Freedom from Karma with Tony Sayers and Lorenzo


Karma can be an interesting bit of study. Especially, and even perhaps most importantly, deciding on a definition that can be agreed upon, if one, or some, are going to argue the point.


After huge struggles in my time here in this body my experiences have show me my Karma is simply how my life is playing out for me and thus its responsibility is in my hands alone. Perhaps that the same for everyone?


Dreams drive our very souls, masters of us all, as we must accept that to be free we must master ourselves.


I know that I bring what fuel I require to my fire each and every day. Challenges can burn away the dross, the excess of doubts, blames, fears, guilt and all the other ‘nasty bits’ that stick to us as we choose or not to follow the various potentials we each get to decide on in our ‘short time’ here.


Shadows show my currently accepted limitations, as so-called Karma’s challenges advise me on how to overcome those limitations, be they what they will, in one way or another.


Whether obvious, or hidden, known to ‘man’ in our present days, or simply a part of our past or future powers, unclaimed, until they are, my life’s experiences are all solely my responsibility to deal with.


Not yours, not anyone is any so-called positions of power, not money, not borders, paperwork and the rest. Those, to me, are simply chains which must be addressed. I have encountered too many who appear free on the outside who are the most enslaved inside, and the opposite has shown itself to me as well.


The height of arrogance, I say, to believe we know what is best for another. Most can barely understand themselves, let’s alone sit in ‘judgement’ in any way whatsoever. And that’s for people we’ve met and know somewhat. To believe we can tell the smell of  another’s life, those we’ve never met, and may not even exist as we think they do…is a narcotic that paralyzes our efforts which are best put at figuring ourselves out. Of course, all of this proceeding, from first word to last, is simply my opinion, take of it what you will, or don’t. Really makes no difference to me.


Sure, we are all born into challenges of one form or another. Without them there would be nothing to overcome, no successes or failures from which to learn and grow. If life was meant to be ‘some perfectly’ relaxed and comfortable oasis of plenty, well maybe we either wouldn’t have come here, to this ‘funny dream’, or perhaps, we’ve come here to help make it that paradise.


Cheers Lorenzo.  I invite you to enjoy our chat and decide for yourself what Karma is or is not and could mean for you.


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