Gathering My Power

By Lorenzo




Dreams are Free but they don’t come cheap. Can’t pay with cash but you need the currency. Nobody checks but lies won’t pass. Any can go but you gotta work off your ass.

Power is what’s required to pay for this journey. None can give it to you, that’s the hard part, the easy is that no one can take it away either. Sacrosanct, pure, spiritual, ascended, higher, lovely….call it what you will…words can’t properly describe what can only be a feeling.

Impossible to hold but more real than gold. In my opinion, it’s the real reason behind the current ‘lockdown’ of awareness, the bits and pieces that nobody may control for you. Gathering is not easy, but it is simple. There is no instruction manual, and yet, thousands of books, stories, poems, songs and myths are already out there for the studying. No diploma and yet you ‘need this ticket to ride’.

A contradiction in creation, that once ‘in hand’, you see is no contradiction at all. In a world not physical, say the world of your feelings, there are no rules except, do no harm, to yourself or others. Anything else goes, everything else matters not. We are not in matter but in potential. And your potential is up to you.

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t wish to give the impression this is an easy task. It ain’t!  At least it was not for me. Thirty years of practice later seems I am beginning to get it. And at the same time, I’ve had it all along, but decided to drop it for somebody else’s ‘song’. No longer. I will sing my own tune, fly holding all of my balloons. I chose to be free and that made all the difference for me.


In love unlimited.

For our New Now.





Here is short video, let’s call it a beginner’s primer for gathering the ‘juice’ required to make intelligent choices for one’s life. The advice in the ‘video’ is open-ended on purpose, as we are all different and can each require unique choices to gather, what I feel, is the most important resource any can have, Personal Power!