Do Demons Dance (In Your Mind)?


By Lorenzo


How can you tell when it’s you in charge or something else has life by your ‘short hairs’?


Imagine a lantern held in front of you in the darkness. An arms length away, shedding what light it can in the dungeon of lost turns and foul choices. Now let’s say this lantern is your mind, your sole/soul source of light. And yet, it doesn’t have to be…the lantern is but a perspective built on habit, fuel by desire and created by hands that may not be human…or have your best interest at/in heart.


Please enjoy these two videos I had the pleasure of creating with Nathaniel Gillis…a self-professed ‘Demonologist’.


What keeps you up, late at night, before the sun’s dawn brings fresh new sight?


How does the daze of past thoughts maze move time in front of choice.


Is that your voice between your ears or does the dark manifest more fears?


Cheers Lorenzo







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