Arranged and Sung by Daemon Shae. Lyrics by me, Lorenzo.


I am honoured to be able to create with my brother Daemon. He has been a loving part of my life both in person and in spirit for many, many years. All about Freedom. Growing up and becoming the adult one strives to be in and for themselves, their family and their community. One and the same, in many ways. Enjoy, share, comment and participate. This could very well be one song in a new album, lovingly curated and created through our efforts here at The New Now.



From Our Heart!


For Those Who Wish to Sing Along-

The Lovely Lyrics to ‘Hummingbird’s Garden’


Don’t you wish me strong and pointed towards freedom?

Don’t you love the fire burning in my eyes?

Shall we get along on this path of rediscovery?

Don’t you wish me up soaring higher in the sky?

Shouldn’t we exist on dreams of light recovery,

Open up our hearts and sing a brand new song?

Please, please understand and let me fly to freedom.

After all my dear you wish you come along Can’t we take the time to love the challenges rising?

Breaking down the walls, my heart will never stop.

I will make the time to watch the new world dawning.

When the last fear falls I will be on top Won’t you help me keep this desire growing?

Beauty gently seeps, my soul will have it’s say.

Come join me in this garden, can’t you hear the hummingbird callin?

Strip off shadows clothes, come outside to play