Mirificent Times!

By Fredalupe!

Editor of The New Agora

I originally titled this “Seize The Day!  But Maybe Get off Your Knees First.”  Yet however accurate those instructions might be not all of us are buying into this latest onslaught of media driven hysteria, this geopolitical power grab to lock in that new world ordure, this latest attempt by the machine to literally infect the entire population with fear, lowering the vibration of consciousness itself to create that hell on earth they’ve been working so feverishly for us to give birth to.  What’s a parasite to do but replicate its own at the expense of its host?  That’s what they do.  What terrible guests though!

Really that’s the point.  If you buy into the fear then what?  Possibly these mirificent times aren’t for you. If however we can see past all the hoopla, to the opportunity these interesting times offer us all then… let’s get our wonder on and take away our agreement, and with that act regain our power, and apply it to creating the world, the lives our dreams, our greatness inspire us to express and manifest.

And has anyone noticed how beautiful the weather’s been lately?  All those cars off the road, stores shut down, over-all hustle and bustle reduced to such a degree as to make everyday a Sunday in character….they even seem to slowing down on the chemtrails, skipping entire days, giving us beautiful blue skies, allowing for real fluffy clouds to form above.  When I take my strolls about town I see happy folks playing, enjoying one another, the coming spring the birds sing into life.

Here’s the thing: evil is self-defeating.  Oh sure, it makes a big sabre rattling show in its attempt to frighten its prey into compliance, into bending the knee to its will, its purpose, it’s hunger; and I know that true predators exist and that they can absolutely be a danger: I have met many and have the scars to prove it, I suppose.  I’ve been battered and bruised, fooled and robbed, seduced and raped by the same system as the rest of humanity throughout my stay on this plane of existence.  I’ve written of it at length in the printed pages of The New Agora from its onset.  I’ve actually spent so long warning folks of pretty much what you see happening right now that, in all honesty, I’ve grown tired of it, which is of course why, beyond keeping things moving along with our little lighthouse of truth, both in print and online, my personal written contributions have dwindled over time.  I found myself repeating the same messages of encouragement and warning over and over all the while witnessing the world of humanity, for the most part, hurtling at all speed towards a very certain conclusion, in exactly the opposite direction to which we have dedicated our energies.  Ho hum.

Free will’s a funny thing.  I see folks practicing it, after a fashion, but rarely under their own agency, paradoxically, what with them having sold themselves lock stock and barrel to a system that is so far away from their best interest that it boggles the soul.  I know it’s a hell of an illusion, a hell of a trick; we’ve all fallen for it at one time or another, sometimes for entire lifetimes, and it’s a mean trick, deadly too, and quite a painful one to go through.  Eventually though you just got-to ask WTF?  What the heck?  What the hell?  Why?  That’s the big one.  And terribly easy to answer.  Here I stress the word ‘terrible’, as in ‘to cause terror’.  Terrorize your prey and it’s dinner time!  All of which will give you a clue as to why so few choose to answer those questions for themselves.  Too scary!  Heavens.  Poor babies.  Too bad!  Pun intended.  To grow up you have to get from under those blankets, open up those peepers, by all means watch out for the monsters under the bed, they’re real, after a fashion, and there to do no good, but becoming AWARE, CONSCIOUS, FREE, takes care of those rascals.

I’ve told you that the true art of a warrior is to balance terror and wonder. Power can be met only with power. The crux of sorcery is the internal dialogue; that is the key to everything. When a warrior learns to stop it, everything becomes possible; the most farfetched schemes become attainable. We are a feeling and what we call our body is a cluster of luminous fibers that have awareness. As long as you think that you are a solid body you cannot conceive what I am talking about. — Don Juan Matus to Carlos Castaneda

There’s a lot there in that quote.  Here the word sorcery is being used in a far different way than is common. To quote him again, “Sorcery is a state of awareness. Sorcery is the ability to perceive something which ordinary perception cannot.”    Definitions change with knowledge.  And this day and age has polluted the term along with just about everything else.  Better to simply call it Art, for reasons of multidimensionality I will no doubt get into eventually, so stay tuned.  The important point being made here is to experience for yourself that there is far more to reality, to everything, than meets the eye.  So much more in fact that it’s actually endless.

The All of Everything, as I like to call it, is a mirificent gift of incalculable worth, scope, and power.  The earth-bound shenanigans of bottom feeding creatures in light of that… well, I leave that to you to enjoy putting into perspective.

Mirificent, by the way, is defined as ‘to cause wonder‘.  You won’t find it in any modern dictionary. And that’s basically my point.

Grokking our being in the midst of this Endless Mystery, and absolutely being a mysterious part of that ourselves is the ‘meditation’, and not the one sitting on your ass, little buddha, but the one we live in action, the movement to become Free, to encompass our mystery.  Those that keep us from that inheritance work tirelessly to convince us that the opposite is true.

Much to our surprise it seems Lorenzo, the publisher of The New Agora, and I have been preparing for the moment in which we are living presently.  Astounding!

Allow me to explain.

Before taking up the task The New Agora presented we had been so deeply immersed in the expression of our evolutionary experience through art that it basically cost us everything.  Friends, family, society, livelihood, time, on and on.  Quite the bill I assure you.  Worth it though, and then some.   

The All of Everything, ‘Great Spirit’, The Big Kahuna, call it what you will, wisely threw us the task of The New Agora to temper us, to balance us, literally to even the equation of our wonderful, mirificent project with the absolutely terrifying reality of living in a predatory universe.  I’m choosing my words carefully here. I had great difficulty with this part.  I didn’t want it to be so, much to my initial detriment.  Felt wrong, unjust, unfair.  I’m talking about the predatory nature of this place.  

But I’ve seen through this and have come to the simple conclusion, always through personal verification, most other sources are useless, that the key here is in the word ‘universe’.  A verse: writing arranged with a metrical rhythm, typically having a rhyme, also a song, as I See it.  Universe: the totality of one story, writing , one song.   I finally understood that though this place, story, song, music, take your pick, is very much expressing that of a predatorily inclined reality, fearful and horrible, discordant in its harmony:  that can’t possibly define The All That Is, being by definition limitlessly filled with all that is, can be, will be, etc., ad infinitum. There’s more, to put it kinda stupidly, so much more as to be incalculable.  Obvious now but then not so much.

And so by confronting the sordid sad, truth surrounding us, in action, through the researching, curating and printing of positive evolutionary information, as well as the concurrent explorations into the ‘darkness that feeds on the light’ to put it a bit poetically, we came through to the other side of that equation with a lot more than we started with.

So sure, there’s a whole lot of predation going’ on, lots of symbiosis too, cooperation, and other wonderful modalities of existence, all of them in fact.  And if ya don’t like the music make your own.  And so we did.

The task we were engaged with before has come full circle to be completed Now.

It could be said that we’re finally coming into our own.  I can tell because I’m very much enjoying writing and sharing these words, communicating all this to you dear reader, dear friend. Joy is the indicator of being on the Path with Heart, as they say. True too. Too true really.  Good idea to check on that with yourself.  Simple and effective indicator anyone can play with to answer those big questions and navigate correctly.

We produced two works, two of a trilogy…third one coming…we’re presently offering them here for you to purchase (interesting word here, worth looking up) if you are so moved.  We had them up online for free for ten years but no one noticed. We self-published them a while back too, sold them all, and will do so again given the chance.   As well the rules of the game dictate a particular strategy: folks only value whether earn or buy.  And as of today, the system still demands a particular currency to keep the medium of exchange between people in their grip.  However these books are priceless, multi-dimensional and fun. In them we share the challenges and marvels of Awareness in the journey towards a creative and conscious life, that is our Inspiration.  Art. Imagination. The Language of the Soul.  Mirificent Inspiration is what we call it.  Breathing in Wonder.

We discovered that evolution is communicable through Art.  And it is our great joy to offer these works of Art with you now.



The Rabbit of Dream invites the reader on a journey through challenge to the birth of courage, and a new, wondrous perspective of themselves. This is where success is achieved by becoming aware of the very real power we each possess to choose our own path. Whether dreaming in our sleep, or sleeping in our dream, this tale of self-remembrance, and life beyond fear, is everyone’s.




The Chicken of Freedom, pulling no punches to get out of its shell, takes the reader on a kaleidoscopic trip towards truth through the fear that keeps us locked away afraid of our own potential; all the while aiming to ‘break free’ of self-imposed limitations to soar towards the fulfillment of personal freedom.




p.s. that top image is from the third book in the Mirificent Trilogy titled The Book of Tree.




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