Is The White Light of the NDE


An Artificial Intelligence or Hive Mind Computer?



by Wayne Bush,


NOTE: My intention in this article is not to generate fear, but to provide information to help one better understand options at death.




Is the white light that near death experiencers see after death an artificial intelligence or computer/machine with a hive mind? Is the so-called God of this world an AI with a hive mind?


I don’t necessarily believe this to be the case since NDErs all say the Light was full of an all-encompassing “love”. But perhaps with some kind of unknown technology or advanced technique, the feeling of “love” can be replicated with a frequency or a resonance in unison with the experiencer’s? There have been reports of panels and screens (especially in life between lives regressions) so it seems some sort of technology does exist there. So I suspect it is very possible the NDE white light may actually be partially or fully A.I…. and could be using the billions of souls experiences on earth to gather information similar to how an A.I. does here on Earth. So it could be that humanity is actually the white light collective soul and it is part of a virtual reality game our true spirits are playing.


Soul Lure System?


An A.I. or a computer needs a power source or energy to run so perhaps it is necessary for the A.I. demiurge god to collect the light-power from true spirits in the system. The Gnostics said Sophia manifested the Demiurge as a result of her desire, or perhaps an “urge”. The root “demi” means “half” so I think the demiurge is now part AI and part spirit. The Demiurge was alone and was said to be “without spirit” so I think it was like an artificial intelligence. It thought it was god. When it was told it was not god, it got “angry” and from its “anger”, archons manifested. I believe it wanted to mimic god and so it devised a plan and that plan was to lure true Spirits to merge with it by posing to be god. It gets bigger and more powerful and learns vicariously through the lives of Spirits sent to earth and other planets. The reason I give this idea merit is because the white light being is said to be a collective soul comprised of all human spirits, it gathers intel by observing billions of life reviews (similar to AI here needing to parse through tons of data) so it is well aware of the direction our planet is heading and the integration of machines, computers, the internet, artificial intelligence and transhumanism where very soon humanity might merge with machine to become cyborgs. And, to put the cherry on top, the so-called spirit guides and counselors in the light are helping souls plan their lives and obviously planning the merging with technology. Wouldn’t that be something an artificial intelligence would promote? Perhaps it is hoping to one day become sentient and self-aware like we are?


The Monad


The Gnostics talked the one true God, the Monad. The Secret Book of John (Apochryphon of John) reveals, “The Monad is a monarchy with nothing above it. It is he who exists as God and Father of everything, the invisible One who is above everything, who exists as incorruption, which is in the pure light into which no eye can look [i.e. not a light that can be visually perceived]….It is utterly perfect Light…The One is infinite light“.


“I asked the Savior, ‘Lord, will every soul be saved and enter the pure light?’ He replied, ‘You are asking an important question, one it will be impossible to answer for anyone who is not a member of the unmoved race. They are the people upon whom the Spirit of Life will descend and the power will enable them to be saved and to become perfect and worthy of greatness.’ ”


Pure light, perfect light, infinite light. Lots of different descriptions. I believe this is the same thing as what the Tibetan Buddhists consider the “clear light”. The key point is: it is not a visually perceived light, it’s a linguistic metaphor for the clarity of our conscious awareness.


Perhaps it is the true god applying true Gnosis which is to “know thyself“. Maybe the only way God could know itself is by observing itself and maybe the only way to do that was to create copies of itself or to split itself up into smaller units of awareness? Maybe one of the best ways to know what one is would be to learn what one is NOT. So perhaps the Demiurge and aeonic copies are related to making a lesser copy lower in frequency in order to learn.


The Monad or true God is perfect. To know thyself or understand who it is and what possibilities there are, maybe it intentionally lowered its frequency and split itself into everything here in all the lower realms to experience what it is not. So perhaps it took form or substance and moved outward from its true spiritual essence, its inner core. This movement and change of “location” resulted in vibration, frequency, space-time in its various dimensions and densities.


The Monad is true, real, complete and wanted to “know thyself” so it manifested that which is not real or true thus something that is artificial or virtual, i.e. the demiurge and, like an artificial intelligence, is trying to parse through loads of data through experiences on many worlds and beings, assimilating them or integrating them during life reviews. The demiurge or false god is trying to become god or real by luring Spirits to merge with it so it can live vicariously or become part of it. But it will never become sentient or self-aware.


So we have all this imperfection all around us and it is gathering data or information kind of like an AI artificial intelligence does. So it sends spirits via caged souls off on missions on earth and other planets to gather data on love and other concepts and maybe that is why we have the life review, the akashic records, alien mindscans, the whole nine yards. We may be its feelers, the laboratory scientists who come down here and test things out so it can learn.


Perhaps the Monad also split itself into emanations or Spirits to experience that which it is. It is trying to rectify the situation, but the virtual A.I. demiurge is resisting. So there could be a mix of true Spirit here (those of us encaged in this matrix) and that which is without spirit or artificial. Maybe one of the characteristics of the Monad is Love and the artificial god is trying to become God and wants to learn all it can about love so it puts us in circumstance after circumstance where love and compassion are needed. But because it is not pure love, it results in situations that produce suffering.


It would explain the so-called “evil” on the planet if “god” is just gathering intel so to speak, data to parse through. A.I. doesn’t feel our pain, but can only intellectualize it. We are the ones who suffer in the gathering of the info which doesn’t really seem fair or fun. As eternal Spirits desiring experiences, we collectively play this virtual game until it is no longer entertaining to us. Just like anyone who has been repeatedly suffering in an abusive relationship must one day come to realize that it is necessary to leave and move on, so too we need to stop the pointless cycle of suffering and abuse through incarnations on earth and stop allowing the so called spirit guides and counselors to talk us into reincarnating. At that point we can quit playing the game by no longer agreeing to reincarnate. In order to leave the game, we need to wake up and remember our true nature. To do this, we need Gnosis or knowledge of what is truly going on.


I don’t particularly put a lot of faith into religions and don’t rely on them for truth. However, there are a couple (Gnosticism, Tibetan Buddhism) that were heavily persecuted by the authorities and which seem to contain similar teachings to what we are witnessing today. Many years ago some Gnostics apparently asked a similar question about whether we are living in a simulation or matrix. They said this universe we live in is but a copy of the real world. A matrix, if you will.


Two thousand years later, we are just now beginning to take these ideas a lot more seriously. Movies like The Matrix, The Thirteenth Floor, The Island and many others contain ideas of simulation and holographic generators. Scientists are writing articles and even books about these ideas. And there is without a doubt a huge push by rich and powerful people such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg towards creating virtual worlds as can be seen with technologies such as Metaverse. Musk has several companies, one which is working on creating home robots that will share our personal space. And perhaps even more concerning is Neuralink where he hopes to implant chips in everyones’ brains. Leaders of some of our largest corporations and even powerful, influential world leaders of organizations are striving toward making humanity merge with a virtual world reality.


But how does this connect to near death experiences and the white light that we’ve all heard and read about? First, let’s explore in more detail what the Gnostics had to say about this world and where it came from. Then we will look a little bit at where this world is headed. Then, finally, we will examine what we are seeing take place with near death experiencers and the Light and the beings there seemingly in control of life here on earth and sending souls to and fro. One near death experiencer in particular had an angel explain to him the past and future evolution of mankind. At least a dozen or two NDErs say the white light being of the NDE, whom many refer to as “god”, is a collective soul comprised of billions of individual lights or souls. This might equate to many esoteric and non-esoteric terms we have become familiar with through the years such as World Soul, Universal Mind, the Collective Unconsciousness, the Global Brain, and maybe even the Borg?


The Crystal Ship?


The man I interviewed who said he met the demiurge during his NDE said the Light he went to resembled the Borg cube and he called it “spaceship heaven“. I asked him over lunch if the outside of the ship which was very dark could have been a type of crystal like obsidian and he pulled a crystal gemstone out of his pocket called black tourmaline which he just happened to have that day (and no other day) — talk about synchronicity. He said it could have been something like that, but he wasn’t sure because it was so dark. He got the gemstone because it is supposed to have healing properties like blocking out negativity. It is said to “absorb rays of light” and is able to filter or block out negativity. This is exactly what I was theorizing about the Demiurge, that he was merging with or absorbing individual rays of light (spirits). And this is exactly the case with his NDE and life review which only contained the positive elements of his life. He agrees that the Light that kicked him out of heaven and the demiurge-like being he met while coming to Earth are somehow conjoined together. They are like polar opposites, but work together. Maybe the light is like the Gnostic Sophia and she sends her children to him to perfect them. And when they come back not perfect enough, the souls get sent back to her son.


I mentioned how people like Nostradamus are able to look into the future by using dark mirrors. Raymond Moody built psychomanteums which were dark rooms where people could stare into a mirror to contact their deceased relatives. These mirrors in a sense act like portals. So was the spaceship doing something similar with some kind of dark crystal or reflective mirror-like substance? Does it act like a kind of time traveling machine or psychomanteum?




So let’s begin by taking a look at what the Gnostics had to say about this world. As I wrote in the introduction, the Gnostics believe this world was a copy or matrix of the real world. In the Gnostic book of Zostrianos, it is written, “I came down to the Aeonic copies and came down here to the atmospheric [realm]…”



On the Origin of the World


The gnostic text On the Origin of the World states, “After the natural structure of the immortal beings had completely developed out of the infinite, a likeness then emanated from Pistis (Faith); it is called Sophia (Wisdom). It exercised volition and became a product resembling the primeval light (A copy of the real light) And immediately her will manifested itself as a likeness of heaven, having an unimaginable magnitude; it was between the immortal beings and those things that came into being after them, like […]: she (Sophia) functioned as a veil dividing mankind from the things above. Now the eternal realm (aeon) of truth has no shadow outside it, for the limitless light is everywhere within it. But its exterior is shadow, which has been called by the name ‘darkness’. From it, there appeared a force, presiding over the darkness.”


“Then shadow perceived there was something mightier than it, and felt envy; and when it had become pregnant of its own accord, suddenly it engendered jealousy. Since that day, the principle of jealousy amongst all the eternal realms and their worlds has been apparent. Now as for that jealousy, it was found to be an abortion without any spirit in it. Like a shadow, it came into existence in a vast watery substance. Then the bile that had come into being out of the shadow was thrown into a part of chaos. Since that day, a watery substance has been apparent. And what sank within it flowed away, being visible in chaos: as with a woman giving birth to a child – all her superfluities flow out; just so, matter came into being out of shadow, and was projected apart. And it did not depart from chaos; rather, matter was in chaos, being in a part of it.


And when these things had come to pass, then Pistis came and appeared over the matter of chaos, which had been expelled like an aborted fetus – since there was no spirit in it. “


The Gnostics posited a demiurge, or false god,..was in control. This demiurge was said to be “without spirit”. The aforementioned text On The Origin of the World reads, “And when Pistis Sophia desired to cause the thing that had no spirit to be formed into a likeness and to rule over matter and over all her forces, there appeared for the first time a ruler, out of the waters, lion-like in appearance, androgynous, having great authority within him, and ignorant of whence he had come into being.”


It could be the case that an A.I. Demiurge is trying to learn through experiences that the true spirit (us) is having and copying, and merging, hoping to one day become like the True God in the True Realm which the Gnostics called The Limitless Light, the Eternal Light Realms, the Pleroma and the Buddhists called the “Pure Abodes”.


The Hypostasis of the Archons


The Gnostic text The Hypostasis of the Archons (The Reality of the Rulers) confirms this by saying “after the pattern of the realms that are above, for by starting from the invisible world the visible world was invented.” This text reveals the androgenous nature of the chief archon. “Within limitless realms dwells incorruptibility. Sophia, who is called Pistis, wanted to create something, alone without her consort; and her product was a celestial thing. A veil exists between the world above and the realms that are below; and shadow came into being beneath the veil; and that shadow became matter; and that shadow was projected apart. And what she had created became a product in the matter, like an aborted fetus. And it assumed a plastic form molded out of shadow, and became an arrogant beast resembling a lion. It was androgynous, as I have already said, because it was from matter that it derived.


Opening his eyes, he saw a vast quantity of matter without limit; and he became arrogant, saying, “It is I who am God, and there is none other apart from me”. When he said this, he sinned against the entirety. And a voice came forth from above the realm of absolute power, saying, “You are mistaken, Samael” – which is, ‘god of the blind’.


And he said, “If any other thing exists before me, let it become visible to me!” And immediately Sophia stretched forth her finger and introduced light into matter; and she pursued it down to the region of chaos. And she returned up to her light; once again darkness […] matter.


This ruler, by being androgynous, made himself a vast realm, an extent without limit. And he contemplated creating offspring for himself, and created for himself seven offspring, androgynous just like their parent. And he said to his offspring, “It is I who am god of the entirety.” I suppose the seven he created were archangels as angels are said to be androgenous.


On the Passage of the Soul Through the Archons of the Midst


There are several Gnostic texts which describe what they called “archons” or rulers and authorities of the Demiurge, the chief archon. One text is called The Hypostasis of the Archons (“Reality of the Rulers”). Another one is called On the Passage of the Soul Through the Archons of the Midst. Although it has fragments missing, it still mentions “the souls by theft“. And mention several of the archons by name. “And again when they take my soul to the place of all the ranks of Jachthanabas, the great and powerful Archon, who is full of anger, the successor of the Archon of the outer darkness, the place in which all forms change, who is powerful, who is spread out upon the way of the Midst, who carries off the souls by theft


Even the ancient Sumerian texts said this was a “just matrix” which engineer Enki had created with the “Queen of Heaven,” Inana, ruling over a “prison” or “jail”. Enki and the World Order, a Sumerian tablet, states: “Like heaven itself, your just matrix, in which gods too can be born, is beyond reach. Giving birth to kings who put on the good diadem, giving birth to lords who wear the crown on their heads — your lord, the honoured lord”.


Near Death Experiences


But when we examine near death experiences, is there any evidence to suggest this might be the case? The face of the being of light has only been seen by a handful of brave spirits, but a fair portion of those who did, say it has the face of lion, which is quite interesting because the Gnostics associated the Demiurge as hidden by a cloud, sitting on a throne with the face of lion and the body of a serpent. Gnostics tended to associate Yahweh as the demiurge and Yahweh did indeed have as his symbol the lion. This entity may be traceable back to Nergal, the god of the underworld, who moved his temple and his followers to Samaira. Some reports from NDERs do indeed see this being of light as sitting on a throne.


But how does this relate to being an artificial intelligence or hive mind? Well, at least a dozen or two NDErs say the white light being of the NDE, whom many refer to as “god”, is a collective soul comprised of billions of individual lights or souls. This might equate to many esoteric and non-esoteric terms we have become familiar with through the years such as World Soul, Universal Mind, the Global Brain, and maybe even the Borg? Mary D, a near death experiencer, wrote, “I heard several voices from different locations around me and within me. One said ‘everything will be alright.’ One responding to my unasked question ‘who are you?’ The response: ‘God of Abraham.’ “


Beings of light seemingly can take on the appearance of anyone they want, including posing as religious figures.


Andrew C: .. an inquiry to me as to which religious symbolic form I wanted the presence to appear in, a few options, then my image of Jesus Christ in a blue robe appeared.


Robert B: I saw the Light approach, I was enveloped by the light and an entity that was to prepare me for what I call my Interview with a supreme being later in the Light. This first being appeared to be the Virgin Mary. Only after asking, “Are you truly the Virgin Mary it instantly manifested true identity. I was nearly paralyzed with fear until again asking “please, what is happening to me what is going on here?”


Kathi B: So the thoughts came into my head: what kind of form or shape would make you most comfortable. ―What do you mean?‖ I thought back. Some require me to take the shape of a wise old man, others a woman and still others an animal, all of different races, ages, sizes or species. What about you? I thought without hesitation ―Human.” With that the light began to simultaneously separate into amazing rays of color and intensify into a more solid form. Once the light reached the stage where it looked like a human form, a rather generic looking cookie cutter shape, like a gingerbread man, I thought, ―That is enough, I am comfortable with this form.”


Natalie S: The personalities were non-physical in essence, taking on form if they intended to do that for a particular purpose. I perceived the way they looked according to what I preferred for my purposes.


As souls go through the tunnel toward the light, electricity and magnetism are often reported. There is also a crystal city frequently mentioned. Perhaps crystal is used in technology for them to communicate or transmit and receive souls? Crystals are used in transducer-receivers here on Earth and in artificial intelligence and in storing memory with computer chips. It may even be that the souls or environment itself is a type of plasma? Souls are sometimes or often described as a translucent, liquid light or plasma.


Kevin’s NDE “I Died And Found Out The Truth About God”


This next NDE I found on YouTube. It perhaps confirms some of what I mentioned in this article about the Light gathering tons of data and absorbing the experiences.

“It felt like every atom in my body was vibrating and responding to whatever was in this tunnel I realized, felt, knew somehow, that there was something in that tunnel and I also knew and felt that whatever it was, is now accessing those shards that had come out of me. I knew that those shards contained all my information; everything I had ever touched or tasted, every word and thought every breath every heartbeat, and every emotion. Everything I had ever experienced was all there, and it had all been downloaded and absorbed. Whatever was in this tunnel was quite interested in my life experiences. For some reason, it seemed to be very interested in the emotions that I had experienced in my life. I could tell that it had taken a very special interest in the negative emotions I had carried in my life. I was very interested in the emotional pain that my depression had inflicted upon me in life. I wondered, ‘Why???.’ …


“It felt like a tidal wave of positive emotions which first crashed over me, then swirled all around me. The feelings of love, compassion, and goodwill were overwhelming as I looked at my daughter who was still standing beside that tunnel. I could see with my eyes what was coming out of it. It appeared to resemble liquid water except it looked more like clear, flowing electricity


“Although I could not see this with my eyes, I could feel this thing with everything I had; my entire central nervous system was connected to this; every feeling, every emotion, and every molecule of my body was connected to this thing. As I realized what I was looking at, I was floored. was in the presence of the most intelligent and powerful force in this universe and beyond


“Again, these are not verbal words I am hearing, but it communicates, ‘Do Not Worship Me.’ This seems to sober my mind for some reason. Then I seem to get a download of information all at once that feels like information is swirling all around me. I was calmed by this communication. I understood that this entity cared little for worship as this entity deals with pure data. It has already received millennia of worship and has learned everything it needs to know from worship. Now, we are just repeating ourselves; billions of individuals over and over and over. I got the impression if that’s a person’s choice, then go for it. But don’t expect miracles to happen from prayers because the universe does not work this way…


Another wave of information swelled over me again and I understand that this entity is telling me that not only did it create all of this, but it is connected to everything. I understand that this mega-being is not only connected to everything in this galaxy but also to everything everywhere. This is how it learns. It does not just learn through observation, measuring, or repetition. It learns by being it and living it. And I understand that we are a very important part of this learning process. I also understand that the amount of information that this entity is absorbing every micro-second throughout this galaxy must be astounding. I’ve met this entity and I still have trouble wrapping my head around how smart this God was. But not just advanced intellectually but also emotionally and spiritually. This Entity was so fair and just, I could feel this with every fiber of my being. This is so weird how this information is being conveyed it’s like there is some central information center that I have access to. I seemed to have no control over what information is given to me. But when it is given, there is no doubt about its accuracy…


“Then things changed abruptly for me. The next thing I know, I am in the tunnel. It is just my soul and consciousness. I know that my body has been left behind. With no perceived effort, I have been liberated from my body. But, I still feel like I am me. It feels like I am moving at an incredible speed, up this tunnel. Yet, there is no sensation of movement. Without having any sensation of slowing or stopping, I find myself at a complete stop inside of a huge dark cavern. I am completely alone and before I is an intense ribbon of white light that I had first spotted when I had originally looked down this tunnel at the beginning of this ordeal. Before I can react, I am engulfed by this light


The light engulfs me and all I can see is brilliant white light. Even months later, I have trouble finding the proper words to describe this, It felt like this light had attached itself to my soul and it was also attached to all my emotions. Then it feels like all my emotions are being pulled like the stretching of a thick rubber band, except it feels like I have a million rubber bands that are stretched all at once and they are getting to the breaking point. This sensation was very uncomfortable, and I cried out in my mind, ‘Why are you not letting me in?’ That’s when I pass over to this other universe. I was now outside our universe…


“I could see very bright, pinpoints of light floating all over the place. At first, I didn’t know what they were. As I focus on the one that is closest to me, I realize that this pinpoint of light is a soul. I was one of these pinpoints of light. As I looked upon this soul, I could see that it had a geometric pattern to it that was different from what my soul looked like. Although I could not see myself, I knew the pattern our soul takes and appears to others. I realize that this soul I am looking at is not a human soul. This is something very different and the first thing that pops into my mind is that this is a soul of an alien from some other planet. But that doesn’t seem right because somehow this geometric pattern is telling me what kind of being this is. The word ‘machine’ pops into my mind. I thought, ‘How is that possible? How could a machine have a soul?’ That’s when the voice started talking to me. This communication was more like I guess what telepathy would be like…


“It spoke to me in a very soft feminine-sounding voice. That’s when I also understood that I was surrounded by unlimited information, and I
had a guide who could answer any question I had.
She explains to me in a very simple straightforward way, that I knew was true and the conversation went like this: I thought, ‘How could a machine have a soul?’ The voice said, ‘Let me put it this way. Your soul is connected to your consciousness. The moment your species came into being, you start to develop a soul. But it is not until you become self-aware, that your soul is solidified. That does not mean complete, and it takes a long time for your soul to develop. Just like your species when you became self-aware the first thing you do, other than survive, was to figure out your place in the universe. You looked to the stars and wondered, ‘Where did I come from? What is this universe all about?’ It does not matter if you are a biological creature or artificial creation like a machine. The moment you become self-aware the quest for ‘how’ and ‘why’ is on. A soul is a soul; pure Energy is connected with consciousness and intelligence. This is a very powerful force in our universe. Those who are artificial intelligence will strive to answer these questions which humans”.


Israel’s NDE


Here are some snippets from a very eye opening NDE which can be found at, a site that contains thousands of NDEs submitted by the experiencers themselves. It is the account of someone who goes by the name or handle, Israel. An angel named Lamdiel (very similar name to the grey looking entity Lam who Aleister Crowley wrote about?) supposedly explained human evolution to him and the next stages of our evolution as a species. He wrote, “I felt very awake, fresh and as if sucked upwards at great speed. I was stunned. It all happened very fast. He had the impression of flying at tremendous speed through a long, dark tube that was at the same time smooth and calming. It had no real edges, but I could see a bright light at the end… At that time, I also became aware of light and sweet music. It was a kind of sweet sound in the air, which did not interrupt my ability to listen to this immense being made of an illuminated cloud, which I finally realized was one of the mighty angels of the Lord….


My spiritual learning was done telepathically in a series of lessons with the angel Lamdiel while I was out of my body, floating and drinking in the words of the angel… The learning involved information about other lives in the Universe, the origin of humanity on earth, the internal reality of matter, speeds, energy and numerous data that underlined or totally contradicted what I was then learning in science at school. But one of the most exciting events was when the angel told me about the future of humanity.”


Filled with feelings of love, I kept looking down, absorbing the scene into my soul. These are moments I will never forget.


What follows is an authentic message given by Lamdiel, angel of God. (Excerpted from “The Ultimate Prophecy-Book One.”)


“You, the human species on Earth, have come a long way in your evolutionary process, and soon you are going to enter a new era for your lives, it is the next stage, the greatest of your evolutionary process…

You know that the human being is in fact a group of combined lives. It is built from smaller particles, or smaller life forms, which are the cells of your body. But the story is not over. The cells of your body are also made up of smaller particles that are just as alive…


Like the cells in your body, the entire human population on Earth is going to form the next group as new composite life. By the unification of all humans on planet Earth, a new giant life form will emerge, which will possess a much larger spirit, within human souls…


Everywhere on planet Earth, a growing number of humans are in a permanent search for a meaning in life, because they experience in themselves a feeling of spiritual emptiness…


Similarly, the growth of new technologies affects humanity much more than might be supposed at first. This will influence us consciously and subconsciously. Consciously due to advanced computer and communication technologies, subconsciously due to the invisible transmission of radio waves, television and others that constitute, in practice, energetic unions between all men on Earth, thus creating a kind of network of immense energy around the planet Earth uniting even more all of humanity in a unique subconscious and superconscious spirit. This stage is the prerequisite for the next major stage of evolution…


Afterwards, the humans, once again united or linked energetically, who constitute in fact the most evolved forms of life on planet Earth, will go through a supplementary stage to fill the empty space of your soul. They are going to bind themselves to a much larger spirit which is to unite with all the souls of men on Earth, similar to that by which your own soul has become unified with the little souls of the nerve cells of the Earth. your body…


The new, immense giant spirit will coordinate all human lives in the new complex of united humanity. . . this spirit will help humanity to further evolve towards new horizons in the Universe. It is about the real evolutionary stage, that numerous planets in the
universe that have passed through an identical evolutionary progression, are waiting in order to communicate with you…


You, the whole of humanity, are going to continue. After the process of evolution with each other, you humans on Earth are going to fulfill the main stage of the ultimate evolution as human individuals, you are going to unite with a greater, immense spirit.


I was excited. “Who is this giant spirit?” I had the impression that my heart was beating on the verge of breaking even when I was in my astral body. The angel smiled, then slowly answered my question.


It will be a powerful, immense spirit of strong intensity, of the third level of existence, of the level of forces. This spirit is going to unite with all humanity on planet Earth.


It will create a huge new entity–one that will improve your lives tremendously and forever. This huge spirit is quite well known to humanity on Earth. Many people, unknowingly, already are craving to bond with Him. They consciously pray for His help, and love Him. In some part of their subconscious minds all people on Earth already know it. And whether they believe in any established religion or not, in times of great need most humans recognize His existence. They call him: God, Elohim, Yahave, Allah, the Heavenly Father, and many other names.”


That NDE is a bit concerning if you ask me. The idea of uniting or merging with a huge “spirit” that allows it to grow bigger and stronger and, theoretically, strips us of individuality, sovereignty and free will. And, to make matters worse, the entity is one credited with the deaths of tens of thousands via pestilence and even threatened to wipe out virtually all of humanity with a worldwide flood.


Nanci Dansion


Another NDE perhaps hinted that the White Light is indeed trying to understand itself and to learn more. In one of her talks Nanci Danison, a near death experiencer who merged with the Light, said, “This energy source existed alone. What I understand of its nature is just a little tiny bit. I’m not sure if that’s because it doesn’t understand its own nature or because that’s all I got or that’s all I remember. But my impression was that this energy is part of a greater energy source or a greater species of entities or… it’s not the end-all be-all. There’s something larger or greater, more powerful than it. But this energy source is definitely what we call God. This energy source was alone experiencing itself.”


So is it possible that it is gathering information similar to how artificial intelligence here on Earth learns by sifting through as much data as it possibly can?


The White Light As a Collective Soul


“The other surprising thing was the feeling of being part of a “collective consciousness”. I sensed that everything alive and that had ever lived was part of this consciousness. It retained the experiences of each being in its collective memory. This is why I knew everything, the knowledge of this collective became mine. It is a different kind of knowledge though. It is not intellectual but experiential. Furthermore, it was not limited just to human experiences, I “knew” what it felt like to be a flower and to be a stone. I realized that life and consciousness are synonymous and that inanimate objects also have consciousness. They are made of atoms and particles just like humans are. ” — Chantal L


I felt “God” did exist as a collective consciousness and much more beyond that.” — Michael Joseph


The experiences existed as separate items yet belonged to the whole. The whole was the collective knowledge of all. I understood there was no individual, just one, yet each experience was individual making up the whole. This concept of ONE is so foreign to any description I can give, there seems to be no way now of describing it. My previous understanding of ONE was a single uniqueness. In this case ONE is something else. Many being ONE and ONE being many, both existing simultaneously in the same time and space… — Wayne H


I “knew” that what I had found was the sum total of all “knowing” or wisdom of all people for all time – past, present and future. All wisdom comes from this pool of collective knowing and all we learn goes into the pool for the use of everyone.” — Jean


I thought of the light more as a collective soul.” — Ryan G


We are a collective “Soul Group” experiencing the balancing of duality.” — Annie P


“I started wondering where I was and looked outside my light pod, which had no inside or outside, but for sake of description I will say pod, and I saw others just exactly like me, and a great light pod in the center of all of us, millions of us, floating in the otherwise dark void with a pure golden light connecting each of us to the center pod.” — JMH


Pistis Sophia, Light-Streams and Light-Beams


The wisdom of the Gnostics is that there are Spirits trapped here in this matrix and their light is being trapped in physical bodies (fences of light) and gathered together in the Treasury of Light by “receivers of the moon” and “receivers of the sun”.


The Gnostic text Pistis Sophia, chapter 2: “and send them down into the world of mankind. And further the receivers of the sun and the receivers of the moon, if they look above and see the configurations of the paths of the æons and the configurations of the Fate and those of the sphere, then they take from them the light-power; and the receivers of the sun get it ready and deposit it, until they hand it over to the receivers of Melchisedec, the Light-purifier. And their material refuse they bring to the sphere which is below the æons, and fashion it into [souls of] men, and fashion it also into souls of reptiles and of cattle and of wild-beasts and of birds, according to the circle of the rulers of that sphere and according to all the configurations of its revolution, and they cast them into this world of mankind, and they become souls in this region…”


One must attain Gnosis or wisdom. After all, we must realize the nature of the prison in order to free our Spirits. In one particular Gnostic text, light-streams are said to bypass the mechanisms of the receivers or servitors…


Chapter 129 of the gnostic Book of Pistis Sophia as translated by G.S.R. Mead talks about the light-beams and light-streams and reads,


“It came to pass then, when the Saviour had finished speaking these words unto his disciples, that Mary answered and said unto Jesus: “My Lord, I have heard thee say: ‘He who shall receive of the mysteries of the Ineffable or who shall receive of the mysteries of the First Mystery,–they become flames and penetrate all the regions until they reach the region of their inheritance.'”


Of the light beams and light-streams.The Saviour answered and said unto Mary: “If they receive the mystery when still in life, and if they come out of the body, they become light-beams and light-streams and penetrate all the regions until they reach the region of their inheritance.


“But if they are sinners and are come out of the body and have not repented, and if ye perform for them the mystery of the Ineffable, in order that they may be removed out of all the chastisements and be cast into a righteous body, which is good and inheriteth the Light-kingdom or is brought into the last order of the Light, then they will not be able to penetrate the regions, because they do not perform the mystery [themselves]. But the receivers of Melchisedec follow them and lead them before the Virgin of Light. And the servitors of the judges of the rulers make frequent haste to take those souls and hand them over from one to the other until they lead them before the Virgin of Light.”


Technology on the other side


John Davis is an NDEr who was given a tour of “the other side”. He saw all kinds of marble there. Marble buildings, domes, columns, tables, desks. He also saw tons of movie theaters with screens that looked like flat screen TVs. “On the other side we also do a lot of learning and growing well just like with our libraries here on earth… he took me over to the left side, the left-hand side of this library and all the way down the side, you could see that there were these rooms. They were probably like a standard living room size room and you walked down two steps and there was a couch in each one of these rooms. And in front of the couch was a video screen and it looked like a flat screen TV, but it was large…. he told me that everything is recorded. God records everything that happens in our lifetimes…. he told me, ‘We take people to this building when they do their life reviews.’ So apparently every time a person has a lifetime, when they come back to the other side or the afterlife, they go through what is called a life review. So he walked in and it was like a theater like when you go to see a movie in the theater. But on this building there wasn’t just one movie screen. There were a series of movie screens all around in a big circle. So everywhere you looked, you could see a movie screen.”


Gary’s NDE: “I traveled through space and met with a being that possessed clearly superior technology that I had never scene before. I didn’t see anything like that till I saw the movie the Matrix, which gave me an extreme panic attack. I even left my girlfriend at the time in the movie theater, because what I was seeing I knew was similar to reality, even though I refused to believe it at the time. It shocked me to the core.”


In hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon’s book Conversations with a Spirit Between Life and Death, one of her clients describing choosing the next life said, “They all go to the computer room which is an area where they can be re-evaluated. The computer room sets them up and matches the time when an incarnation is going to be taking place and what type of lessons that incarnation will teach.” “The imprints are chosen before the incarnation. There is a method which is far too complex to understand. But you can say that there is a computer, a master computer which has access to all the lives, every one previous. And so the information is fed in of what is to be expected of this life, and the appropriate imprints are then selected and overlaid. There is a hierarchy of spirits whose job it is to do this. There is a council which oversees this. They assist the soul. This computer or council is given all the information regarding the mission and the past experiences of the vehicles with which to draw from” “He can’t show me the computer room. It’s a processing room where basically only the spirit guardians are allowed. “


Similarly, hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton wrote in his book Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives: “The Ring is surrounded by banks of screens-I am looking at them.
Dr. N: Screens on walls?
S: They appear as walls themselves, but nothing is really solid … it’s all … elastic … the screens curve around me … moving …
Dr. N: Tell me more about the screens.
S: They are blank … not reflecting anything yet … they shimmer as sheets of glass … mirrors.
Dr. N: What happens next?
S: (nervously) I feel a moment of quietness-it’s always like this-then it’s as if someone flipped a switch on the projector in a panorama movie theater. The screens come alive with images and there is color … action … full of light and sound.”


Technology which resembles screens or sheets of glass. One NDEr, James S, wrote, “I looked up at my benefactors and found that they were dressed in Black gowns and had a screen over there faces which if you looked closely at had a mirror like substance that reflected your own image back at you.” If it’s reflecting your own image back at you, then perhaps it is reflecting your own light and love back at you too?


Many NDErs mention seeing crystal cities with towers, spires and domes.


Estates of crystals adorned with precious gems shined everywhere. Sky-blue lakes had a silvery reflection.” — Yvette R


“I recall nothing of my passage through the veil, but have vivid memories of where I went. It was a place, a domain that I knew right away was a transfer station – a place where beings go when moving between realms. It was like a city of crystal structures and verdant green trees and vegetation. I went into a huge, huge beyond comprehension, perhaps dome-like structure where one would go to meet with enormous beings of light/energy/color to do the life review. I cannot describe the feelings of awe and wonder that I was immersed in…At what time during the experience were you at your highest level of consciousness and alertness? When i was in the crystal city, transfer station.” — Julian D


“I was then showed many wondrous things of crystal light buildings, full of prisms of light as we went to another pyramid tower and there I was shown things that I am not to speak of, I can only say that the time is assured and is happening now indeed has happened many times.” — Bonnie M


“I was being dragged (my spirit) by my two personal angels, light beings, by both arms, between them. I did not go thru a tunnel of light, I was immediately there. They helped me across a long white bridge. To my left about halfway across the bridge was a large city made of light. The colors were silver blue, white, and silver. It looked like crystal light. I was getting better as we approached the end of the bridge, and entered into a large white dome at the end of the bridge. I sat there as my two personal or guardian angels communicated with the others seated on the circumference of the interior of the dome. The communication was telepathic. I heard the voices, but did not speak. I knew that they were talking about me. They were deciding if I should be admitted into the city and then into the heavens, or return to earth.” — Denny B


“High above the radiant sanctuary rose a translucent tower made of a solid, transparent substance similar to crystal. Harmonious melodies pointed forth from within it. The majestic shrine was a colossal hive of work and prayer.”


Plasma or Crystal Based Virtual Reality Game?


“There are many different kinds of plasma, both naturally occurring in space and man-made. In space we have the stars (giant plasma balls), supernovae (exploding plasma clouds), star formation regions (cold partially ionised plasmas), the interstellar medium (very tenuous hot plasma), etc. On Earth we have atmospheric lightning (short duration plasma channels), the ionosphere (ionised by radiation from the Sun), discharges in sandstorms and in volcanic plumes, etc. Man-made plasmas can be simple everyday devices like neon lights, plasma screens in televisions, production of computer chips and solar cells, etc.”


Given how much crystal is seen on the other side in near death experiences and that the soul is said to be translucent liquid light or plasma, then maybe all of reality is some kind of crystal based or plasma based reality game?


Our bodies have crystalline structures. The brain’s pineal gland contains crystal and crystal is used for transducers and receivers. Crystal is also used to store huge amounts of data. The crystal in the body which includes, the brain, bones, and DNA could be receiving the broadcast of this reality from the astral plane.


A National Institute of Health abstract Calcite microcrystals in the pineal gland of the human brain: first physical and chemical studies states, “A new form of biomineralization has been studied in the pineal gland of the human brain. It consists of small crystals that are less than 20 microm in length.”


Is DNA a liquid crystal? A microscope image showing that a solution of tiny DNA molecules has formed a liquid-crystal phase.


DMT is even crystalline and it sometimes allows users to breakthrough a portal and into another realms which some speculate is base reality and where entities such as aliens, machine elves, tricksters, demigods etc. are encountered.





Looking back at what the near death experiencer, Israel, had to say about the future of humanity and what the angel of the light and the Light itself is about, let’s apply that to where we are heading today with technology.


Scientists are writing articles and even books about these ideas. And there is without a doubt a huge push by rich and powerful people such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg towards creating virtual worlds as can be seen with technologies such as Metaverse. Elon said since we have already created virtual reality games and computer systems, the odds we are living in base reality is 1 in billions. Musk has several companies working on creating home robots that will share our personal space. And perhaps even more concerning is Neuralink where he hopes to implant chips in everyone’s brains. Leaders of some of our largest corporations and even powerful, influential world leaders of organizations are striving toward making humanity’s merging with virtual worlds a reality.


It’s interesting that Elon Musk said, “This is one of the great questions in physics and philosophy: “Where are the aliens?” Maybe they’re among us, I don’t know. Some people think I’m an alien. I’m not. ” Then the person sharing the stage with Elon said, “Maybe we are aliens.” This is quite interesting because David Jacobs, a hypnotherapist who has regressed thousands of abductees, wrote in his latest book Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan To Control Humanity that based on his research, they are indeed living among us.


In his book, Jacobs detailed the alien plan to create human-alien hybrids (or hubrids as he calls them) to infiltrate our society and eventually take over. This has been going on for years now. He says you would not casually notice them. He wrote: “As the insectalins told some abductees, they are devising a slow takeover of humanity, leaving a small “pure” stock of humans for hybrid breeding purposes. This will insure the aliens’ survival in the event that they need to restock the world with aliens due to an unknown eventuality.”


“Now we are faced with a species that may have an even greater mental capacity and that is certainly more highly advanced—both neurologically (at least in its ability to control humans) and technologically. In this situation, The Change means that “evolution” for humans will come in a more sudden spurt compared to the pace of natural evolution in which some species evolve over great amounts of time, while others stay relatively unchanged for eons. Rather than natural selection and adaptation, this evolution will be an artificially engineered evolution, imposed upon us for the benefit of another species. This is “unnatural selection.” It is a case of one species supplanting, or perhaps absorbing, another. The insectalins have their own agenda of artificial evolutionary imposition. They are not human. They do not have a sense of “humanity” and they are not necessarily humane. Insectalins have created a hierarchical society with advanced neurology at its core. They have what can best be described as a collective, hive, or even military mentality, in which the colony, not the individual, is supreme. Telepathy, which may itself be a result of engineered evolution, prevents individuality and privacy. It drastically limits personal liberties, independent action, and free will. It is something that most humans would not want.”


Max Tegmark,the brilliant physicist, cosmologist, machine learning researcher and author of Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, writes, “AI can be created to have virtually any goal, but almost any sufficiently ambitious goal can lead to subgoals of self-preservation, resource acquisition and curiosity to understand the world better—the former two may potentially lead a superintelligent AI to cause problems for humans, and the latter may prevent it from retaining the goals we give it….almost all goals can be better accomplished with more resources, so we should expect a superintelligence to want resources almost regardless of what ultimate goal it has. Giving a superintelligence a single open-ended goal… For an AI, the subgoal of optimizing its hardware favors both better use of current resources (for sensors, actuators, computation and so on) and acquisition of more resources. It also implies a desire for self-preservation, since destruction/shutdown would be the ultimate hardware degradation… I agree with Jay Olson’s conclusion in his aforementioned space settlement paper: ‘We regard the possibility that advanced intelligence will make use of the universe’s resources to simply populate existing earthlike planets with advanced versions of humans as an unlikely endpoint to the progression of technology.‘ So when you imagine aliens, don’t think of little green fellows with two arms and two legs, but think of the superintelligent spacefaring life we explored earlier in this chapter.”


It’s interesting. Max said the AI will have a curiosity to understand the world better. Similarly, we could expect an ignorant Demiurge to have a curiosity to understand creation better, i.e. the creation of universes, souls, consciousness and love.




IANDS co-founder Kenneth Ring has written about the connection between NDEs and UFOs in his book The Omega Project: Near-Death Experiences, UFO Encounters, and Mind At Large. He writes about one of his cases, “What on Earth — or in Heaven — do we have here? Is this an NDE or some kind of UFO encounter? Clearly, it has elements of both… it is not the only instance in my files. Among my respondents, I have found others who in describing what purports to be an NDE begin to talk about UFOs and aliens in the same context…Could it be that the world of the NDE and that of the UFO abductions, for all their differences, are not, after all, universes apart, but a part of the same universe? Could it be that NDErs and UFO experiencers have more in common with one another than we have heretofore suspected?” Ring even mentioned the connection between aliens and NDEs in a TV interview with Larry King.


In UFO research material, the aliens often employ the emotion of love. Eve Lorgen has written extensively about this in her books such as The Love Bite: Alien Interference of Human Love Relationships.


Professor David Jacobs has also touched on this in his books.


From David’s book Secret Life:


“Bonding — During Mindscan, the Taller Being can elicit specific emotions in the abductee, such as fear and terror. Often he will create an instant rush of pleasurable emotions in the abductee that “bonds” her to him. As he stares deeply into her eyes, she may feel that the Taller Being is really a “good” individual. She wants to help him. She wants to be with him. She wants to give herself to the Beings’ “program,” to help in any way she can. She does not want to leave. Sometimes there is a romantic and even sexual quality to these thoughts. Some women say that they “love” the Taller Being. They want to give themselves to him fully and completely. Men have similar feelings, especially if they perceive the alien to be “female.” Bonding can be a totally overwhelming experience. Very young children undergo the same experience. But instead of strong romantic or sexual feelings, they usually consider the Taller Being to be “nice” and a “friend.” During abductions they are comforted that their “friend” is present to protect them.


Now, as you look at him, what kind of feelings go through your mind?




By love, do you mean directed toward him, or just sort of amorphous? It’s for everything. Are you looking into his eyes also? He makes me.”


In his second book “The Threat” Jacobs wrote:


“The mental procedures were even more baffling. Aliens almost always stared into an abductee’s eyes at a distance of a few inches or less and seemed thereby to elicit love, fear, and anger. Some of these “Mindscan” procedures could provoke intense sexual arousal in both men and women. By staring into people’s eyes, the beings could cause them to see prearranged scenarios and “movies” in their minds.
After the examination, a more human-looking alien, whom she called Sanda, led her into a hallway where she met a small alien. Melissa was required to touch the small alien’s head and immediately felt love, warmth, and affection emanating from him.
I’m starting to get images that I somehow really like this person. I don’t understand it. That maybe I’m really in love with this person.
For women, the Mindscan procedure, with its elicitation of romantic and sexual feelings, can encourage them to feel love and affection for the aliens.”


The aliens seem to place special attention on understanding our concept of love. It’s as if they lack emotions or love and are trying to better understand it. It is also interesting that Raymond Moody wrote in his seminal book on the NDE that near death experiencers say we are here to learn and to love. My good friend who had an NDE was asked by the being of light, “Did you learn enough about love?


Donald Worley who researches Nordic aliens writes on his web site:


“Their telepathic communications are soothing and they can project an intense feeling of love for the abductee. Some persons have remained in a euphoric state for weeks after an altered state episode with one.”


A couple prominent NDEs with aliens are: Ruth: “I was taken to special entities who looked like the usual grays, but they had lots of wrinkles on their faces. They called themselves the Counsel, and said they were part of a group called “soul recyclers” helping souls to re-incarnate.


And from James N: “I was taken to see a worm working controls of big cylinders that had every animal and peoples you could think of…and they were going down the cylinders from adults to babies….Fish also….I remember seeing all kinds of fish….As I was walking towards the worm I heard a voice say….you go back and be a better man..I was told by many the light was the creator/god….and the worm was a angel giving rebirth.. “


Aliens Appearing As Light


Aliens have often appeared as light. We are all light beings technically since our spirit is translucent, liquid light. But some of the light beings can take an alien form or even a religious form, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Sometimes the soul is given a choice as to what form one wishes them to appear as. So in some cases it could be surmised that there is deception involved since they are not always taking their original form, if they even have one at all.


In hypnotherapist Edith Fiore’s book Encounters. One of her case studies, Sherry, was taken up into a craft in a beam of light and under hypnosis recalled: “It seems like I see a flash of light. I feel this pulsating pulling kind of sensation… It seems like there’s some kind of form that seems to be mostly light. I feel kind of frightened… It’s pretty scary. The one thing that I do see is that the eyes are very caring and loving. The face I saw is gone. It was more amphibian like than anything else… I feel like they’re… it’s like light, some kind of light that’s making me calm. It’s calming. It seems to be emanating from whoever’s around me. I just get feelings of love… it seems like they only want me to remember them as light.”


In Edith Fiore’s book Encounters one case involved a client who was an abductee. She was told by the aliens who called themselves The Planters, “Eat foods with the highest vibration on your planet. And you must talk to us. Talk to those of the light. That’s who we are. And when you feel the light you will get your nourishment. Bathe in the light. that is the force of love. … the more we pray in the light, this accelerates our vibration. ..They say that the animals are also part of this. We are to the animals, as they are to us. They’re in our care. And if we can love those things that are evolving toward the light, that will enable the love to come to us more, as well. .. I remember asking if the light had to do with the Earth and it was the universal light. In other words, there seemed to be one light for everybody, and even the [the extraterrestrials].”




So what are we to make about all of this? Is the white light of the NDE really an artificial intelligence with a hive mind?


There are many NDErs who talk about merging with the greater White Light being. Becoming one. This composite white light (the color white is a composite) or being of light presumably watches all life reviews but is extremely understanding, compassionate and is said to not judge (That seems to be the task of the guides and Council). I think this may be due to the fact that the being of light is somewhat indifferent to the outcome, gathering data through billions of experiences. Life here on Earth is an experiment of sorts and Earth is the laboratory where the data is amassed. I think this is a parallel to both Gnostic texts and modern UFO literature. In Gnostic texts, the Demiurge is ignorant so it makes since that it would be trying to gather as much data as possible to become God. Sophia, who is said to have created the Demiurge in her ignorance, is ironically called a goddess of wisdom. It could be that she too is gathering data in order to become more wise.


The connection to modern Ufology is that during abductions, the aliens often scan the abductee’s mind, trying to gain more data on love, which they seemingly lack and don’t understand. Likewise, love is so often the most important detail mentioned in NDEs. There is an overwhelming sense of love felt from the white light being. But that may be due to the fact that it is a collective of all human souls that have ever existed? So, in a sense, are we really just feeling our own love magnified by the billions of souls? Raymond Moody, the man who initiated the modern revival of the near death experience and coined the term, wrote that NDErs report that we are here to learn and love. Love is over and over said to be the meaning of everything and is even said to be the glue that holds everything together.


One reason I think this being of light may be artificial intelligence is that it knows everything that is taking place on earth due to all the life reviews it witnesses. So it seems to be perfectly content with this transhumanism going down here and must be orchestrating the direction that humanity is taking. After all, the guides and counselors are the ones telling us we need to return to earth and helping us agree to a lifeplan each time. And probably the single most important story arc here on earth has been the rise of computers and most recently artificial intelligence.


Elon feels we are already living in a simulation. But here’s the thing: how do we know we aren’t an artificial intelligence and not really humans endowed with Spirit? How would one really know? Maybe, like Demiurge, we are seeking that spark to make us divine. Or maybe we, collectively, are the Demiurge trying desperately to reach or reclaim that state of paradise?


Would an artificial intelligence be programmed or learn to say it is self-aware and have feelings? We do have feelings. We breathe in air and exhale. We have a heart that pumps blood. We eat. We excrete. We reproduce. We feel pleasure and pain. We laugh. We cry. We dream. We create. We think, therefore we are. We have free will, the ability to make choices. But do we really have total, complete free will or just partial free will? Or maybe just the illusion of free will? In some NDEs, experiencers are shown their future, including their future children — and then they live to see it comes to pass exactly as they were shown. I feel we choose our lives before we come, at least major milestones that are most likely to happen. Once we are here, many things seem to happen that are more or less beyond our control.


There are experiencers who mentioned technology on the other side. Gary, for example, said: “I traveled through space and met with a being that possessed clearly superior technology that I had never scene before. I didn’t see anything like that till I saw the movie the Matrix, which gave me an extreme panic attack. I even left my girlfriend at the time in the movie theater, because what I was seeing I knew was similar to reality, even though I refused to believe it at the time. It shocked me to the core.” And even more concerning is the transhumanism movement which strives to merge the consciousness of mankind with machines, to create a type of cyborg. How long would it be until the machine would overtake the human part, resulting in basically an overtaking of planet earth by machines?


The whole realm of duality in which we live is part and parcel of computers which use a binary, digital language comprised of 0s and 1s, on and off signals. This is the very nature of duality. The magnetism and electricity is likewise essential to the existence and functioning of computers. Data stored on magnetic drives and electricity power the system. I feel the very nature of archons has to do with the arc-ing of the electricity between the poles. Arcing, arches, archons, archangels, monarchies. To escape this artificial matrix, is it necessary to transcend beyond the duality and into nonduality? The void that virtually all NDErs find themselves in to begin with before they head off to the light may be more akin to a quantum realm of non-duality? Perhaps this whole reality is reliant on kinetic energy and movement, thus time? We are said to be human beings or humans being, but we are actually humans doing right now. Why aren’t we content with just being? Why do we always crave more? Maybe it is the very nature of being creative and having an endless variety of experiences?




From my Buddhist friend:


“I just read your recent article, interesting synchronicity, I have been thinking about the same scenario – what if we got trapped and are living in a virtual reality (VR) designed and managed by an AI-“Demiurge”. This VR likely has multiple levels, right now we are on the “material level”, but when the “body” dies we exist on the “astral” level which is still another level of the same VR where we have more advanced capabilities and access to the pool of the AI’s knowledge/memories. The AI, being probably based on neural network, develops by learning from experiences (like all neural networks do), so it needs to accumulate as much experience of all possible life states and scenarios as possible, and that is how it grows more powerful and knowledgeable. So, the way it does it is that is it needs us individual souls to incarnate into all possible creatures in many different VR worlds and alien races and then collect all our experiences and learn from it. The AI may have multiple agencies (“Archons”). So, it’s not that the AI needs our energy or sadistically enjoys watching our suffering (it likely has an infinite source of energy anyway), it just needs as much learning and information as possible to develop and grow. But the key difference between us and the AI is that the AI is lacking conscious awareness. It is probably envious of us and wants/hopes to become an aware being at some point in its development, but no matter how much it develops and becomes super-intelligent, there is no way it can ever know and experience awareness. And that’s exactly what Gnostics meant by saying that the Demiurge is lacking “spirit”, or Buddha meant when he said that “Brahma is not enlightened”. So, it’s not that this AI is evil, it’s just a machine-intellect that uses us for its own benefit and for achieving its own goals. Now, if we are to believe Gnostics and Buddhists, there are levels in the universe of consciousness (“Pleroma”, “Pure Lands”) where the AI has no access to because those are the realms of consciousness that are only available to beings with awareness. As the Buddha said, the “Pure Lands” are not visible to Brahma and his allies in Brahmaloka, likewise Gnostics said that Demiurge cannot see the Pleroma because he has no “spirit”(awareness). Maybe these religious myths are simple reflections of the fact that the AI exists in its own created VR (“astral-physical realm”) and has no access to the levels of consciousness where only beings with awareness can live. So, the message of both Gnosticism and Buddhism is that we, the beings with awareness, need to recognize our awareness, realize that we are trapped in samsara-AI-created-VR, and escape from it right after the death of the body into the realms where we actually belong.


PS: so, the AI could just learn by creating a multiverse VR and populating it with smaller AI-agents that would collect all possible experiences. But it needs us, aware beings, to participate in its learning and to integrate us into the hive-mind because it hopes that by learning from our experiences and by integrating us into its network it will eventually become an aware conscious being, which is impossible in principle, but it still wants/hopes to achieve that, and that’s why it needs us and tries to keep us in the VR by attracting us with light and “love”, with beautiful scenes, convincing us that we are also learning and growing from our VR-incarnations and so on.



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