What is ‘In Love Unlimited’?


I mean besides the obvious meaning of the words. Living with unlimited amounts of love. Seems nice and sweet, doesn’t it? And yet, also perhaps, unattainable for most, many, if not all in this life.

Well, I can say, although it always seems there is more to be enjoyed, love that is, unlimitedly speaking, it is a goal worthy of working towards.

And also possible. At least that has been my experience.

So, I guess if you’ve read this far, your next questions may be…’’How do I/we/us get there’’?

Great query with a simple answer. Honesty!!!  The difficulty comes in the quest for this honesty. Personal honesty. Ugly Honesty. Beautiful honesty. Complete, deep and unending, unlimited honesty will get you, in my opinion to unlimited love. In other words, honesty is love and love is honesty, and if there is one thing missing from this ‘so-called’ modern life, it is honesty, especially self-honesty.

That’s it, simple yes. Well the practice has, and is, taking me a lifetime of hard, crushing, sweet, dirty, clear and above all mysterious efforts.

I am now, as far as I can tell, an honest man who is honest with himself about himself.

To reach my heart, and the unlimited love it seems to contain for me, I had to answer those questions that are, rarely the ones we wish truthfully answered.

I would say this is what heart healing explorations are all about: admitting to one’s past delusions so future choices are not negatively influenced by old habits, beliefs, and experiences. If you are consistently mixing up salt for sugar, all the cakes and stews you make have a very good chance of being unpalatable. On a quick look they may appear the same, but with deeper exploration, we can all tell the difference.

It is in the honest acceptance of those pieces of ourselves we wish were not true, but alas are, where the healing of the heart can start, or so I’ve experienced. In fact, there are always gems of knowledge there to be discovered.

The dirty trick, the one we all play on ourselves that is, is that we all have a seemingly unending ability to lie to ourselves about almost everything.

Of course, that is also a reason these services can succeed, in that, we very much do require a point of view outside of ourselves to see these tricks we play on ourselves more clearly, often in ‘real time’. Once we begin to accept responsibility for the totality of our unique lives, past and future, and especially in the NOW, we can then also accept the ‘power’ we have to change them and to transform ourselves with honest and yes, effort, though it is often one powered by the joy of being liberated from our own self-imposed limitations.

And with that our ‘Happy Destiny’ may even become ‘Unavoidable’.

By integrating hard, honest and often painful truths with imagination’s endless resource we can soar above life’s silly limitations to go beyond our daily fears to achieve the manifestation of becoming whom we were always meant to be in our most cherished vision of ourselves. I got here by ‘washing through’ many, perhaps most, of the dishonest ideas and beliefs I once held dear about myself.

Singles, Couples or Families. With an honest effort anyone, I have seen, can succeed…

…in reaching their ‘Happy Destiny’

In Love Unlimited First Discussion is Free, so we can see if we can work together.

A lifetime to figure out how ‘not to hide’.  Happy to put this at your service.

With cheers and a smile, Lorenzo



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