Honor Roll

by Nowick Gray


For those inside the “Truman Show” or “Pleasantville” news bubble, the virtual Plato’s cave, what passes for truth is but a play of light and shadow on the painted walls; flickers on a silicon screen, streamers on a plexiglas ceiling. All else is beyond consideration, an insult to reality. As the story plays out, the audience is captured in the dream.

Outside the walls, freedom reigns. Brave souls have fled the confined herd, crossed paths, gathered to speak of what the world has become. They have offered testimony, held forums and colloquia, traded mics, given strength to cheering crowds. They have left the shuttered platforms of the trains to hell and sought the fields of unsponsored discourse. Here they stand in integrity, risking all to voice their knowing conscience, the firelight in their hearts.



This list of my go-to sources of information and inspiration is obviously not all-inclusive. While it represents the bulk of research I’ve found useful and illuminating over the past two years (longer, for some on the list), it’s a work in progress. I hope no one mistakes the diversity of these individuals for a single political party or tribe. If there’s any stance the list represents, I would call it “metapolitical”—generally reaching beyond political debates, to our deeper nature, and our higher aspirations.



News Aggregates

Global Research


Philosophers Stone

Rebel News

The Exposé

The New Agora

The Unz Review

ZeroHedge News

Essays and Journalism

Caitlin Johnstone

Charles Eisenstein

CJ Hopkins

Edward Curtin

Glenn Greenwald

Jim Quinn

Jon Rappoport

Matt Taibbi

Tessa Lena

Tom Luongo

Podcasts and Broadcasts

Del Bigtree

Joe Rogan

Max Igan

Mike Adams

Sacha Stone

Tucker Carlson

Vernon Coleman


Health and Healing

Brian Ardis

Carrie Madej

Charles Hoffe

Christiane Northrup

Dolores Cahill

John Ioannidis

Joseph Mercola

Kary Mullis

Lee Merritt

Luc Montegier

Mark Trozzi

Peter McCullough

Pierre Kory

Richard Fleming

Robert Malone

Roger Hodkinson

Sherri Tenpenny

Simone Gold

Stephen Malthouse

Sukarhit Bhakdi



Law and Politics

Derek Sloan

Paul Craig Roberts

Rand Paul

Randy Hillier

Reiner Fuellmich

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Rocco Galati

Thomas Renz



Kevin Galalae

Mark Crispin Miller

Mattias Desmet

The Best of the Woo

Clif High

David Icke


Activists and Researchers

Alison McDowell

Corey Lynn

Cory Morningstar

David DeGraw

Mikki Willis

Ted Kuntz

Whitney Webb

A full list of sources selected from my research during 2020-21 is available at the Quarantine Reading List page (with Search available simply using Ctrl-F on that page).

Mounties for Freedom

Open Letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki

“A proper investigation should be conducted as objectively as possible and follow the principle that it is better to have questions that cannot be answered than to have answers that cannot be questioned.

“Here is a list of the documents we’ve attached to this letter. These documents are a sample of what is available and were written by people (or groups) of scientific or medical professionals in fields directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We defer to their expertise.

  • Appendix A– This is an open letter from Dr. Eric Payne, a pediatric neurologist in Alberta, to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. In his letter, Dr. Payne highlights several inconsistencies he has found with the common narrative. Dr. Payne provides several sources from around the world throughout his letter.
  • Appendix B– This is the Canadian Covid Care Alliance Declaration. This heavily sourced document provides information on the current pandemic and makes recommendations based on their findings.
  • Appendix C– This is a letter from Dr. Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist in Ontario, to the President of the University of Guelph. Dr. Bridle uses his extensive experience and qualifications to explain his concerns with the common narrative surrounding the COVID-19 treatment injections. Dr. Bridle also articulates his concerns with the COVID-19 health mandates.
  • Appendix D– This is an open letter from Health Professionals United to the Alberta Health Services. The letter outlines reasons why several frontline healthcare workers in Alberta heavily oppose mandatory COVID-19 vaccination mandates.
  • Appendix E– This is an open letter from frontline healthcare workers in British Columbia to Dr. Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix, and Premier John Horgan. The author(s) state their experiences and expertise are being ignored and ask that the vaccination mandates be revoked.
  • Appendix F– This is a report from Dr. Tess Lawrie from the United Kingdom. Dr. Lawrie demonstrates the abnormal number of reported adverse effects from the current COVID-19 treatment injections.
  • Appendix G– This is a comprehensive report comparing natural immunity to COVID-19 vs Vaccine-Induced Immunity. It was comprised from several scientists from Ontario and British Columbia.”

image credits:
(feature) Plato’s cave: Brian Zahnd
no gain: telegram
call to action: Dr. Richard Fleming
media: Noam Chomsky
sanity: Charles Eisenstein
imagine: Kim Usbourne
Star Trek: Kim Usbourne
Rand Paul: Rand Paul
aliens: telegram
red flag: Government of Canada
witch: telegram

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