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Harald Kautz – Bio Weapons and Healing Protocols


By Lorenzo from The New Now


Harald Kautz is one of the first and few interdisciplinary scientists who showed that it is possible to back engineer the classified technologies used by the intelligence community to control populations.

He did ground-breaking research on “The Chemistry in Contrails”, on basic transhumanistic technologies designed and spread to bind humanity into a controllable, AI based hive mind, and subsequently pushed Morgellons-related research onto the next level. Apart from the scientific understanding of the actual technologies, he managed to highlight the roots of these technological extensions of social engineering within the untold history of black magic cults.

His most influential work was on the two types of black goo that are the actual basis of duality as experienced by humanity. His recent publications and YT Videos focus on the development of spiritual and medical tools to restore human health and spirit back into the original divine shape. Doing this, science evolves to a degree where it covers spirituality, and spiritual practice to a degree where results become reproducible.

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“In a complicated world, sometimes simply the understanding of a matter brings easy solutions.”  Harald Kautz


Have you wondered why millions of people go receive a sickening to lethal jab like sheeple, not even leaving the lines when the one before them is carried out on a stretcher?

If you are not ‘jibby-jabbed’ – have you wondered why the jabbed smell of death and appear to you like with no spirit or emotional field left.

Have you heard that plenty of the recently cured patients in cancer clinics who got jabbed are back to cancer? Latest Covid research paints a quite desperate picture – but as said, sometimes simple understanding brings easy solutions.

Like a parfume(perfume) intelligently reducing the risk of infection….

Although Harald was not advertising anything, we managed to nail down the link to the company that does offer some interesting products for those who may be interested, and where some of Harald’s work is found.






We will be covering more on this topic and many others in other discussions, all scheduled to be released this year.

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