Encouraging The Intelligent Evolution of Consciousness


By Lorenzo and Fredalupe!


Publisher and Editor of The New Agora


 After eight years publishing The New Agora we’ve been exposed to so much, not only in the world of information and events but specifically from the people directly, their particularities and peculiarities – to be polite – that we’re tempted to say we’ve seen and heard it all. Truth be told, so much comes and goes that what can be said about it without question is that, after a thorough and impeccable scrubbing, flushing and cleansing, all that remains at the end of the day is integrity. The integrity here is not only our own but that of the folks we continue to do our business with. It’s an integrity that, perhaps most importantly, in our opinion at least, is founded in the bravery, dare we say ‘balls’, to act on what one knows is right, both for oneself and one’s family, however defined.


“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” ― Martin Luther King, Jr.


We’ve noticed over the years that for far too many small-minded selfishness and short-sightedness often takes precedence over intelligence, cooperative or personal. At the first whiff of challenge, one almost always perfumed by an imagined anxiety of losing out financially, many revert to the divisive mindset of being only out and in it for themselves. The stink here is that of fear coming off those that are so dreadfully challenged by simply living up to their word, promises, agreements, what have you. Promises made in the light of day suddenly disappear in a flurry of excuses, cowardly justifications and faulty, often entirely deluded, reasoning. It seems for many, from one end or the other, words are merely wind, their own most of all.


“Integrity is doing what is right and truthful, and doing as you say you would do.” ― Roy T. Bennett


I think that too many have forgotten, or perhaps never truly understood in the first place, that this system of ‘monetary debt’ that most people’s businesses operate in was set up just for that reason: to keep people on a ‘short leash’, one that can only be broken by the hard fought knowledge that real power and abundance comes not from dollars, ‘coupons’ and certainly not debt, but from the true freedom of having and working with actual integrity; not as an ideal or illusional notion, but as defined by ’right action’ in a daily, moment by moment, never-ending practice. Just our opinion, for what it’s worth, but one earned from experience.


“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”

― Marcus Aurelius


Elect to Govern Yourself. That statement has been on our cover, with one or two experimental exceptions, since day one. What does it mean? Well, mostly we want you to figure that out for yourselves. That’s kind of the point. It’s a rhetorical question really, as anyone who spends even a moment considering those four words can probably (hopefully) figure out: heaven help those who can’t. For those that need a little more on that score, simply put: it means to be self-directed in life, disciplined, no rulers/masters ‘allowed’ telling you what you can and cannot do: instead we’ve got character and integrity and intelligence in place to guide us there, helping us navigate through the often troublesome waters of our Times. Allowed, is a key word here as well, as it is we who allow those laws, the ‘shoulds and should nots’, to interfere and direct our lives, or we don’t…simple as that. Certainly there is the ‘strong arm’ of the law ready to put you in a cage for failing to follow its entirely biased and one sided monetarily driven rule book, one written to empower those who hold the reins and to disempower those tied to them. It’s not a system based in fairness or even true intelligence, certainly not one in place for our best interest. If we need laws enforced by violence to keep our communities functioning then there is something seriously wrong with our communities and ourselves.


“Integrity has no need of rules.” ― Albert Camus


Fighting’s not the answer, at least not with anything outside of ourselves; and though at times it might have the appearance and look and certainly feel like a fight, figuring out ways to help and putting that into action is simply put: where it’s at. One must, a man must, stand up for what they believe is right, regardless of all else. It is what makes a man, well these men anyways we can safely state. Whereas women are concerned, and they are very much and without a doubt essential, important and crucial players in this: what they give birth to, what they support, create and stand for has everything to do with the World we all live in. Just look around. Their power and influence is everywhere, as is their responsibility for seeing clearly, choosing wisely, and encouraging that which is best in Men and themselves. Doing so, being that, is what can turn any being into a hero.


“Our deeds determine us, as much as we determine our deeds.”

― George Eliot


For those who have their ’reasons’ for not acting on what they know is right: well, shame on you really. Shame on all of you ‘order takers’, foolish followers, and non-player characters readily gobbling up whatever meme is spewed out from the factory of filth that continually degrades the human spirit, beauty itself, and that is without question at war with Nature, Hers and His. Accepting the status quo and blindly regurgitating and repeating the madness of the day for a paycheque and an emotional hand-job is creating a reality where actual Humanity and all of life will no longer have a place beyond being fodder for the perverse mutilation of what is true and natural.


     “If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it.” ― Marcus Aurelius


And to those that say you ’gotta’, or ’I’m afraid I have to, or can’t….because’….well…Be Brave, would be my suggestion. But don’t lie to yourself. That way you can always move forward towards being a better you. WE all know, somewhere inside, what is right and what is wrong. The difference being that some will act on that knowledge and others will ignore or make excuses, or both. Acting on what one knows is right is exactly where our power waits. Not doing so is where our power abandons us. Elect to govern yourself, or someone else will.


So much has gone on…taking people away from themselves, their ability to truly support, feed, and educate themselves and one another, to live happy healthy and intelligently free lives together. Most are missing the forest for the trees, asking, asking, asking, demanding even, begging really…when it is obviously time to be ’taking’ our lives and freedom back. Permission will never be granted to and for you to grow up and be in charge of your own personal freedom, your own personal evolution. You already have it, always have: BUT it must be claimed, individually, to be in effect, to be real. Repeat as required.


“If not us, then who?  If not now, then when?” ― John Lewis


 image by Andrea Badino


Finally, a quick bit of advice for those who wish to join our agora, through which to publicize their businesses, products, themselves really, for those that are inspired to help, write, or offer any kind of relevant, applicable, related, and meaningful service: a close examination of at least three or more of our recent publications are recommend as required reading before approaching us for any potential contributions. Notice the themes, quality and direction of our monthly articles. Remark upon their intent. Consider the world you wish to create with your lives. Our aim, which is to be of help, to empower, to evolve, remains STRAIGTH AND TRUE. If you can say the same then give us a call and let’s really get this World of ours to become once again truly ours, and become one worth sharing with each other, our children and in real celebration of Life. You get what you give.


Bottom line is: if you wish more biz, and you offer authentically helpful services, products, events, workshops, information, clubs, teams, organizations, then this agora is the place for you.


For those who wish to work with us and reach our ever-growing readership, twelve years in and millions strong at last count, with more, even much more, coming soon.


No matter the budget, huge or small, it’s more important to us that we have participators join us for the ’long haul’ than it is getting a few extra bucks for a short-term commitment. We’re no ‘one night stand’: we’ll be here in one way or another long after the rest of the illusion and artificial nonsense, the separating selfishness has expired. We are literally transforming the distortion of our shared reality with our actions through the communal business of this Agora. (The New NOW – Fully Online and Doing More than Fine)


Our pricing presently reflects our business of life philosophy, and our standard of integrity, in that we offer seriously friendly discounts to those willing to seriously commit to creating a better world with us.


Speaking of commitments: as we’ve grown and grown, from our humble beginnings to a blooming national and international presence, and are now ’planted’ and poised throughout many cities, towns, communities and markets across Canada and beyond, we are absolutely welcoming and inviting the superior help and participation that could truly be of significance whereas establishing and creating actual loving, intelligent and purposeful change in this shared World of ours.


If you feel you possess integrity, have what ‘it takes’ and are ready to accept what that kind of effort gives, are ready for some hard, hence, fulfilling work, rewarding on many levels including financial, personal, and even cultural, then feel free to contact us. Carpe Diem.


And if you’re looking for a ‘free ride’, are just another idiot parasite, a predator’s pawn still stuck in selfishness, or just a cowardly profiteer hoping to jump on our bandwagon: don’t bother, go elsewhere instead, because while freedom is free you still have to earn it to deserve and enjoy it.


By the time you’re reading this our brand new website will be up, running and open for business: the business of sharing great information that encourages the intelligent evolution of consciousness, and getting the word out about how you and your business, your efforts, your art are contributing to the goal of abundance and liberty.


So, What are you waiting for? We all long for more, we all wish for success, we all desire what’s best for us and our loved ones. Get past whatever and whoever says you can’t. You can and you must…but trust is essential. Trust your heart and your active intelligence, your creative nature, trust yourself to lead you in the right direction. We are here to help, but we can’t do it without you. Join us in the business of making a great life and world together. Invest in making this new paradigm of plenty and Participate Today!


Together We ARE The New Agora! (The New NOW – Much Better than Before)







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