Mind Monsters Part 3  – Back from the Abyss

with Jerry Marzinksy, Lorenzo and Anon Omous


In part 3, Jerry Marzinky joins us again to direct these amazing chats as only someone with his vast experience in the ‘mental world’ can.  I hope you find this as interesting as I did.

Drugs, Dreams, Nightmares, Ancient Demons, Suicidal Thoughts, Dis-embodied Voices and the Potential to Overcome all of these and use them to create a loving, full and successful life.

First, though, he had to come back from the abyss.

A modern definition, abyss: [noun] ‘an immeasurably deep gulf or great space. intellectual or moral depths’, doesn’t quite cut it in my opinion. In this case more like the ‘biblical’ original feeling of Abyss

In our English Bibles, the Greek word abyssos [a [busso”] is transliterated as “abyss” (RSV “bottomless pit”) in every instance except Romans 10:7, where it is translated “the deep.” In the Septuagint abyssos [a [busso”] translates Tehom almost exclusively, but in rare instances ShuLam ( Isa 44:27 ), MeshuLam ( Job 41:22 ), and Racha -Job 36:16

In the Old Testament abyssos [a [busso”] is invariably descriptive of the watery depths of the earth, whether oceans or springs, in contradistinction to the land (e.g., Psalm 77:16 ; 78:15 ; 106:9 ; Isa 51:10 ; Amos 7:4 ), although in Psalm 71:20, “the depths of the earth” are spoken of in a manner almost signifying death (however, it probably means no more than the depths of one’s troubles on earth). Abyssos [a [busso”] never translates Sheol, so in the Old Testament it never carries the idea of the realm of the dead or the afterlife. In Genesis 1:2 the total inchoate earth is called “the deep, ” over which the Spirit of God hovered.

In my experience when one is ‘attacked’ by these parasites these ‘Mind Monsters’, it can be as if you are ‘falling to your death’ or being hung over a ‘bottomless pit of despair’.

I’ve certainly had my ‘run ins’, but nothing like our ‘guest’ here today Anon Omous, who is wishing, for obvious reasons, to keep his true identity secret. Still he bravely shows his face to share with us his ‘dreadful’, yet heroic, times facing these monsters and in his way overcoming them to lead a powerful life.



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Jerry Marzinsky BA M.Ed.— Jerry is a retired licensed psychotherapist with over 40 years of experience working with and studying the thought processes of psychotic and criminally insane patients in some of the most volatile psychiatric institutions in the nation. He has held the positions of 2nd Lt. Arizona Civil Air Patrol and Assistant Scout Master.  His formal academic training comprises a B.A. in Psychology from Temple University, a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Georgia, and two years of study in a Ph.D. Psychology program.  He was awarded the State of Arizona’s Meritorious Service Award.  He is also a commercial pilot, a certified SCUBA diver and long distance motorcycle rider.  He is the co-author of An Amazing Journey Into The Psychotic Mind – Breaking The Spell Of the Ivory Tower and is currently in private practice working with schizophrenics.


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Most importantly, to do your own work, if bothered by ‘these monsters’, I would suggest a full study on the recapitulation. Here is a good place to start. Plenty of other resources out there for those who wish to do the research.

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