The suspicious fires that decimated the cities of Maui on August 8, 2023, and Paradise California on November 8, 2018, turned both cities to ash, as homes and cars burned while trees were left standing.


Over the last century, turning cities to ash has been a pattern to “Build Back Better”(BBB)  in many cities such as Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, as well as in Greece, Australia, and Canada. Most often, the fires are blamed on faulty electric transmission lines, or on humans. However, evidence points to directed energy laser weaponry that has been publicly used for at least 50 years. A 1966 federal report outlines a national program in weather modification.


It was so hot that even metal contorted. – Gov. Josh Green, August 14, 2023 CBS Morning News with Tony Dokoupil.

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The Great Fire of Astoria, Oregon turned the city to ash on December 8, 1922.


While some newspapers speculated on foul play, others blamed a kitchen fire. The Oregon Insurance Rating Bureau report ruled the cause as “inconclusive.”


During the Great San Francisco Fire of 1906 , the people also experienced an earthquake.


There is no doubt that a great many bodies were consumed in this way and, therefore, no record of their deaths obtainable. The only official records of death by the quake were based on the number of bodies that passed through the coroner’s hands.  – Arthur C. Poore


The Great Medieval London Fire of 1212 occurred in London. No one is ever certain how many people are killed.


For a long list of fires that demolished whole cities see this list from antiquity to the Middle Ages, and beyond.


Transportation Corridors & “Human Settlements”


In 2019, Rosa Koire stated that the movement of people away from single-family homes, into 15-minute Stack-N-Pack housing in Smart Cities, is part of a United Nations (U.N.) 2030 agenda so people can be better monitored. Planning to create new space began long ago.


Image by <a href="">ChristelleLM</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>Under the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), U.N. “Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements” are established to create “transportation corridors” to relocate people into concentrated city centers. In Hawaii, the BBB created the Build Beyond Barriers Working Group established to streamline housing construction projects, scheduled for a 5-year build-out based on the U.N. Sustainable Cities and human Settlements. No more private property ownership for people.


This is going to be a multi-year recovery. It’s going to take essentially years to rebuild Lahaina which was destroyed. But we will build it back better……We will find a way to make sure there is more housing…” – KTIV interview August 11, 2023, [See 5:11 minute mark]


In my 2019 article Operation Regionalization of America, the regionalization of any area happens under an agenda of: 1)  climate control, 2) 5G technology, and 3) the Healthy People 2020 Act.  The overall goal is to connect continents for cohesion under global law. Undersea tunnels are the core of the interhemispheric North America – Eurasia railroad project that would connect China and Russia to the US through Alaska and Canada. This global connection is promoted for tourism, but has other obvious goals, not officially disclosed.


Land Grab to SMART™ City


After any declared disaster and under “Emergency rules” the suspension of  laws allows for the U.N. and W.E.F. to regionalize nations as part of a massive land grab. People are forced to evacuate and give up their homes to the state via eminent domain. This happened during the Kincaide fire in Sonoma County, California in October 2019 when 200,000 people were forced to leave. Soon after, insurance companies dropped coverage, for 350,000 Californians.


The day before the 2019 fires of Sonoma County began erupting, the October 18, 2019 headlines declared that “Three men at PG&E decide when California goes dark to stop fires.


three vice presidents are responsible for deciding whether the power goes out to keep electrical lines from igniting blazes: Michael Lewis, senior vice president of electric operations; Sumeet Singh, vice president of asset and risk management; and Ahmad Ababneh, vice president of electric operations on major projects and programs. Two more vice presidents will join the bunch in 2020.


In Maui, three weeks before the August 8th Maui fires, on July 18 2023, Governor Green issued a controversial Emergency Housing Proclamation titled, “Emergency Proclamation relating to Housing” related to natural disasters, or Covid. The proclamation not only suspended the laws of Hawaii that gave the Governor broad powers over any emergency, but also removed barriers to building new homes. After the August 8, 2023 fires, the governor said:


I’m already thinking about ways for the state to acquire that land so that we can put it into Workforce Housing and to put it back into the families or to make it open spaces in perpetuity as a memorial. – Gov. Josh Green, Maui Hawaii, Source The Healthy American Peggy Hall: Green Wants State to Own Lahaina, August 15, 2023,

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Some Maui residents have returned to live in their homes without water or electricity. Under the 4th Proclamation related to wildfires, the governor shut off water mains under the water code. Local organizations warned Maui residents not to drink filtered tap water due to toxic chemicals, metals, and bacteria in water lines from damaged water pipes.


The Governor has also halted homeowners from selling property, and instead, found a way to house the homeless through Airbnb. By design, the goal of local governments has been to heavily regulate short-term rentals with onerous fees that make them cost prohibitive. Unless there is a way to save Airbnb from local government overreach and overregulation without raising costs, its days may be numbered.


On September 8th, the Governor lifted the suspension of the water code. The water code has been a way for the state to control the flow and access of the sacred waters of Hawaii. With the latest tragedy, Hawaiians say any gains made are being rolled back. Now there is little left of the original island nation from before it was annexed by the United States in 1898.


Question The Answers


Why blame Climate Change only on human behavior with the evidence of climate manipulation? Has government overplayed its hand?


Was government created in 1776 to destroy itself according to the immortal bird, the Phoenix? The Phoenix is a legendary bird that lives 500 years, is ignited by the sun, and rises out of the ashes to begin anew. Why has the story of the Phoenix endured for 7000 years?


Where will the next weaponized fire be ignited?


What will the new restrictions on freedom look like?


How long will the Maui moratorium on property and land last? Has the Governor found a way “to acquire the land” and build back better? What does “better” mean? Is Maui a beta test for the remaining nations?


Will you comply?