Love: The Ultimate Weapon



by Franklin O’Kanu 



Earlier this week, Dr. Robert Malone released a short substack piece on his observations in California. “Demonic Nihilism” is a keen descriptive piece of his time in Cali not too long ago. From it, we read:


“But these adults did not look like enlightened leaders of the free world; they were disheveled, clothing unkept and worn shoes dirtied. Others wore athletic clothes – mostly mismatched. As this was mostly an under-40 crowd; one would expect a certain level of fitness, but in fact most were over weight. Rolls of fat peeking out of too tight clothing. Surprisingly, women in particular seemed to care less what they looked like. All eyes were glued to screens – phones and computers. Even those in groups were quiet – as their attention was fixated on their personal entertainment devices. The absence of passion, the lack of vitality seemed to permeate the air. If there is one word for how people presented themselves, it would be dull. As if some vital essence of life had been sucked from their very souls.”


It is very descriptive indeed, and I encourage everyone to check it out. I’ve been meaning to write an article comparing Newsome’s Cali to DeSantis’s FL. In my research, I’ve found that while Cali is one of the largest economies in the world, socially, it’s a hell on earth.


  • The city is plagued with homelessness and unsanitary conditions, far from the ideal image painted in the media.


Not only was Dr. Malone’s piece a recommended read, but the comment left by the substacker Cate was beautiful. It’s lovely that it describes everything perfectly in such a succinct way. It told the truth of our reality, how we got here, what it is that we’re fighting, and the solution, all in one comment. This was such a moving piece that today’s article will be dedicated to Cate’s statement, where we’ll break down each aspect and reflect on the insight given.


I recommend checking out Cate’s substack and website, and without further ado, let’s dive into her comment!


“You point out the issue … the degeneration, the weary, indifferent, nihilistic fatigue so well. When the Covid debacle hit and the world went insane practically overnight, I descended from my ivory tower spirituality bubble, looked around and asked the question: “What the BLEEP is really going on?” After two years of research, I’ve finally come to the shocking yet unsurprising conclusion that our world is in the grip of a powerful, intelligent, anti-life Force—an unseen influence that has been involved in the deliberate programming and degeneration of humanity for thousands of years.”


I’ve also come to a similar conclusion in the last couple of years. When you take a step back and look at history from an unorthodox, scientific, and factual perspective, you see things differently. This revelation is not only why I wrote my first book bu

t also why I started this substack, Unorthodoxy. This is also why I’m working on my current analysis, “The Spirituality of Reality.”

Once we, the public, begin to see reality from this perspective, everything, from politics to government, from history to religion to our economy, all starts to make sense.


“Priests and shamans, philosophers, and mystics of every culture in the world have described this hostile, inhuman Presence and named it. For the ancient Greeks, it was the Archons—the Powerful Evil Ones. In Christian literature, it’s Beelzebub, the devil, Satan, and Shaitan. For the Hebrews, it’s Abaddon. In Islam, it’s Iblis or AshShaytān. To Native Americans, it’s wetiko and windingo. To the Hawaiian kahunas it’s e’epa. 

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung called this deceiving force “antimimos, the imitator and evil principle” and equated it with the Antichrist. The Russian mystic philosopher George Gurdjieff called it “the machine.” Sri Aurobindo, an Indian philosopher and guru, called it the Hostile Forces. Hollywood portrays these entities as physical vampires. Modern-day philosophers and science fiction writers often refer to this Presence as the mind parasites.”


One of the lessons I’ve learned in my professional career is that one needs to develop a multi-disciplinary approach. This simply means that you have to be able to take lessons from one discipline and apply it to others. You have to understand the concepts of art and use them in physics. From science and apply it to mathematics. This mental framework helps you see how things that appear differently are similar. When you apply this to problems, you can find valuable and impactful solutions.


By applying this way of thinking to history, religion, and philosophy, you start to see descriptions of the same entities, and ultimately, you realize that all disciplines are referring to the same topic.


  • Some use the term demons, some say spiritual energies, but the takeaway is that there’s a mental, energetic force that affects everyone.
  • Whether it be anxiety or paranoia, demons or psychotic issues, there’s a vital mental component to our individual reality and collective existence.
  • We cannot think that the two (our personal experience and the collective experience) are different.


If we are anxious and paranoid, are we, as a community and society, under a paranoia that we see reflected in our laws and policies? We cannot simply ignore this spiritual aspect of life because if we don’t acknowledge it in either religion or philosophy, it will appear in the realm of our psyche, mental health and our world.


“Despite world-wide recognition of the reality of this insidious “other,” humanity has not yet caught on to this presence. Why? Because over the millennia, these advanced yet apparently soulless beings have created a thought matrix of lies—a false reality for us to live in that keeps us fundamentally blind to their presence and cooperative with their ultimate agenda.”


This passage may have been the most powerful of all. So many areas have touched on this topic, this “matrix of lies.” I attempt to do this in my book, and I’ve touched on some cases here, such as dinosaurs and the physics of our reality. When we begin to see just how far this reality spreads and how this reality has been built on lies, we begin to see the revelation.


PS: I recommend reading my piece, The Religious Tenents of Scientism. Here, I discuss how our world was built on these fake principles and how we can return to the true spiritual nature of our reality.



“By nature, humans are spirit beings of pure love. And yet media, education, spirituality, religion, and politics have been skillfully infiltrated and subtly programmed to hold up an altogether different mirror.”


I have an upcoming article I’m thinking of calling “Religion as the Greatest Weapon” because when you study the psychological effects of religion on the psyche, we begin to see just how it can be weaponized, and a very effective one.


  • In my article, Black Man’s Guide to Reality, which everyone (white, black, yellow, everyone) should read, I talk about how the early Africans communicated with God before the Bible and how that was reflected in how they lived.
  • Once “Religion” was introduced by the Church, we can see how the destruction of the continent began to occur.


We must understand that religion is a potent political tool. Once we see how it has been used to write history, we start to see the truth of reality even more clearly.



“Religious concepts such as original sin, scientific theories such as “the survival of the fittest,” and the relentless violence in the news, TV shows, movies, and games have successfully convinced us that competition, self-destruction, aggression, and corruption are our true nature. This means we don’t spend any time searching for outside influences driving our spiritual, moral, and social malaise.” 


I cover these topics not only in my book but also in my course on Udemy, which contains the raw manuscript of my book. In both, I talk about evolution and how the theory of evolution, once introduced to the public, began to shift humanity from a spiritual species to a “mindless, raging animalistic species.” We stopped living from our hearts and were led toward a war-raged future for the next two hundred years, which featured two world wars propagandized by an elite few.


“Educated to believe that unseen realities and the devil are superstitious nonsense (never mind the exploding popularity of evil/supernatural storylines in the entertainment industry), we are also trained to laugh at conspiracy theories. And yet many global financial leaders, corporate media conglomerates, and NGOs such as the World Economic Forum and IMF are notoriously aligned with this dark force, implementing its agendas.” 


In my article, Art of Theoretical Science, I discuss how we need to look into conspiracies. Yes, there’s some crazy stuff there, and yes, some individuals will purposely distract us. Still, we can genuinely understand reality, our past, and our future when we truly know both sides of the story. Not just the “public” history but also the past hidden from us or labeled “conspiracies.”


“Materialism, hierarchy, wars, drugs, porn, AI, The Great Reset, Covid—components of the matrix all—are fearful drivers purposefully designed to accomplish one thing: To keep us divided and at each other’s throats, forgetting our unified spiritual nature and our ability to set ourselves free by tapping into the unfathomable power of pure love that lies within us. Not a namby-pamby, romanticized, castrated, “nice” version of love, but LOVE—the force of nature itself that builds, and yes, destroys, worlds.”


This is the most powerful part of Cate’s comment: Love is the force of nature that builds, but let’s not forget that love can destroy worlds as well. Love can and must destroy this archonic world being constructed in front of our eyes.


I end my book by discussing where our society goes from here, and if we look around us now, we can see where we’re heading. As we see “trans” rights as the next social movement and “AI” on the rise, we can see that, if we look at these two together, we can see a “transhumanistic” society on the rise. Again, by factoring in the conspiratorial aspect of things, even though we’ve been taught not to explore them, by doing so, we can see the actual reality of things.



“Zombies are indeed amongst us …. people who have allowed themselves to become divorced from their own true nature and “know not what they do” or what they are becoming. Fortunately, not all of us have fallen under Wetiko’s spell.”


And fortunately, if under Wetiko’s spell, we can break free from it. As I wrote in my analysis of Brave New World, this time in human history was bound to occur. But what’s also bound to happen is our salvation, and that’s simply by being aware of what’s occurring.


  • By knowing the truth of our reality and seeing the chains put on us, we can break free of those chains.
  • And as we do so individually, we begin to, as a collective, free ourselves from the mental health crises, the paranoia, the demons, the archons, the parasite energetic force that has its grip on humanity.
  • All we need to do is walk in love, genuinely understanding what love truly is, its power, and how we can apply it to our daily lives.


I provided many links and references throughout the article. Still, if you want to know more, my substack is a great place to start. Thanks again to


for that beautiful post and to

for the space for where that comment arose from.

I wish you all success in this journey of life.

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