Flushing for Freedom


What Would You Give Up to Be Free?

By Lorenzo!



Let’s start with what Freedom means to you. Perhaps there are as many ways to be free as there are people considering this very question. Personally, I know there are often very divergent ideas of what that can stand for from person to person.

From friends to family, from culture to experience and especially from individual struggles to dreams, freedom can feel different for each and every one of us. Our background, living conditions, personal health issues, monetary allowances, so-called religions and such, all can have an effect, at least on the surface, of what freedom is for you.

Obviously if you’re ‘poor’, it may mean more money, sickness would ask for health, stress could seek a relief from such, so many things which can bring grief, where it’s opposite could mean what freedom is for any of us in that moment.

On a simple level then, the answers to the question: what would you ‘flush for freedom’, must be related to what freedom means to you. Obviously, if we wish to be free, and then come to see how we are not so as yet, there and then, when that is clear, we can begin to understand what ‘lengths we must travel’ to make that dream real.

A little vague perhaps, in that the very definition of freedom is one that can be different from person to person.

All of the above, at one point or another in my life have been considerations, more health, wealth etc., but now, as I’ve grown older (perhaps good to consider the very real difference between getting old and growing older) and dare I say somewhat wiser in my life, freedom has become the only consideration I have; and, I would say, to keep it simple, for me it’s the opposite of slavery.

I am intending to destroy all the ‘shackles’ that have a hold on me.

I intend, no rulers nor limitations in any way whatsoever, even to the point of no limitations on imagination.

I am free to decide on my perspective on life, and with that free to desire and then intend what works for my personal and perhaps unique destiny.

I wish for ultimate freedom, and with that, I am willing to give up, to flush, everything and anything that gets in my way. I am even willing to give up who I once thought I was.

Habits, beliefs, fears, relationships, ideas of self and potential, even what it means to be human are all, for me, ready to go, so I can see what lays behind whatever it is that is limiting my perceptions about what is possible for my life.

I choose to stand as the hero of my own destiny.

For that, I would give up everything, and to this very day, struggle to give up ever more than that, so I can reach ever higher in what I know is the infinite wonder of ‘having it all by giving it all’.

I can see, even my imagination has been compromised in this life. I can now see, I have limited myself. And so I choose to flush all limitations, breath deeply, and then choose wisely, once again for what will work for me.

For others, well, the extra piece of cake may be enough, or the chains they’ve placed on their own heart or on those close to them.

What would you flush to be free? I’ve plugged my toilet plenty, as I have at times decided to flush so very very much.

Seems like such a small question, ‘what would you give up to be Free?’  But the answer is surely to be found in your very definition of freedom. I had to first see what that meant for me, which shed light on the obstructions that I allowed  block my path towards my freedom at the time.

I know it can be Tricky, as that definition has also changed many times in my life; but hey, after many horribly limiting and painful experiences I’ve had to live through, and then claw my way out of, to be back on my path of freedom, seems to me now, it’s easier to let it all go and see what comes back. Flush all my fears, let my imagination soar, and then continue to do better than my best and continue on my quest for ‘My Happy Destiny’.

Bottoms up, Lorenzo!



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