Healing Duality’s Demons with Harald Kautz

Parts 1 and 2


Healing Duality’s Demons. There’s nobody like Harald in this world that I’ve ever met. Proving it yet again here, he seems to have discovered a simple, shall we say, uncomplicated way of dealing with some very complicated problems. Or perhaps it’s just ‘hungry parasites’ that need to be cleansed from our very lives.

Personally, although we can’t see them, I can SEE them, and feel when they try to crawl inside my consciousness and eat at my fears. Best to leave them behind, where they belong. After all, it seems to me they crawl in through the, hmmm, ‘a-holes’ of awareness. Or dare we say, through the stinky parts we can all admit to having, and requiring a ‘cleaning’ a clearing/cleansing of sorts.

Today Harald discussed his unique explorations, efforts and experiences along these lines and much more besides.

Best, in his own words….so let’s watch, listen and see. More to come soon.  Cheers Lorenzo

Part 1



Part 2 too Hot for YT –



More from Harald Here:


Although Harald was not advertising anything, we managed to nail down the link to the company that does offer some interesting products for those who may be interested.


Harald’s Great Chat on Covid – Banned on You Tube


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