Healing Through Challenging Times



If you wish to feel strong to face what’s coming, well, I would say being healthy is the only way to go.

Problems bring challenge and challenge can ‘force’ even the laziest of us to get off their arse and do something about whatever pains they may be feeling at the time.

Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or any and all combinations of these have left me feeling terrible many times in my life. Sure, you can balm and hide for a moment, but then, they compound and get worse. And, the longer you wait the less energy you may have to fix what health challenges you may have.

Leaving it to others to find some magic pill, yoga pose or chant, without having to do any of the real work yourself, is a losers game, in my humble opinion. I have been that loser before, so I can speak from experience when I say, delay only makes it worse. As in one day, we all have to face the challenges we either caused or allowed into our bodies, mind and soul.

As for me, crying about my challenges while looking for that ‘quick fix’ never got me anything of lasting value.

It was during those times, it felt like I had no choice but to get stronger, to claw myself back to health, that I found the inner resources, resolve, and most importantly, the desire to do so.

I have no doubts we can all be healthy, even super healthy, if and when we are willing to put in the efforts required.

Today I tspoke with Amandha Vollmer who, honestly, gave many ‘simple’ and easy to follow solutions for anybody to emulate and thus find some healing reliefs of their own. If you’re not even willing to do the basics, well, we all get what we ask for. Doing nothing, brings nothing, and the willingness for maximum success can bring infinite rewards.

In Good Health Lorenzo




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