Freedom is Always Calling.

By Lorenzo




Life has a way of taking care of us. Or so I have found. No matter how difficult our circumstances may seem at the moment. No matter how depressing. No matter how unending those stressful problems may seem, I have seen, that life is always showing us a ‘way out’. A way to be ‘happy’.

Answers, though, are rarely offered in response to no effort. What I mean is…’Nothing comes from doing nothing’. Our gifts are always there, always waiting for us, but they must be acted upon to be made real.  For too long, I  used to sit ‘in my stew’, and brew about the unfairness of my time here in this body called ‘Lorenzo’.  Not enough love, companionship, money, energy, warm weather, peaceful days, time away….I had literally hundreds of reasons to feel sad, mad, unhappy, left somehow ‘unrecognized’ at  just how ‘great’ I was, and yet was never accepted and ‘rewarded’ for what my heart felt was the ‘real me’.

In other words, I was a big baby. And by that I mean, I was waiting for someone to do something for me, to give me more, share more with me, shower me in more compliments, reward my greatness…. pay me what I’m worth. Love me how I wish to be loved. This list could literally be endless, or nearly so. Me, me, me, me, meeeeeeeeee…..! What a waste of time!

What helped me to wake up, and grow up though, was to finally ‘pick up’ the challenges sitting within reach. I don’t want it to sound like that was an easy choice for me. That I am somehow ‘fantastic’, and one day woke up to just find the easy ways of freedom waiting. No way! It took much poking, prodding, cajoling, yelling, almost coming to blows with my friends and family, all to encourage me off my ass to grab my ‘chance of a chance’ for freedom. If we blame, we miss the gifts that are, and always were, there.



Now that I look back on them those sweet challenges, no matter how dark, stinky, hard, bitter, sharp they appeared at the time, we really just ‘Freedom’s’ way of calling to me.

If we are a part of the all of everything, a ‘piece of god’, spirit, the ‘big one’, etc.  that would mean, well, we are fully capable of doing anything that needs getting done for ourselves to move ourselves towards wherever we may feel the yearning to go.

Doesn’t matter, fill in the blanks here, whatever the hardships may be, missing money, love, peace, warmth, cold, health, work, time away from work, what have you…none of that can stop you, if you so desire, to follow your own path to Freedom.  A sharp poke, a harsh critique, a sweet whisper, an inspirational moment with a good book, a look from a stranger, a hug from someone close to you…even a very loud explosion ‘ending’ some of many circumstances in your life….all, in my opinion, could be looked at as ‘Freedom Always Calling’.

For me, I had to see, Freedom was my natural state. It was where I was always intended to exist. Everything else was but a challenge or distraction from that. And once I fully noticed, dare I say I became aware of my true nature…that is being  a Being who flows free eternally…well, it then became obvious, from now to way back when I first became aware of ‘I’, as in ‘who I am’,  that Freedom Was and Is Always Calling.

Excuses can delay, even for a lifetime, but one day we all get there, back to ‘Freedom’s Loving Arms’. For me, I figure, being a somewhat impatient man, Now is the Best time for that purposeful move to how I would like to live. Lucky for me, lucky for all of us, that voice is always with us…in opposition to the other one, the dark voice that can keep us from our Liberty. The Call of Freedom is there if you dare to hear and act on its loving advice.

Be ready to get dirty, to fail, to bleed perhaps, to fall down, to feel horrible, to be hungry, thirsty, lonely, let down, stressed, challenged, depressed and in the end, perhaps, bask in success. For me, this path of first hearing and then acting on ‘Freedom’s Calling’, has been the hardest, and yet, sweetest path I could have allowed myself to follow.


With much Love Lorenzo






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