Journey to Impeccability






“Free from ideologies and pseudo-goals, humans have only function as their guiding force. Shamans called this impeccability. For them, to be impeccable means to do ones utmost best, and a bit more.” — Carlos Castaneda


Carlos Castaneda often used old and obscure words when conveying shamanic concepts. That is because much of our language is routine, in which we automatically attach meaning to words, drawn from our personal history. By using these lesser-known terms, he could communicate these new cognitions without the inherent baggage of common language. One such word is “impeccability”.


Human beings have been programed since birth to travel a certain path… one that has led us to our current state of being. Each un-impeccable act we take, gives us the illusion that we are progressing. However, in actuality, such acts stack upon themselves… further cementing what we perceive into a known, the basis of our twisted human form.


Impeccability is a journey. It is a life path. It is a state of being that connects us with the infinite; allowing us to be guided by our link to intent, rather than our personal history and social milieu.


“This is the reason why I have insisted from the day I found you that impeccability is all that counts. A warrior lives an impeccable life, and that seems to beckon the solution. Why? No one knows” — Don Juan Matus



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