understanding: The Obama administration was exercising options at all interfaces to insert and grow transgenderism within the federal apparatus with the objective of tethering it to federal dollars.


Once the federal apparatus fully incorporates the cultural component of transgenderism into the body politic by tethering it to federal funding, it can coerce any entity receiving that funding – like public schools – to align with all transgender edicts and policies or lose those federal dollars.


For schools, which in the aggregate represents the primary system for the federal apparatus to deliver and drive cultural Marxism, the loss of federal dollars can be devastating and therefore acquiescence to and compliance with federal mandates by schools and school districts is nearly ubiquitous.


Watch and see just how precise federal control becomes further down.


The mental gymnastics manifesting as policy continued in 2013 when the APA revised its clinical diagnosis to be less stigmatizing:

In 2014 under Obama, a Medicare exclusion policy in place since 1981 was reversed to include sex reassignment surgery; recalling how we noted this topic above.


THE CRUX OF OUR MAJOR PREMISE: May 2014 marks the moment in time that federal funding became tethered to transgenderism once Medicare federal dollars were required to cover sex reassignment surgery.


Once again, the recurring legal interface of utilitarian value has been constructed for the tactics of lawfare and now it’s tethered to federal dollars.


The other consideration here is how legal precedent was established relative to federal funding where that can be used to extend the tactics of lawfare to other types of cases and jurisdictions.


It was at this moment, that transgenderism was patented within the U.S. body politic as a mechanism, tool and weapon of cultural Marxism.


In late 2014 the Department of Justice applied Title VII to discrimination claims based on “gender identity.”


Again the recurring utilitarian value of a legal interface predicated by transgenderism is noted as set in place by DOJ with Title VII protections.


May 2014 tethered transgenderism to federal dollars to establish legal precedent and in ways to indicate that transgender lawfare tactics would become a formidable mechanism, tool and weapon going forward but the process remained incomplete until early 2015.



On 20 Jan 15, Obama positioned and galvanized transgenderism as component of cultural Marxism in his State of the Union address representing “a presidential first”:



Pause for understanding: With transgenderism firmly in place and tethered to federal dollars via Medicare, we pull back to see the landscape more broadly and in hindsight to recognize that 1-Federal healthcare [funding/dollars] was the operating platform for a fraudulent “pandemic” and 2- Federal healthcare [funding/dollars/Medicare] was the initial tether between federal funding and transgenderism; the former causing me to write: The Obamacare Bedrock of the Fraudulent COVID Pandemic in August 2021.


What this means in summary is that federal oversight and control over U.S. healthcare has been hijacked and rendered into a platform from which enterprise fraud operations are launched to circumvent the U.S. Constitution and establish medical tyranny that equates to technocratic enslavement; and I can’t make it any simpler than that.


In 2015 it began with transgenderism and by 2020 we had a full-fledged fraudulent pandemic on our hands that was designed to wreck a country, remove a president and enslave a people.


A part of enslavement is the acceptance of and compliance with edict, doctrine, dogma, narrative and mandate.


The enforcement mechanism for acceptance and compliance is federal dollars.


Obey and receive.


Disobey and do not receive.


Do not receive and go broke.


Watch how that works-out as we close.



By 2015, the Pentagon had reversed course to permit transgender people to serve:


The 2015 timeline ends with transgenderism firmly entrenched and tethered to federal dollars.



By May 2016 “under President Barack Obama, the departments of Education and Justice issued guidance mandating that any school that receives federal money must treat a student’s gender identity as his or her sex. Schools, for example, would therefore have to allow transgender individuals to use the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity, rather than the sex assigned to them at birth. [Source]”


Pause for understanding: The Obama DOE/DOJ mandate establishes the recurring legal interface of utilitarian value predicated by transgenderism in the context of its primary system and driver of cultural Marxism: public education.


Therefore, any discriminatory act committed against transgender students becomes subject to litigation at the same time it is tethered to federal dollars.


For example and as a male administrator using a public restroom designated for males in my school, I was required to tolerate a female student identifying as a male student to be inside the same restroom and free to observe me and other males in what should be a setting of reasonable privacy.


For the record, I never tolerated that and due to a streak of luck where I avoided such encounters with those students.


Otherwise, I would have violated every state law and district policy leading to my termination and certain litigation.


This is exactly how cultural Marxism works by turning core, fundamental aspects of humanity on their head, forcing the public to acquiesce and comply and then relentlessly punishing the resistors with stolen power and authority well outside of firm Constitutional boundaries.


More on this momentarily after last remarks on the NYT timeline.


Precise timing and a clear path to transgenderism becoming a bona fide mechanism, tool and weapon of cultural Marxism emerged during Obama’s presidency and it is evident that it did so in accordance with the administration’s policies so as to be in complete lockstep with Dynastic Bush.


Barack Obama began engineering transgenderism as a mechanism, tool and weapon of cultural Marxism beginning in 2009 and in 2024, Michelle Obama will be its beneficiary.


Timeline to Federal Funding to Public Education

Transgender protections in public education broadly fall under the umbrella of Title IX as confirmed by the Biden DOE in June 2021.


Recall the design as originally set in place by Obama in 2016: the departments of Education and Justice issued guidance mandating that any school that receives federal money must treat a student’s gender identity as his or her sex.


In Orwellian fashion, here is how federal funding is tethered to transgenderism in the context of public education as a mechanism, tool and weapon where it also serves to enforce acquiescence and compliance:


Anyone who believes that a school receiving federal funding has discriminated against someone because they identify as LGBTQ+ or because they do not conform with sex stereotypes, or for another reason, can file a complaint with OCR within 180 days of the alleged discrimination. For more details, please visit

U.S. Department of Education


I worked in public education for over 20 years including as an administrator and I can assure you that strict compliance with school-wide policies affected by federal funding, like transgender rights, is a top priority and that conveniently offers parallel service to the indoctrination aspect of public “education.”


Take note here in how “assistance” is tied to “Department funded”:


Public schools and school districts can also contact the Department funded regional Equity Assistance Centers to request technical assistance, including teacher training, in equity matters related to serving LGBTQ+ students in their schools.

U.S. Department of Education


THE CRUX OF THE MAJOR PREMISE: Schools and school districts “receiving federal funding that don’t comply with strict Title IX policy establishment and enforcement or that incur instances of discrimination on the basis of Title IX, stand to lose their “federal funding.”


To enforce the COVID-19 fraud construct, the Intelligence Community bent federalism back against us where governors issued mandates and enforced them; not the federal apparatus, which only made recommendations to the states on down.


So for example, when schools in Oregon defied COVID-19 mask mandates, then Governor Kate Brown eliminated their COVID-19 funds.


Play ball or go broke, say the Marxists.


Reflecting on our position that healthcare is the operational platform for enterprise fraud, examine below to see how education funding was impacted by education funds for COVID-19 while Title IX works as a lever to control that funding.


This is from June 2023, [emphasis added]:


Overall funding for K-12 schools in the U.S. grew by $38 billion during the 2020-2021 school year—the first one that entirely coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic.

That growth can be attributed in large part to the infusion of pandemic relief aid the federal government approved for districts in three rounds between March 2020 and March 2021. That investment totaled just shy of $200 billion.

Education Week


$200 billion is a considerable carrot for public schools to do the federal government’s bidding.


Now consider the dollars at stake for Title IX noncompliance and the loss of federal funding relative to overall funding based on the following:


$809 billion   The total amount America collectively invested in K-12 schools, from state, local, and federal sources

$14,347   The average amount spent per K-12 student nationwide

82 percent   The rough percentage of K-12 education funding that went toward salaries and benefits for staff

7.5 percent   The rough percentage of K-12 education funding that goes toward compensation for school and district administrators

$20.8 billion   The amount of school funding nationwide that went to paying off outstanding debt school districts incur to finance building construction, renovation, and other longer-term projects


With a basic understanding of overall public school funding, plug-in this factor and ask yourself does losing almost 11% of operational funding impact schools or the people functioning inside them:


10.5 percent   The percentage of school funding that came from federal sources


Now consider that a combined 89.5% of all public education funding covers salaries and benefits for staff [82%] and compensation for administrators [7.5%].


That leaves 10.5% for the kids [curriculum, materials, extracurricular, music, performance, athletics, arts, etc.].


The percentage of total funding that comes from the federal government is 10.5%.


10.5% kids and 10.5% subject to federal control.


That isn’t by accident.


Rather it’s by Marxist communism and more specifically, the mechanism, tool and weapon of cultural Marxism.


This is how Marxists creep into your local schools to get the strict obedience they need to indoctrinate impressionable children into becoming the future slaves of America who learn to rejoice in their acquiescence, compliance and servitude to slave masters.


The folks running the schools are mostly on board wittingly or unwittingly and the ones who aren’t are motivated by the 82% of all public education funding that pays their salaries.


I know all three types and I know them well.


Once schools and school districts account for their own compensation and benefits; leaving the remaining 10.5% of funding for the kids, how are those running the schools supposed to run them without the exact same 10.5% of the budget that is subject to elimination in the case they decide not to be an institution of Marxism?


That’s a rhetorical question because they can’t.


It explains how and why public education and the people inside that system are a disaster because they can’t operate with out those funds and so they all bend the knee wittingly, unwittingly, voluntarily or involuntarily.


And that’s how Marxism works.


Numbers don’t lie and cultural Marxism is a real thing.


This is especially so when the numbers look like 10.5% kids:10.5% subject to federal elimination.


Final Remarks

The transgenderism agenda is a component of cultural Marxism mostly threaded through the U.S. society via the public education system.


It will be a major component to any Michelle Obama campaign.


One more thing.


Ask yourself if this looks like Biden throwing a bone to the good little Marxists the machine has stamped out?


The ones programmed to not think in a certain way and to behave in very particular ways?


The ones who must remember and honor their Marxist sugar daddy?


Headline: Majority Of Biden’s $136 Billion Student Loan Forgiveness Scheme Going To “Public Servants”.


Cultural Marxism is a thing and thanks to China and Obama, it’s destroying the nation from the inside-out.


To learn more, consider going deeper below.




Go Deeper

Culture and politics are both a function of the people. Together they formulate an interface that can be utilized for good in a Constitutional Republic; just the way the Founding Fathers intended and where the will of the people is expressed by the rule of law. Conversely, the interface of culture and politics can also be used for evil in a Marxist nation where it has been hijacked by internal and foreign hostile forces doing evil’s bidding.


Cultural Marxism

Through the interface of culture and politics, Marxist communism has been overrunning the United States of America on a long timeline.


There is no better example of this than the current miserable state of a public education system that functions like a public indoctrination system stamping out from the mold of diversity, equity and inclusion a generational army of mindless robots and “social justice warriors” who are incapable of independent and critical thinking and who virtuously espouse indoctrinated agendas every chance they get.


To move forward and properly situate cultural Marxism, we make assumptions: 1-we’ve been in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China since no later than August 2019 and it strictly aligns with Chinese hegemonic and warfare doctrines; specifically biowarfare; 2-China is a communist nation framed by Marxism; and 3-where a Marxist nation goes to wage war, cultural Marxism goes along with it.


To identify cultural Marxism and we can start with narratives centered on “systemic racism” and LGBQT/trans matters, Critical Race Theory and others.


“Systemic racism” and the LGBQT/trans agenda; however, are the two primary components.


When Culture Becomes Cultural Marxism

There is an important distinction we are compelled to acknowledge: culture can exist independently of politics but where it influences politics in myriad ways; however, when culture is targeted and funded by politics to promote and propagate certain and specific outcomes, culture then becomes a mechanism, tool and weapon.


When the tool of culture is wielded by Marxist communists, the tool becomes cultural Marxism.


“Systemic racism” and the LGBQT/trans agenda are components of unmitigated cultural Marxism.


In June 2023, I wrote a piece on how cultural Marxism was ravaging America to sow societal division with a fraudulent and persistent narrative of “systemic racism” and an engineered LGBQT/trans movement.


A Working Definition

The article includes this digestible definition for cultural Marxism: “Maybe the best we can say is that cultural Marxism, for lack of a better term, is essentially, and very simply, Marxism applied to cultural goals. To repeat: Marxism applied to cultural goals.


Culture is a function of the people.

When the culture is interceded on by clearly defined groups with concretely outlined agendas, THAT IS AN ATTACK.

This attack arrives in the US in the form of cultural Marxism [1 2 3 4] and it’s laser focused on sowing division and infighting as a precursory softening of the populace as a tactical target.

The “systemic racism” and LGBQT agendas are vectors in this asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war leveraging the CCP’s brand of cultural Marxism.

Political Moonshine


It’s clear that, “Cultural Marxism is ravaging America by leveraging manufactured “systemic racism” and LGBQT agendas. It has Americans pitted, divided and fighting themselves so enemies like China don’t have to; at least for now.


As a component of cultural Marxism, our examination moves to the utilitarian value of the LGBQT/trans agenda to Michelle Obama acknowledging that matters of “systemic racism” double-down on the notions of protected classes and victimization; accounting for two favorite scabs that

Marxists prefer to pick.

Michelle, Barack & Six Terms

Momentum is building for Michelle Obama to replace Joe Biden as the 2024 Democratic Party nominee paving the way for Barack Obama’s fifth and sixth terms.


Barack’s third term manifested in the sunset of his second term when Joe Biden was installed has his replacement but where Barack has pulled Biden’s strings from the shadows of his residence just down the way from the White House.


Biden’s first term leveraged a “pandemic” of enterprise fraud decades in the making as the platform for Intelligence Community operations to undermine and eventually remove President Donald Trump.


Joe Biden is clearly an Executive proxy installed by Intelligence Community for China to make him the point man for Obama’s de facto fourth term.


This is why Biden strays from the White House almost every weekend where he receives visitors but no visitors log is maintained.


Visitors received.


Orders given.


Orders received.


Orders executed.


Anyone thinking Joe Biden is running anything is living in the same delusional reality that Joe is.


Michelle will deliver Barack a fifth and potentially sixth term if Michelle were “elected” to two terms.


As you can see, this bears the hallmarks of a constructed timeline because that what it is.


That timeline was borne out of Dynastic Bush, which is a fundamental position in the analysis, and the effort to preserve continuity from the Executive down is clear.


Gavin Newsom

The other clear front runner to replace Joe Biden is California Governor Gavin Newsom and I lined him out as another perfect Chinese proxy to pick-up right were Joe leaves off: Gavin Newsom Goes Globetrotting and Gallivanting for Good Reason.


Like a ping pong ball, momentum for the Democratic nomination as virtually bounced back and forth between Michelle and Gavin depending on the day.


There was chatter about Michelle prior to November, when it was clear that Newsom was trending; however, by the time late December rolled around, momentum had bounced back to Michelle, where it remains today.


Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


Before all of this and back in August, the ball appeared to be bouncing in favor of Michelle when I penned this piece: A Logically Deduced but Controversial Explanation for the Trans Agenda.


In that piece, I established that, “China and the cultural Marxists hijacked public education to drive the trans agenda in a system of public indoctrination tied to policy, funding and curriculum. Through funding, ownership and its proxies, China also drives the same messaging through our military, media, entertainment, movies, television, Hollywood, sports and more.”


As we said, cultural Marxism is a real thing and its primary system and driver is public education because the federal apparatus controls the exact same 10.5% of the overall budget that schools need to function after all personnel salaries and benefits are reconciled.




Not an accident.


Go even deeper at:




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