Freedom or Façade


Real destiny or illusion’s lost cause. Let’s say, we take stock of ourselves and our surroundings, inside and out allowing for full love and honesty. The clean, the dirty, the happy and the sad. Making sure to go deep inside and find our heart’s secret longings. And I don’t mean the ‘mushy romantic’ ideals of those long-ago dime store novels, ‘I was a teenage hussy’, or some such, but to seek and discover where your destiny demands you go and grow towards.

Of course, this is all in relation, to your own opinions about your own life.

Whew, sounds like quite the task. Never asking others to do what you won’t task yourself with.

A hard road, for sure. One I am still walking on. It is, without any doubts on my part, the hardest of hard efforts I’ve ever committed to full and honest action.

In other words, I’ve had to face my own illusions or ‘Façade’s to see what is real for me and what has been a distracting waste of time.

Freedom or Façade’. Escape or momentary respite. To run free or hide in the shadows of self-delusion. I feel these are the only two indicators or what is working for me or not. And by working, as it’s my intent to be free, fully free, in my life, I mean just that. Are my actions, beliefs, decisions, grievances, diet, directions all through my ‘day to day’ actions, helping free me, or not?

Façade and Faced. Spelled eerily similarly. Façade…beside being the ‘fake front’ of a building, can also be properly defined as  :  facade – a showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant. window dressing. deception, misrepresentation, deceit – a misleading falsehood.

Sounds ‘yucky’ to me. At the very least not a place I wish to live in. But to face this Façade, definition of ‘to face’….’’ to accept that something unpleasant is true and start to deal with the situation’’, well I would say, that way lays freedom.

Looking outside for answers rarely brought me the happiness I was seeking. Illusion after illusion had to be conquered, put in their proper place, so when I ‘faced’ my next ‘big life’s challenge’ I was more prepared and stronger than I was for the challenges faced before. To succeed and to be free, I’ve needed to grow and become a better version of myself, each and every moment, that I was, by my own opinion, in the moment before.

By all means, stand up to tyranny, unfair rules and mandates. Never allow anyone or any organization to trample you, your family or community. By any means, being free, is the best of all lives. But never forget, I would say, the only lasting way to find ‘freedom forever’ is to assure that we have freed the better parts of ourselves to discover what that freedom even means to us.

Freedom or Façade. Don’t be fooled.

Today, Cambell and I, tackled this topic as best we could. We hope you enjoy.



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