Extraordinary Beings and Converging Timelines

with Harald Kautz



What can you possibly understand by seeing outside your ‘box’? Questioning our reality is something few take seriously. And yet, to know is to know we don’t know. Old perspectives must die for new ones to be born.

Harald seems to have gone way, way, way out there, already, in exploring possibilities beyond what most say is possible.

I first came across Harald’s work years ago when he released the, then, outrageous proposition of black goo and it’s nefarious effects on the bio-systems of our lovely Earth. Since that ‘eye opening’ day, I’ve done my own studies coming to some of the same strange conclusions that he has. Can’t say I agree with everything Harald says, but as even Harald suggests in the video chat, ‘Take no one’s word for anything, but explore for yourself!”

Join us here today as Harald Kautz takes us on his most recent journeys to other dimensions, alternative timelines with the ever interesting prospects of alien species and beings who may have influence on our very lives.




Main Image ‘Dawn of a New Age’ by Mear One


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Harald’s Great Chat on Covid – Banned on You Tube


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