It Can’t Happen Here

by Nowick Gray


It Can’t Happen Here is a 1935 dystopian political novel by American author Sinclair Lewis. It describes the rise of a US dictator similar to how Adolf Hitler gained power.” —Wikipedia

The Modern Myth

We in the “civilized, modern” world hold bemused judgement of more “primitive” and even our own ancient Classical societies for their naïve belief in myths. Yet today our official society, at least, is bounded by walls of thought and discourse, its foundations of belief and behavior dependent upon “new, improved!” mythologies. The dominant one in our time—dominant to the point of a sudden totalitarian global world order—is the Myth of Covid.

The entire mythos is a fabric of lies, tissue thin yet of infinite stretchability to cover all sub-societies, all nations, colors and creeds. All, that is, but the few dissenters (Burundi, Tanzania, Haiti) whose leaders are promptly replaced before the infection of their dissension spreads. The tissue of lies remains intact because all the institutions of society are already aligned to echo the dominant worldview and vision.

At birth, most enter this world through the medical institution. Boys are sliced and all are jabbed, then parked in front of boob-tubes (the nickname no coincidence), and shipped off to student factories. The media, the sciences, the government, the military all reinforce a narrow paradigm tailored to their own perpetual rule. Even the arts, to the extent they are sponsored and subsidized, censored or coopted for other institutional interests, fall prey to the bounded mythos of the society.

Of course, since myths embody archetypes, there is room for dissent in the bigger picture. It’s just that these contrarian views are consigned to the margins, or outside the bounds of permissible expression. Its adherents are branded as dangerous misfits, mocked as loonies, or targeted as evil threats to the established order.

In this historic light, it should be no surprise how the dictatorship of the majority in the Covid Myth is playing out. As usual, the sanctified majority is itself a creation of the myth-making machine of the self-appointed gods of the WHO and WEF. Today the only thing separating us from the Inquisition or the Witch Hunt is the global scope of the current scorched-earth zeitgeist.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has cast down the gauntlet to those crying “Tyranny!” by calling an election, to prove whether his presumed majority is real or fake. But then, following last year’s debacle south of the border, the purported outcome may be no proof at all, just more myth.


The Election Myth

“We are at the end of a five-thousand-year-plus historical process during which human society grew in scale while it abandoned the early indigenous wisdom councils and communal decision-making. Power was centralized in the hands of increasingly specialized ‘elites’ and experts’ who not only failed to achieve all they promised but used secrecy and the control of information to deceive the public into allowing them to retain power over community resources that they ultimately looted.” —Robert David Steele (died 30 August 2021)

Democratic elections, like science, have lost their luster as credible institutions, and fallen in status to tools and weapons in a rigged game. Manipulated at every level—from candidate selection, financing, polling, debate management, and vote counting—results invariably trend toward a real dictatorship of a fake majority.

The virtual majority is guaranteed underneath the election cycle by a toxic formula of lifelong indoctrination by schools and media. Back in the day, it was referred to as “The Silent Majority.” More recently, any populist opposition has been described as “Deplorable,” and lately the threat level has been escalated to the status of “Domestic Terrorist.”

When the Big Lie is promulgated and swallowed whole by the masses, the Dictatorship of the Majority has been installed. Hitler and his chief propagandist Joseph Goebbels mastered it; and the boy king George Bush, triumphant after the false-flag success of 9/11, nailed its motto: “You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists.”

Corruption and Politicization

Corruption in government, once hidden in corporate lobbying and backroom deals, is exposed to view when partisan policy overrules science. We see examples currently in both Canada and the US. South of the border, top FDA execs have quit under political pressure overriding scientific concerns over vaccine safety. Vice President Kamala Harris, when Trump was still in charge, boasted she wouldn’t take his vaccine, but now her government mandates it. Likewise in BC, Premier John Horgan has ignored the recommendations of the panel he commissioned regarding protection of Old Growth forests. Science has become nothing but a fake credential to stamp on a predetermined policy.

“Two senior FDA officials who have overseen decades of mass vaccinations have now finally reached the end of their tolerance for crimes against humanity. They resigned earlier this week, citing the astonishing fact that the White House, CDC and UN have conspired to lock the FDA out of vaccine approval decisions, bypassing FDA regulatory authority and pushing vaccines for political reasons that have no scientific basis. —Mike Adams

see also: The FDA’s Credibility Problem, by former Assistant FDA Commissioner Emily Miller,

and Scandal Behind the FDA “Fake Approval” of Pfizer Jab.

Groupthink and the Times Colonist

Last week I attended the largest “Freedom Rally” to date in BC’s capital city, Victoria. Previous rallies were small by world standards, and it seemed the citizens of La-La Land were just too comfortable, too privileged, too woke, too aged, too… well, Victorian, to be expected to challenge their own blessed boss nanny, Chief Health Officer Bonnie Henry, despite her dictatorial orders shuttering small business, choking off culture, masking children and making Victoria itself a lifeless shell of its former self. Then came the looming promise of vaccine (sic) passports.

The rally was energized and positive, loud but polite, affirmative and supportive of unity. A long line of speakers at the open mic expressed solidarity with health care workers and other employees threatened with job loss; advocated “My Body, My Choice” for everyone; invoked the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Nuremberg Code forbidding medical experimentation without informed consent. Police presence was inconspicuous and respectful. Traffic on the adjoining streets was full of appreciative honking.

Two days later, the city’s mainline rag, the Times Colonist, ran a defamatory hit piece worthy of the Third Reich. An entire page was devoted to demonizing and dehumanizing the protesters. Leading the charge was TC editor and publisher Dave Obee, whose editorial piece, “Let’s support health-care workers, not the mob,” filled the top third of the page. In the middle, a cartoon depicted a clutch of uglified misfits overseen by two indignant hospital workers. Bringing up the rear was a unanimous chorus of eight letter-writers not chosen to fairly represent the constituency or readership, but only to echo the one-sided diatribe of the headline screed, premised on the falsehood that the “protests… were aimed at health-care workers across the province.”

Fact-check: The protests were organized by health care workers themselves (Canadian Frontline Nurses), threatened with an end to jobs and careers if they refused the mandated jab. The crowds came to support those essential workers in their duty to save lives. No matter. To the cheerleaders of government by decree, it’s not facts that count, but only slogans to whip up further fear, obedience, and repression.


Here are a few more morsels from Obee’s bitter feast of abuse:

“We need to drown out the ignorant mob of those opposed to public health measures…. the voices of those who are, through ignorance or anger, hurting the entire community…. Those who claim to be fighting for freedom are trying to take it from us…. Thuggish… braying fools… stupid… quack theories… uglier and more aggressive… bullies.”

More Orwell-speak on display, when those forcing mandates are deemed heroes, and those championing freedom are labeled bullies.

Finally, a telling opinion surfaced that represents a deeper phenomenon eating away at the very foundations of the Times Colonist’s perception as a thought leader:

“Our photographer… was called an ‘enemy of the people’ when he tried to cover an anti-everything protest.”

“Enemy of the People”

Nowadays, for all its faults, the internet and social media have enabled the masses to wake up to the scam, to the point where a healthy majority of US voters agree the media is “truly the enemy of the people.”

“To be precise, Rasmussen found that 58% of likely U.S. voters at least somewhat agree with the statement that the media are ‘truly the enemy of the people,’ including 34% who ‘strongly agree.’ Thirty-six percent don’t agree, including 23% who ‘strongly disagree.’ Fully 76 percent of Republicans and 61 percent of independents agreed.” —Newsbusters

Horse-Paste Hooey or ShadowVax: The Sellout of Rolling Stone

Exhibit A in the sellout of a once progressive and independent media is Rolling Stone. With its iconic masthead recalling the revolutionary 1960s, the magazine now shills for the establishment with transparently fake news, notably a shoddy hit piece on the effective and therefore outlawed Covid treatment ivermectin. The same story was run on multiple mainstream media outlets, often verbatim, without an ounce of fact checking. In effect, we can say that Rolling Stone was a superspreader of fake news about ivermectin.

This story is key because ivermectin, as a real prevention and cure, is consigned to the shadows of the fake prevention and cure, the misnamed vax. But as any Jungian analyst will tell you, the shadow cannot stay buried forever. It will rise again.

“Malcom X once called the media ‘the most powerful entity on the earth.’ They have, he said, “the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of masses”. Today, that power is now infused with the power of the world’s biggest tech and social media companies. Together social and traditional media have the power to make a medicine that has saved possibly millions of lives during the current pandemic disappear from the conversation. When it is covered, it’s almost always in a negative light. Some media organizations, including the NY Times, have even prefaced mention of the word ‘ivermectin’—a medicine that has done so much good over its 40-year lifespan that its creators were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2015 — with the word ‘controversial.’


“Ignored by British leaders and media, Lawrie convened the day-long streaming BIRD conference—British Ivermectin Recommendation Development—with more than sixty researchers and doctors from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Belgium, Argentina, South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria, Australia, and Japan. They evaluated the drug using the full ‘evidence-to-decision framework’ that is ‘the gold standard tool for developing clinical practice guidelines’ used by the WHO, and reached the conclusion that Ivermectin should blanket the world.”


“I Don’t Know of a Bigger Story in the World” Right Now Than Ivermectin: NY Times Best-Selling Author (Posted on May 25, 2021 by Nick Corbishley)

Social Media Echo Chambers

Canadian Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the CBC, and to the corporations for which it stands, one world order under Covid, invisible and invincible, with liberty and justice denied all.

For many on both sides of the Covid issue, our beliefs and positions are unchanged over the last year and a half. Experienced skeptics suspected fraud from the outset, reconfirmed with every forewarned edict dismissed as “conspiracy theory.” Every facet of the operative myth has been disproven by reputable independent study, shedding light on the lab leak, ivermectin, PCR fraud, asymptomatic spread, effect of lockdowns, toxicity of masks, psychological harm to children, rising suicides, “overwhelmed hospitals,” “flatten the curve,” “safe and effective.”

Some know instinctively—like the indigenous guys renting my house in 2001, on hearing the news about 9/11. They knew. It didn’t take them researching later testimony of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. They knew from their own experience the motives of government, a soulless creature who speaks with an infamous forked tongue.

On the ruling side, some retreat inside a cauldron of anger, fueled by the flame of myth. Once the story is set, the facts are settled, and that’s that. The slogan is the truth and the whole truth, and to disagree is to be a “truth-denier.” When the medium itself, like Twitter or Facebook, selectively stifles dissent and only allows for traded memes or the canned speeches of videogame avatars, there is no context, no human face, no heartfelt resonance, no care.

Debates continue to rage by virtue-seeking chatsters engaging in endless battles of online covid chess. On one side, even those proclaiming their open-mindedness continue to cite only “trusted” sources: CBC, BBC, WaPo, NYT, AP, Reuters. Skeptics embrace the denigrated platforms of Bitchute, Rumble, Telegram, Gab. It boils down to the archetypal choice of uniformity or diversity of information. Supporting an oligarchic agenda, or favouring independent expert commentary and science.

The medium is the message. A policy of discrimination (vax pass) is embodied also in the unfair media landscape itself. The same paradigm applies: top down hierarchy, class division. Winner takes all. In or out. Pure versus Unclean. Blue checked versus Censored. Allowed to travel and shop, versus barred from entry. Content disseminated worldwide, versus deplatformed and criminalized.

“The journalist does the math: if he or she opposes the official version, their stories will go straight on the spike and their jobs will quickly follow.” —Philip Kraske, Why Do Journalists Hate 9-11 Truthers?

In such a one-sided politicized landscape, we are back to White versus Black (or substitute Jewish, BIPOC, or political target of your choice). The evil strategy is clear: Milk the majority of their virtue-juice by demonizing a minority.

In short, as the architects of the Covid Myth foretold, “amp the media hype,” branding any contrary views as “Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy.” Watch the presstitutes in action:

Further reading: Quarantine Reading List

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