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In my last post, we talked about the incoming energy of the Shift of Ages, and what it means for our physical and spiritual evolution. The energy is transforming our perception whether we realise it or not, and  many people are waking up to the truth about our world. The veils are slowly falling. We have lost trust in our governments and their alphabet agencies, lost trust in big pharma and their poisonous drugs,  and we are beginning to see the electromagnetic control grid being constructed all around us. We are awake.


Birth certificate identity


We have been deliberately programmed by the education system to identify with what John St Julian calls the ‘birth certificate identity’. It is the core paradigm of how we function in this reality. We introduce ourselves as this name, sex, race, nationality, career etc, and the linear progression through life which gives us our self image and personal history. This is who we are.  When we begin to awaken, the programming kicks in.  The awakening process is supposed to wipe out the labels people identify with…the straight jackets that define us. But, because we are mind controlled by the core paradigm the opposite happens. We just add being awake to all the other labels that define us. This shows a superficiality of consciousness because if we were awake spiritually, there would be no need for labels.


Bursting the five sense bubble


The only way to burst the five sense bubble and make room for spirituality is by observing self in action, thought and deed. It takes a brave spirit to confront the ego self. And, sometimes it’s quite shocking to discover the petty and spiteful nature of our thoughts and the violence that erupts within self when an emotional raw nerve is touched and triggered.


Self reflection allows us to deeply investigate our motives for the things we do. Are they selfless or selfish?


Until we investigate deeply into our inner workings, confront and dissolve our shadow side, we will not be able to resonate with the spiritual worlds. …there is no room. For the world of labels and self inflated ego’s is too much with us…all consuming.


Who are you?


When you check in and listen to your thinking, sometimes you’ll find yourself  bitching and complaining, scheming and blaming. The mind seems to have a will of its own and if left unattended can wander down strange roads. Through observation of self, we soon find out that we are sharing our awareness with another being we perceive as ‘I am’ the me… when it is not.  Something lives its life through us.  An AI, a parasite that can change perception like the tapeworm that can override and transform the consciousness of an ant. Anything is possible in this world of inversion and deception.


Once we discover the presence of the intruder, it retreats. The understanding that the you…you think is you… maybe another force altogether is revelatory, and as a result of our realisation another veil falls away…and the birth certificate identity narrative disappears and is replaced by our Source connected self. We wake up to what we really are. Divine beings trapped in a fallen matrix.  See my post Prisoners of the Voice.


Fighting a spiritual battle


A lot of ‘spiritual’ people tell me they are fighting a spiritual battle against dark forces that are destroying our world…but how can we fight a spiritual evil with a physically labelled consciousness and an ego bound awareness?


It is impossible!


Before one can combat spiritual evil in high places, one must first do the inner work and face the spiritual evil within.


Doing the inner work


Here is a poem by T.E.Brown called Indwelling. These few lines express the responsibility imposed on each of us to open to our higher Self, and connect to Source Creator.


“If thou couldst empty all thyself of self like to a shell dishabited – Then might He find thee on an ocean shelf. And say this is not dead, and fill thee with Himself instead.

But thou art so replete with very thou and hast such shrewd activity. That when He comes He’ll say” It is enow unto itself. ‘Twere better let it be.

It is so small and full, and has no need of me.”


And there it is, my friends.


People are so immersed in their physical bubble reality, and the birth certificate identity training that there is no room for spiritual revelation and reality. Sadly, spiritual reality is atrophied by identifying with the labels that define us. The self image people have of being ‘spiritually awakened’ in most cases is a delusional ego pattern. It’s all just copy and paste. The birth certificate identity training that is called education is the core paradigm of how our ‘I Am’s’ function in this reality. We are slaves to a mind control programme. And those who wish for heightened spiritual awareness need to be aware that the internet and social media stimulates and reinforces the birth certificate identity, and the labels that define us.  The spiritually blocking obstacles we are trying to escape from.


Everything in the world has spirit which is released by its sound -Oscar Fischinger


Harmonic attunement


Everybody has their own frequency or musical sound, and this sound will resonate with unseen realities that vibrate on the same wavelength. A good example of harmonic attunement is a piano tuner’s tuning fork. Whatever note he plays will affect a piano in the next room and it too will began to vibrate at the same cycles per second…the same tonal frequency as the fork. All living things  have their own frequency and are affected by a “harmonic attunement’ where vibrations communicate more deeply than images or words.  When the mind is quiet and not full of birth certificate identity stuff, we can harmonically attune to plants, stones, birds, animals….all living things. We can enter as state where there is no separation and merge into the ecstasy of the One Life.


 Good or bad. it doesn’t matter


Harmonic attunement can be either positive or negative. The cosmos is indifferent to morality. We can tune into the dark side very easily. Think of the hysteria that is whipped up at a football match when mob rule takes over.  Or the bright side, like fans at a live music concert that can synchronise harmonically with the band and become the music.


Changing frequency


In this incredible time of our lives, we have to be careful of our thinking. The frequency of the sun is changing affecting everything on earth. The magnetosphere is weakening and more cosmic radiation is flowing through us, mutating our dna. Cosmic rays are known to create evolutionary leaps and it is likely that those that can resonate with the new set of frequencies will regain their multi dimensional power and start vibrating beyond the narrow spectrum of visible light we call the matrix. With this power comes a challenge and that is: whatever we dwell upon in our minds will manifest in physical form almost immediately. We cannot afford to let the mind wander into dark places. Mindfulness is critical in this time of momentous change. The educational programming of the birth certificate identity has locked us into fear based speculation about the future…and what we think about we become.


We are far more than the birth certificate identity. We are powerful beings  locked in the five sense world of self image and personal history. A reality that in many cases is nothing more than our memories….


Now is the time to be mindful. Now is the time to live in the Now. Time to take back our power and our thinking. If we do the inner work, drop our labels and open our hearts to true Creator, the spiritual worlds will find us. We are the power that gives us breath, and we are the power that leaves at death. We are not our birth certificate identity.  We are a manifestation of divinity. It’s time to live it!



Until next time,


Much love to you all.





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Elva Thompson was born in England in 1947 and moved to Rosebud Lakota reservation in 1987. She is the author of the Heartstar Series; Book One: The Key made of Air, Book Two: The Gates to Pandemonia, and Book Three: Walking In Three Worlds. Her other interests include organic gardening, ancient phonetic languages, sonic sound and their application in the healing arts. She is also a medical intuitive and teaches sonic re-patterning using sound, colour, and essential oils. Elva Thompson is on Amazon Author Central @ amazon.com/author/heartstar






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