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Every morning, no matter the weather, I sit on the porch and sip a cup of coffee.  The view is lovely here in my forest.  Except for the casual crow arguments, it’s quiet and peaceful.  Did you know that Crow represents spiritual law in Native Indian folklore?  Deer and wild turkeys are a common morning sight; they mosey the property, nibbling wild foods or pecking for bugs, oblivious of my presence.

This morning was different.

A female deer appeared from the dense forest into the clearing, walking toward me as though with intention.  When Deer got close, our eyes met.  We looked at each other for several minutes.  She then slowly walked away and disappeared back into the woods.  Unless an animal directly crosses your path, its spirit is not speaking specifically to you, so says Native American folklore.  I got the feeling that Miss Deer wanted me to remember her spirit meaning.

Right away, I remembered the saying and the story:

Deer. . . .
so gentle
and loving you are
The flower of kindness
an embrace from afar


The Story”:

One day fawn heard Great Spirit calling to her from the top of Sacred Mountain. Fawn immediately started up the trail.  She didn’t know that a horrible demon guarded the way to Great Spirit’s lodge. The demon was trying to keep all the beings of creation from connecting to the Great Spirit.  Fawn was not at all frightened when she came upon the demon.  This was curious, as the demon was the archetype of all ugly monsters that had ever been.  The demon breathed fire and smoke and made disgusting sounds to frighten Fawn.  Any normal creature would have fled or died on the spot from fright.  Fawn however, said gently to the demon, “Please let me pass. I’m on the way to see Great Spirit.”

Fawn’s eyes were filled with love and compassion for this over-sized bully of a demon.  The Demon was astounded by Fawn’s lack of fear.  No matter how he tried, he could not frighten Fawn, because her love had penetrated his hardened, ugly heart.  Much to the demon’s dismay, his rock hard heart began to melt, and his body shrank to the size of a walnut.  Fawn’s persistent love and gentleness had caused the meltdown of the demon.  Due to this gentleness and caring that Fawn embodied, the pathway is now clear for all of Great Spirit’s children to reach Sacred Mountain without having to feel the demons of fear blocking their way.

Deer teaches us to use the power of gentleness to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are trying to keep us from Sacred Mountain.  Like the dappling of Fawn’s coat, both the light and the dark may be loved to create gentleness and safety for those seeking peace.  If Deer has gently nudged its way into your life today, you are being asked to find the gentleness of spirit that heals all wounds.  Stop pushing so hard to get others to change, and love them as they are.  Apply gentleness to your present situation and become like the summer breeze; warm and caring.  This is your tool for solving the present dilemma you are facing.  If you use it, you will connect with Sacred Mountain, your centering place of serenity, and Great Spirit will guide you.


You can learn a lot about yourself through nature beings for they are real
(not the matrix)
(not the illusionary reality made by men)
(not the fake news)
(not government propaganda)
(not the archon trickery)
…and they speak to your soul – WHEN you listen.



It seems that slowly people are beginning to realize the power of Love Frequency.  It is much more powerful than any other frequency in our universe.  As always, I am not speaking about Romantic Frequency.  Though often associated with love, romance can happen without love.  So what am I talking about then?

I am talking about Unconditional Love Frequency that which does not sway, is not coerced, is not tricked, does not judge, doesn’t change under any condition, and is UN-conditional.

But humanity is under the spell of Divide and Conquer.



Unconditional Love is the rarest commodity on Planet Earth.  But if people knew its power, maybe they might use it to stop the insanity that has encompassed the world.  From my experience, sending Love Frequency to the dark side beings that once plagued my life sends them running away.

We could use this tactic to send these destructive nefarious beings away from the so-called elite rulers of our world.  We could use this powerful frequency of Love to heal our own minds, hearts, and souls.  We could use this gracious gift to remove all fear, give us courage, to cause us to become UNSTOPPABLE against evil-doers.

The question is, will you do it?  Do you have the courage to listen to Deer’s message?  Do you have the strength of character to free yourself from the grip of the dark side entities?  Do you have the nerve to reconnect with Nature?  Have you had enough liestreacherybetrayal, and torture yet?  Are you okay with planned scarcity to starve you and your loved ones?  Do you have the fortitude to live in Freedom, or do you prefer living in slavery?



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About Sherry Swiney

Sherry researches quantum physics related to spiritual development and physical well-being.  She studies archaeology, organic gardening, natural healing, paranormal and other unusual topics.  She co-authored “An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower.”



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