How Much Do You Care?



or How Are You Conducting Your Life?



by MofWooFoo




Love is such a huge subject, let’s just say it’s about caring. Which brings us to the question of How Are You Conducting Your Life? When I was young I got the idea that the doorway to illumination was through the heart. And although I believe that it is foolish to attach to beliefs, now, many years later I believe even more that it may be true. And if one’s life is more suffering than joy, one might ask oneself, how am I conducting my life?


It seems that luck plays a big part in everyone’s life, both good and bad. And one might interpret this in different ways. One may not wish to call it “luck”, but rather think of it as “God’s will” or having the support of the Universe, or being in or out of alignment with all that is. Regardless, there is a large element to our lives that seems to be beyond our control. So it seems unfair to blame or praise anyone entirely for their particular plight or success. They may deserve credit for their successes and/or failures, but there will always be that element of which they had no control, that element that we can simply call “luck”. To push the point further, you might be born with all the qualities that humans admire, looks, strength, intelligence, wit, etc. or you might be born with a horrendous handicap like Helen Keller who was one of the most famous persons of the first half of the 20th century. She could not see or hear and yet due to the luck of having a truly caring and competent teacher she transcended it all to have an incredible life.


Now with this foundation I would like to suggest that perhaps the best way to conduct one’s life is to cultivate caring, caring for oneself and caring for others. And one way to measure how much one really cares is to observe just how considerate one is of others. Smoking cigarettes around others is either being unaware or not caring that one is contaminating the air for everyone around them. Dog owners who allow their dogs to bark loudly around others also may be either lacking consciousness or uncaring that many people find the sound of dog bark unpleasant to say the least. I know that I am very sensitive to loud unpleasant sounds like car sirens for example.


But aside from unpleasant loud sounds there are infinite other ways to be inconsiderate of others. And I believe that consideration for others needs to be cultivated throughout one’s life because to be super considerate of others is clearly a way of opening one’s heart and deepening one’s ability to care, that is, to be love, to be the embodiment of love, everyone’s birthright.


This caring and consideration can be extended to not accepting the unacceptables that we daily experience, the crimes against humanity, the wars and all the injustices. Unfortunately, people seem to have been numbed by the constancy and abundance of unacceptables in our lives and for this, the unacceptables have grown to monumental proportions. Which is an indication that there is not enough love, compassion, or caring within much of human society and until unconditional love for all becomes the norm, it seems unlikely that humanity will ever create the Eden that is forever possible.


Image by Deflyne Coppens from Pixabay




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