It’s time for serious Truth reconciliation


by Michel A. De Visser


Our inherent natural “Will” has always been to act with Loving intent.


We the “Spiritual Beings” of this planet are the stewards of Gaia/ Mother Earth.


The New World Order (NWO) globalist occult do not own the people or this planet, and cannot dictate which path our civilization shall take.


We “Spiritual Beings” are under attack by the globalist occult  and their world puppet governments.


The destiny of our civilization is in immense danger of mass depopulation, AI enslavement, and trans-humanism. If we the masses allow the NWO to continue implementing their agenda 2020 & 2030, it will bring on the extinction of the human race as we know it.


We must break free of the lies and deception of corporate media, to comprehend and understand the real Truth. It is our inherit duty! But our programmed false pride, ego and divisions, have failed that sacred charge and have fallen to disgrace and docility. Our pre-judgement and arrogance, to fellow “Beings” must become a thing of the past.  We must stand bound to a believe in the collective power of unity. Only then can we “Beings forge a great and mighty new civilization. The clock is ticking, We must all unit and Act “Now”


Civilization is at a critical juncture or fork. Their are but two paths, (NOW) or Natural Sovereignty. Choose your destiny with vigilance, for the path you choose today will determine civilizations destiny tomorrow, be it Good or Evil, it will be irreversible.


Fellow “Beings” hear me loud and clear for their is very little time left. We must all stand united, bound to a believe of unity, freedom, and loving intent. We shall learn to place faith and trust in each other, not our puppet governments. We shall reject our pre-programmed divisions and forge a new peaceful society/ civilization based on the Law of The Land, Natural Law and personal sovereignty. A world ruled by Altruistic Loving Intentions is our only salvation and only True Path to True Freedom.


Let our last stand burn a memory so bright that it will know throughout eternity.


From the beginning of time the primary problem has always been an occult quest for world power, dominance, and control. Today its headed up by the NWO agenda, and WEF. Eugenicist like Klause Schwab, Bill Gates, and Tony Fauci are pushing this agenda. This deceptive agenda is funded by the likes of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Monsantos, Soros, Bilderbergs, the British Monarchy, and other elitist billionaires, who all march in lockstep to the Vatican. Yes the Vatican with its inverted religion wants total world control and want to kill 95% or seven billion innocent men women and children. Depopulation has begun with sterilization/ killer RNA injections, and it will Not stop.

We don’t know what we don’t know!


“What defines a cult leader “NWO”; A specific scripted vocabulary which isolates the target audience from true reality. “Religion” The Vatican is actually a Satanic worshipper of (The Black Sun) Saturn.


The primary steps utilized by the occult NWO to end democracy, is false propaganda, controlled media with inverted truth, and  mass truth censorship, aimed at altering ones perception of true reality. Here is a quote to ponder; from William Casey, a CIA director at the first staff meeting in 1981.


Quote: We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believe is false! Think about that! 


Mind control techniques are utilized as ideal weapons to control the masses through fear, deception and false propaganda. It is utilized as a weapon to alter peoples views and perceptions in order to steer and mold societies to their specific agenda’s. Mind control really took hold in the 1870’s. So today’s globalist oculists have had over 150 years, coupled with recent advanced AI technologies to perfect and fine tune this weapon of mass hypnosis and mind control. They are Mind Fucking the masses into submission through deception and inverted truth. Why do you think there is such massive attempts to censor any/ all information which does not agree with the dictated scripture of the NWO’s agenda.


The NWO via our puppet Governments are presently testing the defense systems of our free democracy, and if we the citizens do not respond proportionately to this type of government aggression, government tyranny will be increased and enforced rapidly, (within the next few years), until individual freedom becomes extinct. Take for example the latest Canadian government puppets invoking of the Emergency Act against “Peaceful” trucker protests. That act was a declaration of war against its citizens, to enforce centralized power of the NWO and continue the depopulation agenda.  When a “Natural Persons” inalienable rights and freedoms are attacked it becomes each and every “Beings” inherent duty to stand up, defend and protect it for future generations.


Media dictatorship, truth censorship, and induced Fear are acts of government tyranny.


Fear controls you, Fear clouds your mind, Fear clouds your judgement, Fear makes you react impulsively without critical thought. It paralyses your capability to critically think. If anyone wants control over you, they will induce Fear!  For example; the Fear of contracting a common cold, which has been with humanity since the beginning of time. But change the name to Covid, start the fear propaganda and the masses panic, and line up to accept an untested, experimental, DNA altering injection, which has already proven to have killed millions world wide, while maiming and sterilized billions more.  We will witness mass deaths over the next 3 -5 years from the injections. This is Fear induced voluntary suicide, depopulation complacency.


The engineering of consent; people are controlled by four basic emotional motivations. 1. Self preservation, 2. Aggression, 3. Security, 4. Sex. By appealing to any one of these four emotional motivations, it is possible to manipulate whole populations into doing almost anything. Appeal to the peoples emotional motivations and invoke their Fears. The governments puppets manufacture and promote Fear into the minds of everyday people, forcing them to submit to unlawful evil acts, while accomplishing their agenda.


The Psychology of Public Relations; Occult governments understand the mechanisms and emotional motivations of the collective group mind. This makes it possible to control and regiment the masses according to their “Will” without our knowing. Think about that!


In the last three years, citizens of the western world have been subjected to Military Grade Psychological operations.  The battle ground of the 21st century is to control our emotions, brain and thoughts. This is why puppet governments, dictate world media scrip, and take tyrannic measures to censor, eliminate any/ all free speech concerning truth, while promoting and rewarding those who speak with fork tongue’s. They must control the public’s emotions and minds in order to subdue the masses into tyrannic conformity. 


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943)

We live in a vibrational cosmos. Light, sound, colour, matter, everything is connected through vibration, frequency and energy. Your emotions create vibrations which activate your mind accordingly. So the game is about how you feel emotionally and the vibrations you produce. Fear makes you act impulsively without critic thought. Be constantly aware of your emotions at all times. “Understand It”  Is it a good feeling or bad feeling, learn to control your emotions and reactions. You are the only one in charge of your mind, you can choose happiness or sadness, love or hate, fear or fearlessness.  Its all simply a matter of choice, you control your emotions, your mind and your vibrational level. The better you feel the higher your energy and power. Within every second of time, you have the power to decide how you want to feel about any given situation. If you are not in control, you have given your power away to Fear and someone else is controlling you.


You may not control the external factors, but you do control the way you feel and react to them. You control your emotions, your vibrational energy level. If it feels good, its positive high frequency energy, if it feels bad, its negative low frequency energy. Love energy is the most powerful force in the cosmos; Remember this!


How you feel emotionally is the vibration you manifest and consequently what the collective population manifests. In today’s world we are purposely bombarded and consumed with “Fear” a negative low frequency energy. Fear is specifically designed and implemented by those in control to steer the masses.  So regardless of what we perceive in the external physical world, it is of upmost importance that we build and maintain a high frequency. Which can only be achieved through loving altruistic intentions, and actions.


Collective love energy is the key and our greatest weapon to combat NWO tyranny.


Our Canadian Truckers convoy for freedom was an excellent display of collective altruistic love energy at work. This love energy rippled across or planet and created massive protests world wide, like the Dutch farmers who united and stood up against the tyrannic new laws to destroy their agricultural livelihood. Love energy is the most power force in existence. Never waver in the believe of this collective power.


Each and every “Being” on this planet must make a choice “Today” Not tomorrow, but “Today


We spiritual “Beings”, from this day forth must declare our Natural Sovereignty and institute the Law of the Land/ Natural Law, as our only source of governance. We must recognize and declare all government institutes, banking institutes, and justice systems as illegitimate, corrupt, fraudulent, criminal organizations. 


We must turn our backs to all these NWO controlled criminal organizations, and conduct all our affairs under our God given inalienable rights, as Natural Sovereign “Beings” governed by the Loving Altruistic intent of Natural Law. Refuse obedience and compliance to the tyrannic, unlawfulness of these all criminal organizations  (Puppet world governments and NWO occultist)


We must simply stop protesting and Stop asking for permission to say NO !


For decades we have held many mass protest world wide for many valid reasons, and by now we must recognize that massive protest have little to no effect. Rather we are violently attacked, punished, censored and silenced. Rarely do protest change the corruption and profiteering of corporate  controlled governments.


We must make a person choice to become free, regardless of their Fear tactics.


The only peaceful solution at this point is to turn our backs on the entire system. 


Stop protesting! Stop complying to this entire unlawful, occult controlled governmental system because it does Not apply to “Natural Persons”. A Natural Person stands separate and above Maritime Admiralty Law. It does not apply to a Natural Person. We are all born with God given inalienable rights, which can not be over ruled by any man made laws without the masses consent. 


The only peaceful solution I perceive;  is that we the people must Stop interacting with the entire system regardless of any inconvenience we may incur.  Most do not comprehend, that the manner in which AI technology is being applied. It is the implementation of centralized control and enslavement of humanity.


Everyone’s movement, be it walking or traveling is tracked and traced. Every word spoken or typed is tracked and traced. There are camera’s monitoring you every where, including your home security systems. Facial recognition and walking postures are logged, your retinals are scanned, voice recognition is logged, finger prints are taken, DNA is swabbed. Your health records and injections are all tracked and traced.  What you purchase is tracked and traced. To get vehicle insurance they ask you to declare up to ten people that reside in your home??


The next step is to force a digital cash system upon humanity, and the final step is to combine all the above into one identification implant. At which time the government obtains 100% control over every living “Being” Humanity is being coursed into voluntarily enslaved within an AI prison. At this point Freedom becomes extinct. Death will be the only means of escape.


Smart electronics, cell phones and computers are all stealth weapons being deployed against humanity. Promoted as convenience and coolness, our materialistic ego’s can’t resist. How dumbed down and blind, we the masses have become. Can you not see the ramifications of your blind complicity.


What would happen if the masses all Stopped shopping for unnecessary items. If the masses stopped paying our utility bills, Stopped paying taxes, Stopped paying insurance, Stopped paying for cable TV, internet and cell phones. Stopped paying for fines, fee’s, permits, etc., If we the masses all Stopped utilizing cell phones, credit cards, loyalty cards, banks cards etc. If we the masses all withdrew our money from the banks and utilized cash and/ or barter for every day needs.  We would certainly have their undivided  attention . We could accomplished a peaceful solution through non compliance of the entire system. If we the masses all simply declared ourselves a “Natural Person” adhering to “Law of the Land” and Stop utilizing the system, I am certain the entire system would implode almost immediately.


Are you aware of Bank Buy In legislation; where banks can legally close their doors and confiscate all personal deposits and safety deposits.   Don’t say No “DO NO” step out of their matrix !


“It is not who controls the state. It’s how much power we the people allow the state to have. It’s that simple.


Self Determination and Preservation


-Their is No Law vested in police giving them unfettered right to stop or detain a person and seek identification details.


-Police officers have no power whatsoever to arrest or detain a citizen person for the purpose of questioning him/ her to facilitate their investigation.


-Ancient principal of the Common Law is that you don’t have to stop and speak to police or answer their questions. Their is No legislation that alters that right. Their is no Statue the removes that right.


-A person can only be placed under arrest if the person has committed a crime or is reasonably suspected of committing a crime.


-For their to be a crime, there has to be a victim party or violation of contract.


-If a person has not committed a crime, injured anyone or violated a contract, the person should be free to go about their business without any form of harassment by police.


Drivers license & insurance;


-Their is no Law or Statue that requires a Private Motor Powered Conveyance to be registered, or any other Law or Statue that requires a Natural Man to possess a drivers license or insurance for private purpose.


-Living Natural Man; is free to travel without a drivers license.


-Drivers license is for “Driving”; which is a commercial activity, and the use of a car purchased with lawful money, which is not for profit, is not commercial activity, and thus does not require any license.


-Natural Man has a Right to “Travel” unencumbered.


-If you’re stooped, ask; Whats your emergency and how can I assist you.


-Do not give name, ask for an RAF


-RAF; reasonable, articulate, suspicion that I committed a crime.


-SAF; single articulate fact.


– No reason to pull you over if they have not seen a crime committed.


-No drivers license or registration required to “Travel” on public highways.


-A registration and license plate means you are engaged in commerce (getting paid for a service). If I am not engaged in commerce, I don’t need drivers license or registration or plate.


-Cops; use of emergency lights when there is no emergency is a felony


-Cop’s; need reasonable suspicion you are engaged in commerce to pull you over, or have an RAF/SAF


Natural Sovereign Man


In regards to a violation ticket or summons, I conditional accept those documents on the condition that you provide me with the following;


-Proof of claim that I am the dead corporation called (Birth Certificate name in Cap’s) and that I am not the Live Natural Man god created whom identified their-self  to you as my given first name, and lastly my family name, ( in lower case) whom under the Law is recognized as a Natural Person.


-Proof of claim that I have a legally binding contract with the Crown to be a Driver under the Traffic Safety Act and that I am the legal representative of the Driver. Provide evidence of this contract. 



-Prove of claim that a Natural Person/ Human Being does not have the right to use public roads for free or unmolested by individuals acting as police officers.


-Prove of claim that a “Natural Person” (s) / individual must (imperative) apply for a drivers license in the Common Law Jurisdiction of the Province in order to use public roads in the pursuit of a trade or occupation or to exercise the right to “Travel” as identified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


-Prove of claim that a “Natural Person” (s) individual no longer has free will or the right to consideration (Quid Pro Quo) and acceptance (consensus Facil Legem) and that we must contract with the Crown and/ or other third parties, agents, employee’s or contractors in regards to obtaining the privilege to us public roads.


-Please provide me with the  source of definitions of all the words that do not carry their ordinary and everyday meanings that most English speaking humans understand so as to ensure we are talking the same language when discussing whether or not I have an obligation to you or the Crown in regards to a ticket or summons. (Law dictionaries have total different meanings of words, its like a different language)


-please provide proof of claim that I am a “Person”/ “Artificial Person” and not a “Natural Person” as defined in the Canadian Law Dictionary. (5th Addition) 


-Please provide proof of claim that you are acting in Common Law Jurisdiction and that you or any agents or employee’s of a province and/ or city, or under her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II have a Common Law claim against us.


-Please provide proof of claim that I am a member of the society whose Statues and subsisting regulations you are enforcing.


-Please provide proof of claim that you have the right to stop and harries an individual whom you did not observe breaching the peace and that you have a right to infringe on my rights not withstanding the Canadian Bill of Rights or the Provincial Bill of Rights.


If the Courts of Common Law do not uphold the rights of individuals by granting effective remedies, they invite anarchy, for nothing breeds social discord as quickly as the sense of injustice and loss of government trust !


Birth Certificate vs Statement of Birth


This is how the governments entrap Natural Person’s into their Admiralty Law system.


When you are born the doctors/ midwife will fill out a “Statement of Birth” recording the birth details of a “Natural Person”. They will provide the date, time, location, sex and parents name in lower case, for the records. This “Statement of Birth” is then forwarded to the government. Up until this point you are a “Natural Person” with inalienable God given Rights governed by Natural Law.


The government then transforms your “Statement of Birth” without your prior knowledge, consent or contract into a government issued Corporate Certificate or Bond, which they conveniently referred to as a (Birth Certificate). Your original name in “Capital letters” and corporate number, is the newly formed corporation (certificate of incorporation). The date if issue, is when this corporation (Birth Certificate) came into effect. This “Birth Certificate” is now bound to Admiralty Law. You have been decieved into believing you are this fictional, fraudulent, corporate identity, under the jurisdiction of Admiralty Law (Commerce & Contract Law)  Admiralty Law has no jurisdiction over a Natural Person, this is how/why they entrap you.


When you represent yourself as being this fictional corporate body you unknowingly consent to their Laws.


You are in fact a victim of corruption! Enslaved under their system! A False reality!


The NWO agenda unfolding, the new green deal, a horrific inversion of reality.


It is an undeniable true that their exists a great conflict between the forces of Good & Evil for control of our Planet. I will only list the categories of primary concern. I will not elaborate because of the exhausting massive amount information readily available. Please conduct your own research to confirm the “True” harsh reality of the Evil our civilization is facing.


-Harpp; Frequency Manipulation. Weather manipulation and modification “Climate Engineering”


-Chemical spraying skies & Oceans, with Aluminium, Bromine etc. “Climate Engineering”


-Atmospheric Rivers of Rain, Atmospheric Snow Bombs. “Climate Engineering”


-Droughts, Forest Fires, Floods Hurricanes, Tornado’s,Earth Quakes. “Climate Engineering”


None of the above is “Natural Climate Change” The occult Globalist are Hydro Forming our planet, deliberately destroying world food supplies, and economies. Its the NWO engineered world collapse. Climate Engineering is a weapon! developed and implemented by The Military Industrial Complex. Its all patent technology/ proof. Cloud seeding weather modification began 70 years ago, Project Cirrus 1947. Imagine their secret technological capabilities of today. Still think its bullshit ?


-Modifying our food crops and our farm animals with GMO/RNA


-Poisoning municipal water supplies with the deadly chemical Fluoride


-RNA Injections, modifying Human DNA


– RNA injections to Genocide 7 billion people as per Agenda 2030


-Bio weapons labs and deadly gain of function viruses.


-Destruction of food processing facilities and logistics, invoking world food shortage and “starvation”


-Bill Gates purchased over 270,000 acres of prime farm land in USA, “Whats the Real Plan”


-Government Forced shut down of 3000 Dutch Farmers. 50% loss of world food supply.


-Depletion of oxygen from massive deforestation, trees absorb C02 and give off oxygen.


-Depletion of wildlife and extinction as a result of world wide deforestation, and Geo Engineering.


-Engineered financial collapse of world economies, fertilizer shortages.


-Extreme track and trace technology and digital currency.


-Forced world wide human migration, suffering and starvation from deliberate wars.


-Bill Gates 3D printed food and bug diets.


-Bill Gates release of RNA/DNA of mosquito’s.


-Bill Gates spraying and blocking the sun rays.


-Bill Gates sterilization injections and deaths jabs. 


-5G Frequency Towers/ Satellites, Developed and patient Military weapon.


-Cern Hydron collider?? Who knows the real truth behind this, Its Vatican controlled?


-NWO push for WW3, to attain World dominance and centralized control.


-Construction of massive underground survival bases, specifically for the world elitist, Not you!


What more evidence do the masses need to wittiness before you realize that the NWO agenda is not a conspiracy, and is not our best interest, its an inversion of reality!


Who gave these NWO occult parasites our permission/ consent to totally destroy our planets eco system., and to call/ murder 90% of world the population, while they remain exempt? 

Note; I am not a lawyer, nor am I providing legal advise, I am merely expressing my freedom of speech from many years of research conducted.  Your own discretion is advised! Please forward this info to everyone you know, and lets all fight back for our inalienable rights before its to late. Thank you.


If you liked this information be sure to obtain a copy of my book ;


The Real Armageddon (NOW vs Beings) Authored by Michel A. De Visser.


Available at all major book outlets including Amazon. You will find valuable info on controlling your mind and reclaiming your freedom. May the force be with you.




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