Jesus, Save Me From Your Followers!




By Bernhard Guenther


The rise of a dogmatic neo-Christian conservative/trad movement resembles, in some ways, the fundamentalist medieval Christian Church that resulted in the burning of so-called “witches” and the killing of millions of “sinners” who didn’t follow “the rules of God.”


It deems anything that is not “Christian” [in their own subjective and often literal [false] interpretation of the bible] as “demonic/satanic,” and anyone who doesn’t accept Jesus as “the savior” won’t go to “heaven” but “hell.”


The term “New Age” is now also being hijacked and completely over-generalized by this new wetiko-infused self-righteous breed of “reborn Christians.” All kinds of teachings and practices are now being lumped into “New Age” that are not New Age in the context of where this term originated from, to begin with.


Many of them have a missionary complex and troll people on social media with “Accept Jesus as your savior!” “Jesus is the only way!”, excessive bible thumping, or worse, they see themselves better as anyone who has not found/accepted Jesus or Christ.


The sense of superiority based on religious virtue signaling and taking the Bible as the foundation and sole lens to see through is a devilish trap [pun intended.] It’s how the occult hostile forces also hijack the religious impulse, having controlled organized religions for thousands of years via the occult game of stalking.


It has reached the point that even ancient concepts like reincarnation and the ancient practice of Yoga (which literally means union with the Divine), going back to the Vedas over 5000 years ago, are being called “New Age.”


On the other side of the coin, you have black-piled fringe conspiracy “truthers” claiming that reincarnation is a soul trap and part of the “matrix simulation.” I have addressed this disempowering victimizing idea here: “The Reincarnation Soul-Recycling Matrix Trap – Is Earth A Soul-Entrapment Prison?”


Is there a New Age deception? Yes, for sure. We talked about it here in a podcast 5 years ago: “The New Age Deception And Spiritual Bypassing,” and I’ve addressed it for the past 20 years in various articles and videos on my website.


Ironically, the “New Age Deception” now includes the rise of this new exoteric fundamentalist dogmatic Christianity, which also ties into the surge of “reborn Christians.” Furthermore, the even more profound ironic twist in it all is that the real “demonic forces” – the anti-divine hyperdimensional matrix forces – have infused the dogmatic Christian movement with the idea/belief that “yoga is demonic”.


Wetiko has taken them over, and like an occult egregore group thought entity, they all mechanically repeat the same script. [An egregore is a non-physical entity or thoughtform that arises from the collective thoughts and emotions of a distinct group of individuals.]


Wetiko and irony in action: The dogmatic neo-Christian movement got hijacked by the adverse [demonic] forces they claim are behind Yoga.


I was raised a Christian, and I’ve read the Bible multiple times, been baptized, and studied and practiced esoteric Christianity. However, I never cared for the Church or religion, nor did I ever feel the need to create an identity around it and call myself a “Christian.”


This inner esoteric practice of embodying “Christ consciousness” involves connecting to the heart and bringing forth the true “I” [true Self/soul Being]. It has nothing to do with “accepting Jesus as your savior” [nor do you need to.]


In its essence, it is similar to Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of Works, and the Yoga of Knowledge, which I also practice, particularly the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, which integrates all the ways in the context of the Yoga of Divine Works.


The sacred heart of Christ is about embodying LOVE as a higher state of consciousness, acting from that inner alignment, and ultimately spiritualizing life and body.


Yoga, in this context, has nothing at all to do with asana yoga poses, which many Christians call “satanic” and “no Christian is allowed to practice it,” according to many of them. Nor does chanting yogic mantras “invoke demons.” That’s just silly and ignorant to claim. Yoga is a state of life and being, or as Sri Aurobindo said, “All Life is Yoga.” To make your life and anything you do as an offering to the Divine/God.


Recently, I’ve been reading and studying the Bhagavad Gita, the story of Krishna and Arjuna on the battlefield. It’s a profound scripture that is over 3000 years old, way before Christianity and Jesus emerged. Yet, the similarities between Krishna and Jesus are profound. What a “coincidence.”


They are ALL different aspects of the One God, the Divine in All, not some guy in the sky.


However, just reading and quoting any scripture does not result in opening the heart, embodying Christ, embodying the soul, or bringing forth the true Self as an expression of the Divine. It requires inner work, deep sincerity, and an aspiration to the Divine beyond the mind’s idea of “God.”


That’s why all these “theological debates” about God and scripture only appeal to the intellectual ego and don’t say anything about how “awake” someone is in terms of their level of Being [soul embodiment].


All the spiritual inner work based on Yoga and Esoteric Christianity combined with somatic, psychological work, shadow, and trauma work has opened my heart and connected “me” to the Divine (or call it Christ) over the years in profound ways beyond words to describe.


I don’t have a use for labels and identifications anymore, for none of that is my true Self.


And there is still a long way to go and more work to do…for I certainly wouldn’t claim to be fully “awake” [in the true meaning of the word]…and anyone who needs to proclaim that is certainly not awake, but the ego has hijacked the process. It’s an aspect of spiritual bypassing.


I know a few real Christians who completely embody Christ consciousness and live truly from the heart [which is a higher state of being and not just emotional “kindness” or “niceness”].


They have given their lives to Jesus, but they embody and understand the esoteric significance and symbolism of “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” without personifying Jesus or taking it literally.


Yet, interestingly, you won’t see them on social media virtue-signaling their beliefs with bible quotes. You won’t find them trolling people’s posts to “accept Jesus.”


You won’t see them calling Yoga, tarot, shamanism, or astrology “demonic.” You won’t see them with car stickers about Jesus, nor will you see them posting or proclaiming that “Christ is King!.”


You won’t even see them in any churches. Many of them don’t even feel the need to wear or have crosses in their homes. They can access and embody Christ without any symbolism or ritual.


In fact, many of them also practice yoga to strengthen their connection to Christ. In a sense, Jesus was a master yogi to begin with.


Those “true” Christians see Christ in all His aspects just as the Yogis see the Divine in all His aspects – even through all the distortions and outer appearances most people are distracted by.


But this true [inner] Yogic/Christian vision is not a physical vision. You can’t find it in any book; your mind won’t get it, and it’s also not a feeling. It’s a state of Being, inner knowing, and inner vision that transcends what you “think” Jesus, Christ, Krishna, Buddha, or any avatar is about.


It is Direct Experience.


This experience can also not be induced via psychedelics or “medicine plants,” which are poor imitations [and often dangerous distractions] of the real thing.


Once you have the true direct inner experience of Christ/the Divine within and without – and not an intellectual, mental, or emotional experience, which most people mistake for “spiritual” experiences – you won’t feel the need to convert others to “your” path, let alone shame them, denigrate other spiritual traditions, or overgeneralize everything you don’t like or “approve of” as “New Age.”


You won’t even feel the need to identify with a spiritual/religious label, Faith, teaching, or book, nor do you feel the need to tell others to “accept Jesus” or proclaim that “Jesus is the only way.”


You will have found the Kingdom of God and true Love, which is within you and visible everywhere as a reflection. As within, so without. Then you will be truly “reborn”—the second birth.


The underlying drive of dogmatic fundamentalist Christians, bible-thumping, and religious virtue signaling is driven by unconscious, internalized, toxic shame. It has its roots in the distorted Christian religious idea that one is “born in sin” and that the self is inherently bad, wrong, and flawed.


Most Christians also don’t seem to differentiate between the ego-self of the personality and the “capital S” Self of the Divine nature, the real “I”, the soul being or “higher Self,” i.e., the Kingdom/Divine within.


People driven by unconscious toxic shame usually tend to be very self-righteous and shame others. They latch onto religious fervor as a form of spiritual bypassing their pain. This ties into shadow projection (Carl Jung). In order not to feel the terror of internalized shame, they project their own unconscious self-hatred onto others.


It’s an unconscious psychological defense mechanism that is then augmented by demonic occult forces feeding through them.


“Many of us live in toxic shame-based cultures. Shame comes from both sides of the political spectrum. The left is a more toxic feminine archetypal energy, which shames, and the right is a toxic masculine archetypal energy which shames. They both have their own type of virtue signaling and unique ways of shaming one another.

The left does it mainly through various social justice trends, and the right mainly does it through religion. This dynamic is terrible for the general state of human relationships.

When we don’t acknowledge our shame, it becomes unconscious and, therefore, causes us to project that shame upon others unknowingly. Shame, according to David Hawkins’s maps of consciousness, is the lowest state of consciousness, just above death.”

– Laura Matsue



In a recent podcast episode, Laura and I discuss the recent trend of people who were engaged in New Age practices and beliefs converting to “re-born” Christians. We talk about the beliefs this new Christian movement sees as “demonic” and “satanic” [such as yoga & meditation] in their distorted understanding of the “New Age” and “the Occult.”


We discuss the danger of this new dogmatic Neo-Christian revival, how it ties into the concept of “the second Religiosity,” projective Identification as a trauma response, and more.


Listen here: “The New Age To Dogmatic Christian Pipeline.”


This topic also relates to the article: “A New World Wants To Be Born – The End Of The Age of Religions.”


“When the time comes that man no longer wishes to remain a child but wants to grow up and become an adult, then he must understand and neither deceive himself nor others.

Then he will see that God is to be found not in any particular form but in all forms, not in any particular place, but everywhere, not through any single vehicle, faith, cult, religion, building, or man, but in the Infinite.

You will never find God anywhere else but in those conditions; the rest is merely your idea of God, your mental picture. These are purely intellectual things, they are not God or Reality.

So if man wishes to awaken, if he wants to understand himself, he must face the fact that the real avenue to contact with God is not outside himself but within, directly inside. He must find his own way to God through and within himself.

That is, if he seeks God there is no other way, but if he is looking for ideas, concepts, or mental images, then he can take what orthodox religions and cults offer him.

And because most people have been content to let others do their thinking and their questing for them, they have been satisfied with those conditions.”

– Paul Brunton, The Inner Reality