Fractals of God


by MofWooFoo


I believe that it is possible that all living creatures are fractals of God. I will use that word, which to me only names the ineffable, the inconceivable. I am not religious, I am spiritual. The way the Universe, and everything exists and is arranged is so incredible and complex, and that it all seems to function, makes one believe in the possibility of a creator. And if I imagine what the creator looks like, I would say that the creator looks like everything that exists, not like a person. But all is conjecture.


Being that we all are fractals of God, I can ask myself why I created myself and everything else. Could it be that I love adventure, play, and the possibility to grow? That for anything to have any meaning or existence, there must be contrast? Sure, I could exist in beatific silence forever. But for it to have any significance or meaning it needs contrast, thus the world we live in. Without duality, nothing stands out, there is no significance. We must have duality for there even to be nothing. Nothing cannot exist without something. This is an oxymoron, but it could be real.


Being fractals of IT, we must remember what a strange and wonderful world we have created with all of its paradoxes, oxymorons, uroboroses, consciousnesses, and existential conundrums. We have created the most interesting world imaginable. Why? Only because we can/could, and anything less would not suffice.


And we all know that what holds our attention is when the stakes are as high as possible, which they are, right now. We must learn to love one another unconditionally or we will not only die, everything will most likely die with us.


The real pandemic is mental illness. It is possible that one out of four are narcissistic personality types. Not only our “leaders”, but throughout the populace. On top of that our toxic, propagandized cultures traumatize everyone, all at once. Some are affected more than others. Just spanking children can traumatize them for life, depending on how sensitive they are and how hard they are spanked. The narcissists at the top, misinform and create our beliefs. For example, how is it possible that we accept the intense militarization of the world and all the resulting wars, along with all the other atrocities, cruelties, and injustices?


It seems that to grow (wise), we must overcome challenges. And if we don’t meet these ever growing challenges, we gonna die. To live, is a challenge. It is not enough to be stronger and wiser. We must learn to collaborate and cooperate. That is the gigantic challenge that we all are facing now, whether we realize it or not.


We are playful fractals. Notice how young animals play and children, that’s all they ever want to do. At some point we become adults and we find it difficult to play. We need to inebriate ourselves to get in the right mood. We have serious obligations and responsibilities. Life can seem so serious. Having to find a way into the money streams is a huge challenge for the majority of us. It can be very serious if one is left out, poor, and hungry. It seems simplistic to say that we enjoy being happy. Life can be enjoyed or endured. If our enjoyment is at the expense of others happiness, it ain’t gonna work. That is where we are now, and we seem to be on a sinking ship. The party is not a success if everyone is not happy.






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