Humanity Unlocked

By Nowick Gray





Creed of the Covid Denier

We hold these truths to be self-evident—apparent to common sense and demonstrated by the latest science:

  • The fake pandemic is not a pandemic. It is a normal flu season.
  • The fake virus has never been isolated and proven to exist. It is a computer simulation of a DNA sequence.
  • The fake deaths are rebranded deaths from other causes. Overall death rates are normal, by infection rate and yearly total.
  • The fake treatment by ventilators kills 97% of its victims; while safe and effective treatments (HCQ, Ivermectin) have been banned from distribution and even discussion in mainstream and social media.
  • The fake cases are not based on infections or illness. They are fake results from a fake test.
  • The fake test is not designed to detect any illness. The cases from actual symptomatic illness are rebranded from normal flu and pneumonia.
  • The fake hospital overwhelm narrative is undermined by the normal trend of full capacity in some hospitals during flu season, and by contradictory reports of many other hospitals being empty and staff laid off.
  • The fake vaccine doesn’t prevent death, illness, or transmission. It is not a vaccine, but a genetic modification device and AI operating system for human experimentation and tracking.
  • The fake vaccine gives fake immunity. It doesn’t prevent illness, but could cause a harmful overreaction of the immune system. In the first wave of human trials it has caused death and disability at a rate 10x greater than that of the fake virus, with longer term effects potentially worse.
  • The fake safety measures of masks, distancing, and lockdowns could not halt the spread of the fake virus even if it was real. At best they would hinder the natural course of building herd immunity. Meanwhile masks and lockdowns cause widespread harm and suffering (physical, psychological, social, economic) far beyond any health impacts of the fake virus.
  • The fake rationale for masks, distancing, lockdowns is to “stop the spread.”
  • It’s a fake spread, since “asymptomatic transmission” is a myth.
  • “Cover your face” is programming code for “you feel shame.” “Wash your hands” is programming code for “you are guilty.” “Social distancing” means antisocial distancing. “Lockdown” is a prison term. Arbitrary cancelation of fundamental human rights and freedoms, properly known as “tyranny,” is rebranded as the “new normal.” The social restrictions are projected to remain in place, even past the rollout of the fake vaccine, indefinitely.
  • The real purpose of this entire false narrative is antisocial control, a “warp speed” transition to a new reset global order (powered by a toxic planetary 5G grid that is fake smart).






Time to go viral against the virus of the fake pandemic. Flip e-v-i-l back to l-i-v-e.


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