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“Dancing in The Light of God, Whose Rays are love and We are The Prism it Will Shine Through.”



Dog Poet Transmitting…….

As you travel through this world you are going to have many diverse experiences. I don’t know what the seamstresses of Karma wove for you out of your previous engagements, but… I do know the least painful way out of it and that is to turn the management of your life over to your Higher Nature. I call that God or The Divine or the ineffable. We all have our ‘terms’, but as Lao Tzu said, “terms there are but none of them are absolute.” We all define it differently, according to our disposition. If you want THIS, then you must accommodate THAT. If you want latitude, you must know where The Margins are. If you want to do something outside The Pale, you have to rationalize it to yourself, and possibly… others.

We only have conflicts with others when we are conflicted in ourselves. The World outside is a reflection of our world inside. Many do not wish to admit this. They prefer a darker emotional climate, and… The World gives them the weather they asked for. Even when it is ENGINEERED to harm and to intimidate you, somehow… you put yourself in the way of it. This… I have had to understand about my own life. Lao Tzu said, “Let life ripen and fall. Will is not The Way at all. Oppose the way of life and you are dead.”

What they have done is come out with an assortment of vaccines that are death-charged depth-charges. Some will kill The Vulnerable quickly. Some will kill the active through the heart. All of them compromise the immune system. Possibly the greatest mass murder we have ever seen is in play. Keeping perspective, one should keep in mind how many come and go every single day. Every six days a million people check out of The Temporary Mortal Plane. Sometimes larger numbers occur from wars, and plagues, natural and unnatural disasters, or in combination. Remember that this present killing spree is as much about control as it is about murder. It’s the control they are after. The murders are simply necessary evils to an end. THEY are unconcerned with good and evil. They want what they want.

The more I think of it, here in The World of this moment, the more Lao Tzu comes to mind (for codes of conduct) when… one thinks of what they might or might have to do in a state of necessity. Obviously, it is best not to get into a state of necessity, to begin with; keeping in mind that God rules all situations and conditions. Christ demonstrated this by walking on the angry waters of the sea. Others have done the same. When God comes into RESIDENCE, nothing is impossible.

Here I must speak of an unfortunate reality and why one MUST be mindful. Many there are that have not sought God’s kinship (most especially in Times of Material Darkness), all through their clear sailing lives. Then… storm clouds come upon the horizon and they become desperate and call out to God, but they have ignored God all this time. Then there are those who have sought God through trial and storm. If one is persistent, God comes to reside within. It is, of course, never too late while there is breath. HOWEVER… I would say that turning to God prior to being in extremis is a better idea all around.

I was putting out seeds for the birds this morning and a feature of The Law of Reciprocity demonstrated itself in my mind. I thought how we are also feeding our invisible friends with our loving thoughts and our prayers; our celebrations in adoration, as they continue in our experience of them. I then thought if one is of a generous nature, giving in the visible and invisible fashion… as a lifestyle even… one can pick up a head of steam in a certain direction. One has that in abundance in their misspent youth. Later… one lives on the reserves. One can even top up at any time when one comes nearer to the fountain. There is a fountain within us of overflowing love only… it is not overflowing in most. A climate of materialism makes us selfish beings. Of course, once you give it away, you will never run out.

I can make no decisions for another. I have seen the fortunes and misfortunes of the many twisted roads to Babylon and beyond. Often… I have seen it through the eyes of others, and THANKFULLY too. I have experienced it in books and films, and… in real life (grin). No… I cannot tell others what to do. It is for them to discover what that is according to what they think they want. I cannot even make decisions for myself, BUT… I know someone who can. I get that becoming like a little child thing. I also get the “be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” I think that is Wisdom. Wisdom… like any of The Qualities of God, is also a living thing. What I mean is that there is an entity or an angel that symbolizes and expresses it, and… you can as well be POSSESSED by any of them as what is already possessing so many in more negative ways. The angels of those qualities feed on us and we become them on our way to Perfect Service.

That is what God does anyway. He serves. Look at The Sun! Do I really need to clarify this? This is what stops so many people from seeking God. It turns you into a serving mechanism… because self-interest and God are not compatible except in terms of a lesson; some Purpose of Demonstration. Many people do not get the point of selfless service. They see it as some onerous and never-ending task. It is a never-ending task, BUT… it is not onerous. I think of it as dancing in the light of God, whose rays are love and I am the prism through which it will express. We are stained glass windows IF WE WANT TO BE.

I note that several people I am familiar with are experiencing difficulties in their lives. They aren’t so much a crisis as the war of attrition. Life wears on us. We want this. We want that. ONLY one thing is worth having and it also involves not wanting. It’s not like you won’t get a lot of stuff. There’s already too much stuff. That’s what is at the heart of most people’s sorrow and loss addiction. Jesus! Let it go. It’s a good question; why load yourself down with dead weight?

You are also not going to make it through life without having transmission difficulties with someone else. I live an extremely private life, and that includes online as well. This is pretty much what I do on the internet, and I read the news from various sources so that I can sift the common lies and find the occasional truth… if Relative Truth is your thing. Otherwise… there are better things to do. You can still offend people without even intending to.

There is a reason I talk about God, and into a non-sectarian format that includes most of the other formats. There is enduring truth in most of them. It is good to harvest from every field. You will NEVER know it entirely, BUT… you can know it better! The closer you get to God, the closer God gets to you. That might seem an obvious truth but often people do not see it both ways. The closer God gets to you the more you relinquish control until you come into the understanding of the pervasive control that controls all things. Getting there. It should be obvious… is the finest sanctuary the heart and mind could ever seek. It is the resolution of all sorrow and loss, all guilt and confusion. It is the excellence of freedom from all bondage.

Yes, you can be trapped into temporary bondage. You do not have to stay there. Appetites and desires are all links in the chains that bind. The secret is to know how to truly enjoy life, and? That seems to have something to do with moderation, and… one more compelling attraction that is more powerful than any other. “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

People whine about everything under The Sun, yet… they created it. It gives them company. It’s something to talk about when they have company; if that should happen. You can live in any world you choose. Why would you live in a world you do not enjoy? Material life is, and is not, endless. Each of the segments (lives) comes to a close and moves on to the next one. There are many people caught up in the endless cycling of lives for pedestrian things. Those are the magnets that keep them coming back. I prefer another resolution to the matter. I like the idea of The Body of Glory, and The Operation of The Sun. It is to a common theme, perhaps even the same theme, to which I devote my time, regardless of what it may appear that I am doing. It accounts for the love of privacy as well, since one is NEVER alone.

Something worth doing is worth doing with your whole heart. If your whole heart isn’t in it then you won’t get very far and it will hurt while you do it. If you put your whole heart into it, then that is a different matter. It is like having a consuming passion, and if that passion is God? And if it consumes you? Yeah… I like the idea of that too. The only way to keep yourself is to give yourself away. Just don’t be stupid about it.

Look how Mr. Apocalypse is getting all the frauds to expose themselves through inexplicable behavior. This is going to intensify any day now into a pandemic of reputation suicides, and yes… you may quote me on that. Once again, it comes down to Trends and Patterns. If you look CLOSELY at life, near up and at a distance… you see trends and patterns. It’s like being a trained professional. You learn to FOCUS your mind on the task at hand. “Concentration is the secret of the magical art.”

When people give themselves away to the pursuits of the false self, if they are good at it, they can get away with it for long periods of time. HOWEVER… in an apocalypse, everything changes. This is a time of REVEALING and UNCOVERING. It is both terrible and wonderful. It all hinges on which part of yourself you are revealing. When an Awakening comes, you choose what you seek to awaken into or immerse yourself in. Here we see Materialism at work again. Step away from The Circus. There is a picnic table in the meadow and the trees are heavy with fruit.


God plays hide and seek in each of us, hoping to discover him/herself in others or the whole of existence. This is a vast and panoramic journey. One should enjoy the view in the passing of all temporal forms.


End Transmission…..




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