Piercing the Veil of Reality




mRNA Vaccines, Transhumanism,


And The Battle For Our Souls



“The covid vaccinations cause a separation of the human soul and spirit from the physical body, with far-reaching consequences for life after death.
It is from the transhumanist movement that the covid vaccinations have originated. The covid vaccinations serve to anchor the transhumanist agenda within our bodies.”

– Thomas Mayer


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  • Introduction
  • More research on the basis of the supersensible perception of the COVID vaccine
  • The Asura and the Powers of Darkness
  • Genetic Engineering: Breaking into the Sacred Space of Our Being
  • Impact on Future Incarnations and the Transhumanism Occult Trap
  • The Religion of Transhumanism
    • Humans need a software update – The mRNA Vaccine was the Trojan Horse
  • The Mechanics of Soratic-Spirit Infiltration & Possession
    • Evil Institutionalized and Materialistic Medicine
    • Different Types of Soratic Spirits
    • Organic Portals – Soulless Humans
    • How Are Soratic Spirits Attracted And Take Humans Over?
    • What Is Special About The Soratic Spirits Of Transhumanism?
  • Why do Vaccinated People Hardly Notice Changes in Themselves?
  • Karmic Background of Ancient Egypt and Atlantis
    • Spiritual Mummification and Manipulative Initiations in Ancient Egypt
    • The Egyptian Priest Class & The Occult Law of Agreement of Entrapment
    • Is The Sinking of Atlantis Being Repeated Today?
    • Underlying Patterns – Then and Now – A Crossroad
    • Is Humanity Awakening or Disintegrating?
  • The New Fall of Humanity
    • Expulsion from paradise on a soul-spiritual level
    • Expulsion from physical paradise and soul entrapment
  • Trapped in the After Life & The Battle For Our Souls
  • The Time Of Transition And The Splitting Of Humanity
    • Spiritual Preparation Needs To Come First
    • The Most Important Choice You Need To Make



As we have explored in a previous article, “COVID Vaccines – Consequences For The Soul, Spirit, And Life After Death,” [please read it first if you haven’t yet] based on the work of Thomas Mayer, the mRNA COVID jab has far-reaching detrimental effects for the soul, spirit, interfering with soul evolution and affecting the afterlife and future incarnation cycles.


Mayer’s entire book “Corona Vaccines from the Spiritual Perspective – Consequences on Soul and Spirit and the Life After Death” is now available in English. His work has also confirmed what I have hinted at for a long time in my writings and videos over the years, which is about the ultimate end-game agenda from an occult [hidden] hyperdimensional perspective – to lock humanity into a frequency prison, dislodge humans’ souls [via genetic modification] and prime our bodies as incarnational vessels for demonic non-physical [hyper-dimensional] beings to take over and possess.


The COVID vaxx has been the Trojan Horse to lay the groundwork for the Transhumanism occult trap, body-snatching, and soul-harvesting via this mass inoculation by hyper-dimensional occult forces and soratic spirits working through their puppet big pharma scientists and useful idiots in media and government. As Mayer concluded:


“It is from the transhumanist movement that the covid vaccinations have originated. The covid vaccinations serve to anchor the transhumanist agenda within our bodies.”

– Thomas Mayer


In this article, we’ll go deeper into the adverse spiritual/metaphysical consequences of the COVID jab and how it ties into Transhumanism as we enter Pluto in Aquarius, as everything will intensify. We’ll look at it from an occult level in light of the hyperdimensional manipulation of humanity, how it relates to the end-days of Atlantis, ancient Egypt, collective Karma, the splitting of humanity,  the danger of a ” New Fall of Humanity” resulting in disintegration, destruction, and the necessity to repeat the cycle, and more.


Before we start, I want to make an important disclaimer similar to the one in my previous article on this topic:


The information presented in this article and Mayer’s book is not an easy read and can be perceived as very dark and horrifying. However, we need to be careful of paranoia, overly negative thinking (doom & gloom fear frequency), and over-generalizations. While the situation may look dire and disturbing, we need to stay non-reactive and objective as best as possible. Mayer stressed this point in his book as well.


I see a tendency in today’s “truth movement” and “conspiracy world” of over-exaggerated fear and negative sentiments filled with shadow projections.


This information can also easily be abused and distorted by anyone without a grounded psychological, spiritual foundation and no self-awareness – which, unfortunately, is very common among self-proclaimed “red-pilled” folks stuck in fear, doom, and gloom who are not engaged in any psycho-spiritual self-work, trauma work & shadow work but tend to project their unconscious pain and trauma on to the world and others.


However, knowledge does protect us, and we don’t know the “solution” if we don’t know what we are dealing with. Always remember, everything has a teaching function in light of the bigger picture of the evolution of consciousness, including what we perceive as evil.


The COVID vaxx has been promoted by billions of well-meaning yet misleading and mind-controlled folks [via fear] all over the world who went along with it because they thought they did the right thing. In their wetiko-infused minds, they also coerced others to do the same. Don’t hate them or blame them, for that is what these occult forces [who have hijacked them] want you to do as well. Check your shadow projections and the trap of superiority. Calling them “Covidiots” or “sheeple” is utterly self-defeating and feeds the occult forces with your projections.


As Thomas Mayer wrote in his book, everyone is affected by the vaccine differently on an individual basis, so we cannot make generalizations. Many known and unknown factors come in: how many doses/boosters a person received, the person’s level of being [soul development over lifetimes], spiritual strength, karmic and spiritual lessons, and much more that is impossible for the mind to grasp.


This is just the beginning of the ultimate end-game, and the war is THROUGH us on unseen levels: The “alien invasion” through our bodies that started a very long time ago, thousands of years, way before the plandemic.


Regarding the “solution,” I’ve said it many times before, and it becomes ever more apparent, even as a reminder to myself:


The Great Work of soul embodiment and deep psycho/spiritual work to find the truth of your Being to anchor the Divine Force within as a transducer for Divine Will is the most important work and task over the next 20 years before the window closes during this Time of Transition, not just for you but for humanity.


Soul Embodiment IS the antidote to the Soul Harvesting Agenda.


Many are called. Few choose to answer the call. Too many are still distracted by the shadows on the wall via externalizing everything and not seeing the deeper and larger lessons in light of the evolution of consciousness. Or they let inertia, excuses, laziness, short attention span, and mindless distractions get in the way of what is most important.


Remember, the moment you are born, you live on borrowed time. Don’t waste it on trivial stuff. Stay focused.


At the end of the article [if you can read through it and don’t suffer from a short attention span – a matrix program in itself], you will see what is at stake. 


There is also much unknown, and it is in the hands of the Divine, for no one can see with the “eye of the Divine.” So we need faith and trust but not blind faith/trust. We need to use and engage the will to engage in the work with a warrior spirit, for there are many forces vectoring us away from Truth and Self.


The future is not yet set in stone, but we are in for a wild ride, and it has only just begun. The past three years were just the opening act. Don’t let fear, worry, doom, and gloom overcome you, for that is what draws these forces in, and they want you to indulge in.


But don’t underestimate what is at stake, either. We have work to do, for this is a battle over our souls, literally, but rejoice as the spiritual warrior you came here for in service to the Divine. You signed up for this a long time ago. See it as a magnificent opportunity for a real Awakening. Remember your mission and, most importantly, remember yourSelf.


I’m immensely grateful to Thomas Mayer and the other renegades who have recently done amazing work and discoveries, who I’ll be quoting in this article.


More research on the basis of the supersensible perception of the COVID vaccine


The second part of Mayer’s book includes reports and research into the spiritual effects of the COVID vaxx and vaccination in general by other practitioners and researchers. As a reminder, the material and research presented in Mayer’s book are based on Rudolf Steiner’s work, so the “sensible research” is seen through the lens of Anthroposophy for the most part.


Speaking of Steiner, and as a refresher, here are some excerpts of his talks from over 100 years ago (taken from Mayer’s book – some of them I have quoted before), where he spoke about the detrimental effects of vaccines on the soul, how it hardens people more into materialism and discourages spiritual aspiration.


The superstition of germs as the cause of Disease will lead to a terrible belief in authority:


“When people mock the ghosts of medieval superstition, one might well say: Well, has anything actually changed in this regard? (…) Don’t people fear a lot more ghosts today than they did back then? (…) At least these medieval ghosts were decent ghosts, but today’s germ ghosts are too puny and indecent to justify the fear, which, moreover, is only in its beginning stages and which will eventually lead to people falling into the most terrible belief in authority as far as matters of health are concerned.

Materialistic medicine will end up doing tremendous harm:


Everything to do with the development of medicine will be strongly promoted in a materialistic direction. People will gain instinctive insights into the healing properties of certain substances and certain procedures, causing tremendous harm in doing so, but the harm will be called beneficial. The sick will be called healthy. (…) People will favor what leads in a certain direction toward ill health. (…)It will be possible to set things up entirely according to egoistic motives so as to bring about illnesses or not to bring them about.”

People will be inoculated against the predisposition to spiritual ideas:


“From out of certain circles, the materialistic age strives to paralyze all spiritual development of mankind, to make it impossible; to get people to reject it, simply on the basis of their temperaments, their character, to reject anything spiritual, to regard it as folly. This tendency – with some people, it is already noticeable today – will increase steadily. Most people will long for the idea that anything spiritual is foolishness, is madness, to be generally accepted!

The attempt will be made to achieve this by developing inoculants against them so that just as inoculations were developed to protect against diseases, certain inoculants will be developed, which influence the human body in a way so as not to provide a home for the spiritual tendencies of the soul. Human beings will be inoculated against the predisposition to spiritual ideas.

Children will be vaccinated to get rid of their “spiritual tendencies”:


“I have told you that the spirits of darkness will inspire their hosts, the people in whom they will dwell, to find an inoculant to drive from souls, from an early age, via the physical body, any spiritual leanings. Just as the body is vaccinated against this and that today, so in the future, children will be vaccinated with a substance that it is certainly possible to develop, so that through this vaccination, people will be immune to the ‘foolishness’ of developing any spiritual life out of themselves, follies of course meant in a materialistic sense.”

Materialistic physicians will be given the task of exorcising souls from humanity:


[The time will come]… when it will be said: It is pathological for people even to think about spirit and soul. Only those people who are healthy only talk about their bodies. – It will be regarded as a symptom of illness if the human being develops in such a way as to come up with the idea: There is a spirit or a soul. – These will be regarded as sick people. And you can be quite sure that the appropriate medicine against this will be found.

At the time [of the Council of Constantinople] the spirit was abolished. The soul will be abolished through a medicine. It will be considered healthy common sense to develop a vaccine that will influence the organism in such a way from as early an age as possible, ideally immediately after birth, that this human body will never develop the thought: There is a soul and a spirit. – That’s how sharply the two world views will confront each other.

One will have to think about how to develop concepts and ideas capable of coping with actual reality, the reality of spirit and soul. The others, the successors of today’s materialists, will look for a vaccine that will make the body ‘healthy’, that is, make it so that through its very constitution, this body will no longer speak of such silly things as soul and spirit, but ‘in a healthy way’ will talk about the forces that live in machines and in chemistry, that constitute planets and suns in cosmic nebula. This will be brought about by physical/bodily procedures. Materialistic physicians will be given the task of exorcising the souls from mankind.”


Steiner’s fore-warning of “abolishing the soul via a medicine,” “Human beings will be inoculated against the predisposition to spiritual ideas,”  “[creating] a terrible belief in authority as far as matters of health are concerned and getting humans more hardened into materialism ties right into the Transhumanism agenda and what we have witnessed since the plandemic started.


The Asura and the Powers of Darkness


German writer and yoga teacher Heinz Grill gave a compelling insight into the “cosmic energy” over the past three years, especially in 2021 – a “dark shadow-specter” as he called it, that has descended on humanity and has affected everyone to varying degrees. It explains a lot about why so many people succumbed to the fear and why even so many spiritually striving people and truth seekers have been hijacked by the Asura, experiencing stress, pressure, coercion from others, and even succumbing to all sorts of doubts.


“Now, in 2021, many individuals who are making good but not quite sufficient efforts in the progressive pursuit of truth will be pushed into extremely distressing situations. They experience pressure, formal coercion, experience states of weakness, and finally succumb to a weakness in the formation of thoughts that leads them to all sorts of doubts. If their resolve is not solid and total from the outset, the zeitgeist, i.e., propaganda and the burden of fears, will seize them. The suggestions of the times will overwhelm many spiritually striving people and truth-seekers through the influences of the Asuras.


Seen from the outside, regular spectacles of scenes of persecution against thinking people take place in humanity. But the fact that this persecution of thinking people or people who only dare take a small step into thinking can occur is due to the outpouring of power from the Asura, the being that has actually formed in the cosmos. It will give great strength to those who have sadistic tendencies and make a sport of slandering others. They will demonstrate fascinating eloquence yet convey pure projections.


How is it that those who have made good but not quite sufficient efforts are thrown over? What happens is the following: The shadowy figure constantly sends out its unseen powers. It acts like a secret invisible irradiation satellite. The effective and yet existent shields from the cosmos and from this form are present, just like the invisible effects from the various planets. It would not be wrong to say that this shadowy figure or darkened screen in the cosmos acts like an additional planet in cosmic creation. The events during 2021 can probably only be understood if one also takes into account this sphere of influence, which, emanating from sadistic and projective people, works upwards and finally radiates back down again from the cosmos.


As already mentioned, the Asuric, dark, and powerful figure is made up of the sum total of acts of slander and exclusion suffered by good scientists and wise personalities, forming its own power unit. This is like a great being, which is also known in esoteric schools, such as the Rosicrucian School, and is referred to as a so-called elemental. Here it has turned into a cosmic elemental. Anyone following a spiritual path and who now has doubts or immerses himself in conflicts and fears with his soul because he has essential threshold experiences will slide very easily into the tentacles of this silently active darkness of the cosmos. Outwardly, he may be experiencing relationship difficulties or existential problems.


This outward life, with all its uncomfortable and conflict-laden demands, gives him cause for anxiety. Under the stress of everyday life, he forgets to focus on the ideals and misses clear steps of observation and inner dialogue toward the emerging goal. In the distress of the earthly afflictions, he suddenly experiences an all-encompassing being within him, as if strange motherly arms were calming him protectively. But it is the wolf reaching out his paw; only it is not recognized as a wolf in the darkness of the situation concerned. A brief moment of carelessness and self-abandonment ensues. Goals and the idea concerning the future are lost.


The aspirant realizes that suddenly, with the reaching out of the maternal wolf’s paw, fears recede, and this state feels as if the thumbscrews of everyday life were loosening. Those who now connect with this being of seemingly beautiful relaxation quickly feel relieved and develop a kind of pseudo-bliss. They feel relieved of tension. At the same time, they notice how alienated they feel from a previous past, and they no longer want to adhere to their former striving for truth and search for justice. In the state they are now entering, they say goodbye to the tension-laden reality of the pursuit of truth. They enter into a shell together with the foul radiating elemental or Asura.”

– Heinz Grill


“Asura” in the original Sanskrit is the term for adversary occult spirits. The Asura are typal [non-evolutiuonary] hostile beings that can take possession of a human being and/or work through human beings. Sri Aurobindo referred to them in “Letters on Yoga”:


The Asuras and Rakshasas etc. do not belong to the earth, but to supraphysical worlds; but they act upon the earth life and dispute the control of human life and character and action with the Gods. They are the Powers of Darkness combating the Powers of Light. Sometimes they possess men in order to act through them, sometimes they take birth in a human body…


The ordinary Asura is not an evolutionary but a typal being and represents a fixed principle of the creation which does not evolve or change and is not intended to do so. These Asuras, as also the other hostile beings, Rakshasas, Pisachas and others resemble the devils of the Christian tradition and oppose the divine intention and the evolutionary purpose in the human being


The Asura has no soul, no psychic being which has to evolve to a higher state; he has only an ego and usually a very powerful ego; he has a mind, sometimes even a highly intellectualized mind, but the basis of his thinking and feeling is vital [lower life force] and not mental, at the service of his desire and not of truth. He is a formation assumed by the life-principle for a particular kind of work and not a divine formation or a soul…they prefer to get hold of human beings and make them their instruments.

– Sri Aurobindo


Heinz Grill’s supersensible occult insights, in combination with what we already know about how the occult hostile forces operate in light of the hyper-dimensional matrix, shine a light into why so many people got hijacked by the plandemic psy-op and succumbed to the push of vaccines, including many spiritual teachers. It ties into what Laura and I have coined the “trauma installment program”  in early 2020, which creates entry points for the asura [occult forces] to come in and take people over.


Grill’s description of how the Asura has taken people over (like a group entity) can be seen in three ways:


1. Through their own minds


As mentioned above, any shocking event that induces fear [especially on a collective level] can create entry points for the Asura to come in. This weitko-type hostile energy/spirit also tags into people’s trauma, blindspots, and shadow aspects, giving erring and self-diminishing “suggestions” to the human host, who takes it as his/her own thoughts. As Grill noted: “These suggestions… will overwhelm many spiritually striving people and truth-seekers through the influences of the Asuras.”


2. Working through other people [the infamous “Agent Smith Syndrome”]


Over the past three years since the pandemic started in early 2020, there has been an extreme attack on anyone daring to question the official narrative. People got censored, canceled, and their social media accounts deleted. Many people have lost their income because their Patreon, Youtube, or PayPal accounts were shut down for “spreading dangerous misinformation.” People were attacked and shunned by their own family members and friends.


Moreover, a lot of people, including myself, were subjected to vile personal attacks, slander, and even death threats for daring to question what we have been told about this so-called pandemic and the vaccine. Government officials also encouraged regular citizens to snitch on anyone who doesn’t follow the rules of the “new normal” (social distancing, lockdowns).


Millions of people became mindless authoritarian followers. They got hijacked by the Asura and used as “matrix agents” to keep their fellow citizens in place in place. They are the “Karens” who mindlessly repeat and follow government and media propaganda, the Big Pharma church of Scientism (CDC, WHO), as well as the Woke propaganda without questioning while enforcing them in others as well, but it’s based on pure projection. As Grill said: It will give great strength to those who have sadistic tendencies and make a sport of slandering others. They will demonstrate fascinating eloquence yet convey pure projections.”


3, Pseudo-Bliss and Spiritual Bypassing


There is another very important issue Heinz Grill pointed out in his observation. There seems to be a faux/fake experience of relaxation “as if strange motherly arms were calming him protectively,” but it is a deceptive state of mind that mistakes carelessness for “peacefulness,” resulting in a sort of “pseudo-bliss” while abandoning former goals and the striving for Truth and Justice.


This striving towards a “pseudo-bliss” as a result of being hijacked by the Asura also ties into the issue of “spiritual bypassing” that we have seen with the rise of many people and “truth seekers” latching on to a very dogmatic form of Christianity and/or getting into corrupted New Age material while bypassing basic interpersonal psychological work such as Trauma and shadow work.


Both reactions are based on unconscious trauma responses, which open entry points for the Asura to come in. Check out our podcast episode “The New Age To Dogmatic Christian Pipeline” for more on that topic.


Genetic Engineering: Breaking into the Sacred Space of Our Being


On a metaphysical, occult level, the primary goal of mRNA vaccine technology has always been about separating the soul from the body. Rudolf Stainer warned us about it over one hundred years ago, and I have written about the soul-harvesting agenda for many years via the genetic modification of our bodies and messing with our DNA blueprint. Thomas Mayer and other supersensible researchers confirm the agenda in more detail.


in his book, Mayer shared Ana Pogačnik’s soul contact sessions with her deceased sister Ajra, both of whom he knew personally. Ajra describes how the sacredness of our soul-being has been invaded via the mRNA vaccine and how the continuing genetic modification of our bodies could result in the destruction of humanity.


“Life was unassailable at the deepest levels until humans found a way to penetrate to the deepest core – which means, on the physical level, until we learned to meddle with the writing of DNA. It is at this point that the real danger begins that life in its purest layers will be changed, manipulated, and abused


We can change, twist, mutilate, distort, manipulate, and substitute anything on and around us, and we will continue to be who we are AS LONG AS this purest script of the Divine remains unaltered. However, if we pollute it, we lose our very own footing. Expressed in an image, we can compare it to a simple temple building from which we remove the central pillar – there is no longer any support, and so it must collapse.


The moment we enter and transform the purest divine script of the body, we have broken into the sacred space of our being. Never before have we, as humanity, caused such a far-reaching collective alienation. Now we as humanity are in real danger of destroying ourselves.


Many will now protest and argue that it is not possible for us as human beings to be so seriously injured and lost because of a simple vaccination. If it were just a simple vaccination, then it wouldn’t be a problem at all, but since it has the ability and tendency to invade the purest space of our being, it is neither harmless nor innocent.


I have to add, however, that not all people react in the same way and that not everyone’s purest core ‘I’ would be attacked. But even the mere possibility that this could happen is far too much.


If this should happen, the body would become so foreign to the soul, so cold, unrecognizable, and inaccessible that it would no longer be able to animate it. There would be such a separation between body and soul that the soul would suddenly feel like a prisoner in its own body. This would be unbearable for both life and death.


We should be aware of one thing when we talk about this vaccination: This remedy was not designed to help mankind, but to push it into such distress that it feels lost and will therefore be ready to follow a certain path of alienation.

– Ajra Pogačnik

Ajra confirms the real occult intention of the COVID vaccines, which is about dislodging the soul from the body, which will be followed up by more pharmaceutical intervention and mRNA technology:

“The [mRNA] vaccines are programmed instructions for our organism, i.e., pure genetic engineering. The covid vaccinations represent their global market launch, and many more gene-based vaccines are to follow in the future. This means that the genetic control hitherto determined by the human genome is increasingly being replaced by products from pharmaceutical companies. The phrase “breaking into the sacred space of our being” proves to be appropriate.”

– Thomas Mayer

Impact on Future Incarnations and the Transhumanism Occult Trap


Robin Kaiser, who works as a body therapist in Germany and has written about many spiritual topics on the basis of supersensory perceptions, published an interesting article on the “Effects of RNA Vaccines” in April 2021. Many of his insights correspond with the research of Thomas Mayer. He goes deeper into the Trap of Transhumanism and a potential “splitting of humanity,” as I have written about before as well.


“For a long time, I personally resisted speaking publicly on the subject of vaccination, but my life has brought me to a point where I feel it is my duty to say something about this topic from an energetic point of view.


The vaccination leaves an imprint, a mark in the vibrational signature of the energy body that can be tracked through multiple incarnations. It sets the course for a very specific path of spiritual development.


We as humans have arrived at a crossroads of development, and further directions are, among other things, determined by vaccination markers. It was never about the profits of the “pharmaceutical industry, and it is only marginally about the goal of population reduction. Ultimately it is about capturing souls over several incarnations for a digital development path. The vaccination erodes the energetic inner life and reconfigures the RNA coding in such a way that, eventually, it can be loaded onto digital silicon substrates.


The emotional inner life whithers away, and this inner decomposition process is far more extensive and devastating than the death of the physical body. Those pulling the strings who want to make the vaccination measures mandatory have a supra-incarnational perspective, and it is important to them that they keep all their sheep together by means of the mark in the energy body. This can ensure that the soul aspect will continue to move in the direction of digitalization even after leaving the body.


DNA is the language of life, carrying the complete blueprint for a particular life form and controlling the individual life processes. Through the RNA language, genetic information can be translated into the organism. The RNA language possesses direct access to the regulation of DNA coding and ensures the persuasion of enzymes and proteins.


The vaccine is artificially programmed in an RNA coding and thus mimics the language with which our organism speaks. The actual goal of vaccination is a gradual DNA modification by minimally changing the information chains of RNA exchange. With the vaccination, we are injected with passive RNA codes, which hook into the body’s communication system and can be activated specifically from the outside via radiation technology (high-frequency technology).


With the vaccination, we are indirectly being offered alternative DNA and, at some point, an alternative ‘immortal’ silicon-based substrate of consciousness. Anyone who decides to get vaccinated today will find it difficult at a later date to alter their path of spiritual development since this is now predisposed to the digitalization of their own DNA.


The direction of development taken with vaccination can be far more devastating than physical death since death is part of the natural cycle of life. Vaccination prepares one to leave that natural cycle of life and death. Everyone who is vaccinated carries a mark in their vibrational signature that can be used at any time as a means of coercion, even when not incarnated.


Those who created the RNA information codes in the vaccines follow a totally unnatural philosophy and see themselves as representing the next step in human evolution. And some of them believe that by doing so, they are actually doing humanity a service because they see vaccination as the preparation for eternal life in digital form.


The RNA codes present in the vaccination are like a virus that intrudes its way into the body’s natural language codes and begins to rewrite them. As irony would have it, people inject themselves with a much more devastating virus that, in the long run, takes over all RNA-DNA communication.


Of course, it hurts to watch close relatives or friends choosing a different path of development before one’s very eyes, especially when one is fully aware of the far-reaching consequences. However, even beings who increasingly externalize themselves over several incarnations and who convert their natural language of creation into an artificial technical one will eventually return to the [divine] order of creation.


The vaccination is a one-way street from which one cannot quickly get out once the digital RNA virus has been activated.


As humanity, we have already allowed things to go very far, given that such hard artillery is being used in the fight against our developing consciousness. In reality, this means that we have reached a crossroads in human history.


With regard to our natural consciousness development, we are on target; however, anyone who lets themselves be inoculated now once again and runs thereby spiritually into a completely different direction can only be helped only with difficulty. Those who now let themselves be marked [taking the vaxx] will have to deal with this mark in their signature the next lives.


Even though RNA vaccines pave the way for an inner deficit of will and the death of the inner life, this doesn’t mean that everyone who is vaccinated will be forced to follow that path. But following a certain level of disintegration of the inner life, mustering the will to go a different way becomes difficult.


Pushing the fear of death of the physical body [via the fear program of disease, again, pandemics, viruses, etc.], programs are implemented that prepare for the death of the inner life [so people become more obsessed with their physical bodies, which increases the fear of death to accept these programs].


The death of the body is natural, but the death of the inner life is not natural. But if you want to have an eternal [physical] body, you have to let your natural inner life [soul] die. Within the twisted philosophy of soulless silicon life forms, our natural way of living makes little sense.


[Transhumanists] really believe they can help us in our development by implanting their artificial DNA. RNA inoculation is supposed to prepare the human organism to assimilate parts of a DNA structure from a highly intelligent digital species. They believe that by assimilating our DNA to their programming codes, they will actually assist us.


And most likely, the majority of humanity that gets vaccinated today will follow this path of assimilation into a highly [artificial] intelligent, technical field. On Earth, however, a different development wind is blowing. Those people who decide to digitize their DNA will sooner or later have to settle on another trajectory [that is not compatible with organic spiritual evolution.]


– Robin Kaiser, Effects of RNA Vaccines


As Thomans Mayer already identified in his research, the COVID mRNA vaccines contain “Soratic Transhumanism spirits.” They are “a special group of soratic beings called transhumanism spirits because they seem to inspire transhumanism. These are central to the understanding of Covid19 and the vaccines.”


Considering Kaiser’s insights, Mayer’s work, my insights/research over the years, and reading the current “signs of the times,” one can conclude that the majority of people who have taken the mRNA vaxx (and especially all the boosters) are more likely to fall into the occult trap of A.I. and Transhumanism and the “alien invasion through their bodies”  based on these factors:


  • The COVID vaxx dislodges the soul from the body, hardens people into materialism and ego-identification, and discourages any spiritual aspiration.
  • The vaxx contains soratic beings people are being injected with. It’s a form of induced entity attachment/possession. These entities “inspire Transhumanism” through the person so he/she is more tempted to change their bodies and “digitize”/change their DNA artificially, even more so in the future.
  • Becoming more and more disconnected from their soul/true Selfs, the “inner life” starts to decay, which increases the obsession with the physical body, wanting to extend physical life as the fear of death increases (fear of aging, diseases, viruses, etc.)
  • Cultural and social engineering and trends are programming people to embrace Transhumanism as the ultimate solution to all life’s problems. [NOTE: That’s also how many people who didn’t take the COVID vaxx can get hijacked and fall into the trap of transhumanism]
  • The “alien take-over” and soul-harvesting agenda is about the adverse soratic spirits taking over human bodies and capturing souls over several incarnations for a digital development path. The souls are trapped as earthbound spirits, and the reincarnation cycle is interrupted.
  • Once the planet and humanity have become fully digitized, the original DNA blueprint altered via RNA technology, the majority of humans will have lost their connection to Spirit, and the soul entrapment-harvesting agenda is complete. It’s the ultimate frequency prison as human bodies have been primed and modified to become vessels for occult “alien” forces.


As I wrote before, this occult agenda has been in the works for thousands of years and didn’t just start recently. We’re just in the end game as everything is exponentially accelerating. Keep in mind that I’m just outlining their intended agenda in the long term. It doesn’t imply that they will be able to succeed based on many variables and unknown factors, including the Divine potentially “pressing the reset button,” as happened to Atlantis and other ancient civilizations that destroyed themselves.  There is also the concept of the “splitting of humanity,” as Robin Kaiser hinted at.  More on both topics later in this article.


The Religion of Transhumanism


The New World Religion could very well be the Religion of Transhumanism, for it has the hallmarks of any dogmatic religion even though it is materialistic and atheistic in its nature.


“It is from the cradle of materialism and its powerful religious connotations that transhumanism has evolved.
While not overtly an organized religion, it nevertheless pervades the digital industry and governments and also constitutes a publicly presented agenda in the World Economic Forum (WEF). It therefore exerts a global impact on culture and politics.

Transhumanism is not an aesthetic or philosophical movement, but an activist religion. It is being implemented without much discussion. Vast amounts of money are also at stake. Governments are supportive; transhumanism has in fact become the covert “state religion”.

The exponents of transhumanism, determined to overcome physical limitations, old age and death, are engaged in creating a better-functioning machine-man (cyborg). In the transhumanist universe there is no place for the human soul, spirit or a divine world. It is from the transhumanist movement that the covid vaccinations have originated.

– Thomas Mayer


Here’s a telling insight into the “soratic Transhumanist” mindset of the Silicon Valley Big Tech Technocrats and how the COVID crises “miraculously” worked in their favor:


“Up until now, it has been generally accepted that we all have to die. Religions promise a “continuation in heaven or the chance of rebirth as a substitute for earthly life. But nowadays, such consolation based on faith no longer satisfies many people. Especially around Silicon Valley, a new religion has developed that renounces God and instead worships the possibilities of biotechnology. Transhumanism, or super biology, as these movements are called, is fueled by the visionaries of the Internet industry. They believe anything can be bought, even eternal life.[…]


Google founder and Alphabet President Sergey Brin, a Russian-born computer scientist, set the tone. ‘I have no intention of dying,’ he said, and proceeded to invest in the biotechnology company Calico. […] And the other superstars in the industry are also reluctant to die. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, Tesla boss Elon Musk and Oracle boss Larry Ellison also invested in immortality research.[…]


The most famous representative of the robo-cop faction is Ray Kurzweil, chief engineer at Google. He believes that the body is only a hindrance to immortality. Eventually, nanorobots the size of a blood cell will patrol our veins, repairing any damage due to age and wirelessly connecting our brains to the cloud.[…]


Silicon Valley is working on two major human goals:


    1. making human encounters unnecessary by means of appropriate technology («digitalization») and
    2. extending the life expectancy of the now isolated bodies through their technical optimization.


Since the corona crisis, everyone has been able to experience for themselves how these two fields of work in Silicon Valley intertwine. In one fell swoop, social life was transformed into the exact replica of the technocrats’ mindset.”

– from Focus Magazine, Johannes Mosmann


Humans need a software update – The mRNA Vaccine was the Trojan Horse


When looking at the history and words of the major transhumanist leaders such as Ray Kurzweil and the advanced Transhumanism technology that is already available [for example, magnetic nanoparticles can be used to remotely control the behavior of ion channels, neurons, and even animal and humans], we can see that the COVID mRNA Vaccine was the Trojan Horse to lay the foundation for continuing “software updates” via artificially changing and “digitizing” the DNA.


“Quoting Google chief engineer Ray Kurzweil: “Biology is a software process. Our bodies comprise trillions of cells, all controlled by this process. You and I are running around with outdated software in our bodies that developed in a completely different era.


Kurzweil thus sees humans as software and hardware systems for which it is time to install updates. This same mindset underlies the mRNA vaccines. On its website, the Moderna company states that DNA is the human hard drive (“storage”), RNA is the operating system (“Software”), and proteins are the application (“app”). One headline reads: “Our mRNA Medicines – The ‘Software of Life’”. So Moderna is working to provide people with a new and better operating system. “In our case, the ‘program’ or ‘app’ is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that encodes a protein.”


For the transhumanists, contemporary humans are machines, robots in need of a software update. From this point of view, a one-off update is, of course, not enough. As we know from our computers, updates are needed every few months.”


– Thomas Mayer



Going deeper into the metaphysical, occult agenda of Transhumanism, Mayer asks the important question, “Whence does transhumanism derive its power? Which spirits are at work in it?”


The Mechanics of Soratic-Spirit Infiltration & Possession


As I touched upon in the first part, many of the major Transhumanist proponents are already vessels for occult hostile forces (Ahrimanic [demonic], soratic or asuric spirits/entities ) and “Organic Portals.” There is no soul, just a mechanical, materialistic worldview that is inspirited by the “alien: Transhumanist spirits Mayer talks about. They deny the soul, spirituality, and the Divine, and they want to play God themselves.


In fact, they already see themselves as “Gods,” determining how many people are supposed to live on this planet and creating human beings in tubes. Klaus Schwab of the WEF and proponent of “The Great Reset” mentioned in his book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” the birth of “silicon-based man” and the end of “carbon-based man.” 


Let’s look deeper into how the soratic spirits [and asuras] take over humans in light of the COVID vaxx and the materialistic digitized culture we live in during the Kali Yuga. Mayer explores this topic through the Rudolf Steiner cosmology/lens:


“The concept of these spirits is a precondition if we are to develop an understanding of the covid vaccinations, seeing that we discovered them in the spiritual core of the vaccines. Following vaccination, sprinklings of these soratic spirits can frequently be seen in the aura of the vaccinated. These beings, according to our understanding, are responsible for the shifting of the higher members and the severing of the higher ‘I’ [real I/true Self], the [guardian] angel, and the body elemental, as well as blockages in the life after death.


These beings have been known since ancient times [through various traditions]. Rudolf Steiner spoke about Sorat in several lectures. The soratic spirit beings constitute the Beast with the Two Horns, as mentioned in the Apocalypse of St. John, whose name is only given encoded by the Number of the Beast – 666.


The soratic spirits can be thought of as abnormal or fallen angelic beings that originate outside of our spiritual planetary system and the evolutionary stages of the earth. Since the soratic spirit beings are not connected with this regular evolution, being derived from unknown cosmic times and distances, they are also poorly understood; they are alien to the human race.


The asuras’… mode of action is opaque, and encountering them is, therefore, very unconscious. They target the [real] ‘I’ with a will to destroy, thereby paving the way for the soratic spirit beings.


Evil Institutionalized and Materialistic Medicine


These soratic spirits and powers of darkness have influenced humanity for hundreds and even thousands of years already as “evil” has become institutionalized via the development of materialistic medicine.  In his article, “Dancing in Trinity: The Mysteries of the Trinity,” the Dutch priest Mathijs van Alstein wrote:


“A preliminary culmination in soratic activity may be recognized in the fact that, whereas evil has not embodied itself in a single individual for a hundred years, it has instead become public and institutionalized through the life of the state. Soratic influence dulled the spiritual life of humanity in the 7th century in the Academy of Gondishapur through its development of a materialistic medicine, which it has not been possible to overcome since. The destruction of the Templar Order in the 14th century targeted economic life, paving the way for centuries of an unspiritual monetary order; it cannot, therefore, surprise us that in the 21st century, it is the turn of humanity’s state institutions.”


Different Types of Soratic Spirits


Based on supersensible research. Mayer distinguishes between different types of soratic spirits, each with their own specific mode of action, which proved important for his investigations into the covid vaccines:


“There are the soratic spirits known for eons that are active in hate, power, abuse, war, and black magic. These are particularly attracted by human lust for power. This was already the case in the Atlantean age when much of the mystery sites drifted into selfishness and abusive magic, ultimately leading to the downfall of Atlantis.


An individual gains greater power over others through a connection to soratic spirits. The term “black magic” refers to any magical work serving selfish ends. A connection with soratic spirits pervades every kind of black magic.


There is another type, which we have termed “soratic spirits of transhumanism.” These spirits are very aggressive. They may simply displace the ‘I’, but they can also destroy it and appropriate the other supersensible members in order to incorporate into themselves a piece of the earthly cosmos.


Egoless robots are inspired by them. They are portrayed in many films, for example, the film The Matrix (1999), which is permeated by them. These spirits of transhumanism play a major role in the corona crisis. A direct spiritual encounter with them is very challenging. One needs great strength and strong [divine/spiritual] protection.”


Organic Portals – Soulless Humans


In order to understand the mindset and “internal landscape” of hard-core materialists, Technocrats, Atheists, and Transhumanists [who are the perfect vessels for soratic and asuric spirits], one needs to understand the other “topic of all topics” (besides the hyperdimensional matrix control system), and that is the topic of soulless humans (different from psychopaths) who are simply not “wired” internally to be able to perceive a spiritual reality, let alone a soul, God, or the Divine and there is nothing that can convince them. In fact, they will always argue against anything spiritual.


They don’t have access to the higher centers during this incarnation and only operate on the lower three chakras. They are called  “Organic Portals” and can also become hosts (portals) for occult forces such as the Asura and Soratic spirits working through them.


“[…]Because the OP (Organic Portal) can be intelligent, observant, and analytical, and because they appear to include some of our most famous scientists, they are able to describe for us how they see the world and their interior “life” very accurately and in great detail.

At the bottom of this is perhaps the answer to the source of one of the most enduring debates of human history i.e., good versus evil. Why is it that there is so much strife in the world, why are so many divided over the promotion of war or peace, respect or disrespect, environmental protection or destruction, in short, a purely material self-serving outlook or a spiritual serving of others outlook?

Perhaps we are getting close to the answer, for the truth would seem to be that there is not and never has been a homogenous “we” (the human race) on the planet, “we” are not all alike, “we” do not see the world in the same way, “we” are not just a divided race, we are two different races. It becomes clearer then why most “top scientists,” in their theories, do not consider the spiritual dimension or quickly write off any “unconventional” theories. The OP scientist has no notion whatsoever of “spirit” or of the existence of higher centers. They are incapable of experiencing these higher centers, and therefore their descriptions of the world are lacking them.

And because they cannot experience them, they deny their existence for everyone, including those who are capable of “seeing” what the OP is incapable of seeing. In a materialistic world, where Organic Portals are in their Natural Element, and Souled Beings are NOT, with Organic Portal science drawing the boundary between what is true and what is false, there is no place for the Higher realms. It is “false” compared with the self-evident “truth” of materialism as experienced at all levels by the OP.

The Organic Portal, in his role as a scientist, is bound to come to a materialistic explanation for the workings of the universe because that is all they know and are able to see.[…]”

– from “Organic Portals – Soulless Humans”


[IMPORTANT NOTE: It is highly recommended to read the full article before coming to premature conclusions on this topic. Having said that, I’ve also noticed that some people who have read the essay still distort some of it (mainly painting all OPs as “evil” or equating them with psychopaths, which is not always the case, or carelessly labeling people they know as OPs when it could be just a “soul in struggle” as pointed out in the article).


Moreover, EVERYONE is on the level of the OP and potential “Matrix Agent” (and can be taken over/used by entities), even the ones with soul potential, until one starts to engage in esoteric Great Work of soul embodiment to activate the higher centers and becomes more embodied in one’s soul growth and process of individuation, connected to the Divine as the personality is transmuted into a purer expression of essence/soul, dislodged of programs, conditioning, wounding, and trauma, so there is no “entry point” for anything to come in.]


How Are Soratic Spirits Attracted And Take Humans Over?


Thomas Mayer describes in detail how soratic spirits can influence and take over human beings. In our materialistic age, the vast majority of people are only striving toward the comforts of materialism without any spiritual aspiration. Distracted and paralyzed by media consumption, this lifestyle keeps people out of body, disconnected from their souls, and creates a “spiritual vacuum” which also serves as an “entry point” for occult forces to come in.


Rudolf Steiner emphasized that “the development of the consciousness soul” and connecting to one’s essence and true self [process of soul embodiment] – if done correctly without spiritual bypassing – leads one to learn how to deal with evil and the inevitable encounter with one’s own inner shadow. Hence, [Jungian] shadow work is a key component of the work during these times in order to close any entry points for other forces to come in.


Mayer also describes how the spirits of deceased people who died because of the vaccine are stuck in the lower astral realm as earthbound spirits have bonded with the highest adversary spirits and also try to profit from this situation. [more on that topic in Mayer’s book and my previous article]:


“In earlier cultural epochs, it was primarily through ritualistic summoning or evil actions that soratic spirits were attracted to humans from the far reaches of the cosmos.


However, there is a second type of attraction that is probably more significant today: the creation of spiritual vacuums through the love of ease and convenience as well as mental and spiritual inertia. Here we are not dealing with a bad deed but with a deed not done, a “sin of omission.”


A study of history shows that humanity is going through a development of consciousness. The current fifth post-Atlantean cultural epoch involves the development of the consciousness soul, in which the [real] ‘I’ becomes increasingly aware of itself within the soul. Rudolf Steiner emphasized that this also involves learning to deal with evil. In developing self-awareness, one inevitably encounters one’s own inner shadow.


Our materialistic age offers little scope for the notion that human history proceeds hand in hand with the development of the human being’s supersensible members. The usual aim is to achieve an earthly life that is as comfortable and as long as possible, thereby creating spiritual vacuums. The activity of the soul and the ‘I’ are, to a large extent, paralyzed by today’s media consumption, which also leads to spiritual voids.


These act like vacuum cleaners, sucking in soratic spirits and spirits of Transhumanism from cosmic expanses into the earthly aura. These then spread themselves out, making use of people who readily yield to them, being unaware of who is really inspiring them. These individuals may then, for example, develop covid vaccines, not realizing the spiritual significance of their endeavors.


Political and financial interest groups then grab hold of them in order to benefit from them. Deceased persons [earthbound spirits] who have bonded with the highest adversary spirits also try to profit from this situation. The influence of such spiritual networks is substantial, and this subject would merit a book of its own. In my opinion, however, these networks are not themselves the originators; they merely take advantage of human failings.


While trying to penetrate the vaccines meditatively, I have repeatedly investigated the question of whether the development of any of them involved a conscious evil intention. On the level of the group soul – for example, of AstraZeneca – I found many soratic spirits and also dark networks of the deceased. But at the spiritual core, I experienced a great emptiness, an absence of intention, and of an ‘I’. The space inhabited by spirits of Transhumanism constitutes an eerie machine void. This was then filled by many dark supersensible beings.


As early as 1917, Rudolf Steiner made a prediction that in the future – in other words, in our time – there would be increasing numbers of people without an ‘I’ or at least with a weak ‘I,’ whose bodies would instead be filled by demons.


In ancient Greece, “the replete body” was still “filled out by the entire human soul”, both in complete correspondence with each other. Nowadays, that is no longer the case. “Bodies remain empty to a certain extent. (…) But in reality, nothing in the world remains empty. (…) And as humans increasingly withdraw their souls from the physical [material] body, this physical [body] is increasingly exposed to the danger of being occupied by other entities. And if the souls are not prepared to accept impulses that can only derive from spiritual knowledge, then the body is taken over by demonic forces. Humanity is approaching this fate, whereby it is possible for bodies to be filled with demonic forces (…).”


It is important to note that outwardly on the level of the socially conditioned/programmed personality, spirit-possessed humans mostly appear as normal and average, like an NPC, acting mechanically like “John or Jane Smith,” but the body is empty and filled with other beings. it takes a high level of sensitivity and”occult vision” to pierce through the mask of appearance.


In my experience, the eyes usually give it away. But again, we need to be careful that our perceptions are not overlaid with our shadow projections. Hence we need to be strongly connected to our Essence before making hasty judgments.:


“Rudolf Steiner went on to say that there will be people who, “on the basis of the social context, appear outwardly in civil life as Hans Kunz (or John Smith) [an average person], but with a body so empty [Organic Portal] that a strong Ahrimanic being is able to occupy it.” Then human beings will only apparently be the persons they outwardly are manifesting as.”


What Is Special About The Soratic Spirits Of Transhumanism?


As a reminder, Mayer’s work is also based on communicating with other supersensible practitioners (clairvoyant psychics) trained in Steiner’s work of accessing “higher worlds.” They had several meetings comparing research notes to gain a better understanding of these spirits of transhumanism that are in the COIVD vaccines. These beings are not native to the earth and not related to any other occult forces or angelic hierarchies but seem to be aliens that have invaded the earth and humanity. Below are some excerpts from their notes that make the picture more vivid:


  1. They are completely alien, metallic, green, and cold creatures. They suck into themselves all the supersensible members, which then become available for the development of these alien beings. This is a completely different evolution, very remote from humanity. They have no consciousness of human beings and no angelic consciousness; they are beyond that, incomprehensible, elusive….”
  2. “They are very cold, sharp as knives.”
  3. It’s a dark world like a crystal world, aggressive, like a mountain of beings fully armed. Very alien, frozen, somewhere outside of the sphere of our angelic hierarchies. Is there a relationship to the normal angelic hierarchies? The alien beings know nothing of the angelic hierarchies; they want more and more and are greedy. The hierarchies of angels, on the other hand, see the alien beings but look at them wistfully and sadly, as at the prodigal son.”
  4. It is a world so different that words fail. You always have to have helpers to hold yourself there. The world in the film ‘The Matrix’ fits best; it has nothing to do with the human being anymore. It is the opposite of the Central Sun, a world on the other side. The vaccine is like a swarm of little soldiers, extraterrestrial and misanthropic, they want to create something completely different. That’s also why the elementals are so afraid of it.”

Why do Vaccinated People Hardly Notice Changes in Themselves?


In the first part of Mayer’s book (and summarized in my previous article [go back to read it first if you haven’t yet]), we’ve seen reports of many supersensible therapists and bodyworkers who sensed, felt, and saw the detrimental effects of the COVID vaxx on a metaphysical level. They perceived soratic entities and other occult adversary spirits in the aura of vaccinated people, how their soul got “dislodged,” and they became further disconnected from their real “I,” among many other energetic issues in the supersensible members of the human being.
However, Mayer and his reach team noticed a “large discrepancy between the external and internal perceptions of those who have been vaccinated is a remarkable phenomenon.
Why is it that the effects described in Mayer’s book are often not experienced by the vaccinated themselves?  He lists five major reasons for this, which make a lot of sense:
  1. Firstly, we are living in a materialistic age, and so people generally have little insight into their own inner life. Many are not in tune with their feelings and lack the capacity for self-reflection. People generally tend not to observe their own thinking, to sense the content and activity of their own thinking process, let alone to observe the supersensible members of their own being.
  2. Secondly, it is a consequence of the covid vaccination itself. As described, this binds the human being to the material world, pushes the soul, spirit, and angels away, and gives more scope to the double, the unredeemed old karma. This undermines the basis for soul-spiritual perceptions.
  3. Thirdly, fear closes off perception. Since the beginning of 2020, the media and politics have been generating life-threatening fears and ongoing panic in the population due to repeated news of catastrophes. As a result, real perception has largely been overridden. An opinion poll in July 2020 showed that the German population overestimated the lethality of the coronavirus by an average of 300 times. In real terms, this means that countless individuals were so saturated with fear demons that they didn’t perceive anything else; they were just happy to be relieved of some of those demons, which vaccination promises to do.
  4. Fourthly, euphoria overrides perception. The covid vaccination was linked to an almost metaphysical expectation of salvation, a Luciferic “rapture”, a feeling of being able to take part in life again, of getting back to normal life as it was before 2020, a life without restrictions, masks, and the threat of imminent death. Finally, to be free again!
  5. Fifthly, over the decades, the mass use of medicines has weakened the body elementals and thus body awareness. An experienced doctor describes this in more detail below:


“An experience based on years of work with body elementals by doctors and therapists is that most seriously ill patients manifest a greatly reduced activity of the body elemental to the point of being completely inactivated. A second experience is that certain conventional medicines greatly reduce and limit the activity of the body elemental, even when patients were not seriously ill. It seems that our lifestyle, our diet, and, above all, the conventional medicines that have been taken as a matter of course for decades cause considerable impairments to the elemental beings of the body. In addition, for decades, vaccination has become standard from early childhood.


If we consider all these aspects together, we can say that the body just does not react allergically, hyper sensitively, but anergically – despite the increasing number of allergies – it in fact does not react at all. That is to say, from earliest childhood, the body elemental, rather than being encouraged, has been inactivated. This affects individuals’ perception of their bodies.


I would add to Mayer’s list and common sense conclusions that we live in a world where the vast majority of consensus people (about 80% of humanity) are out of touch with their bodies and disassociated for two major reasons:


  1. The increasing digitization of the world keeps people head-centric and out of the body. They are glued to their phones, computers, and mindless media consumption to get the next dopamine-pleasure hit.
  2. Trauma creates disassociation. The suppression of childhood wounds, uncomfortable feelings, and the shadow also keeps people head-centric and not “safe” to be in the body and feel all feelings [which would be necessary for healing]. Over time it creates a lot of emotional and physical body armor that desensitizes and shuts people off from their inherent intelligence and wisdom of the body, and intuition, which normally would detect anything that may be off and would have also warned them not to get the vaxx, to begin with.


Lastly, the doctor Mayer quoted above is also correct in stating that many people are so disembodied and disconnected from their essence and soul due to lifelong unhealthy habits (and chronic use of allopathic medicine, pharmaceuticals, and other vaccines) that their body is not even reacting to anything that is a foreign intrusion. In that sense, they’ve already become empty shells and are occupied by other forces and spirits.


Karmic Background of Ancient Egypt and Atlantis


Everything we experience now during this Time of Transition is also related to “Karma coming to fruition” on a collective and individual level. Karma is the universal cosmic law of compensation of cause and effect. I have explored the topic of Karma and its many misconceptions in Soul Evolution, Universal Laws, and Karma in The Body.


Nothing ever occurs by chance or as a random occurrence. Every single action or effect has an underlying cause, and there are no exceptions to this — ever. There is a higher divine order. The seeming “chaos” in the world or in our personal lives at times is based on ignorance of universal laws and our limited monkey mind perception. The causes are set up in the invisible/unseen or unknown to us and then manifest in the visible as the effect. In other words, the inter-relationship between a specific cause and effect is never truly clear to us in our very limited mental perception. Hence, we all can easily mistake symptoms for causes.


Thoma Mayer explored the Karmic background relating to the separation of body and spirit, the emergence of materialism, allopathic medicine, the vaccine, and the abuse of power going back to ancient Egypt and Atlantis:


“Vaccination has come to be enforced with a zeal comparable to compulsory evangelization. How did society arrive at what has become a world religion of vaccination? Nowadays, “Health” is God, “Sickness” is the devil, and “Vaccination” is the Saviour. What does this amount to? What is its karmic background? As the strands of individual and collective karma merge, there can be no simple answers.”

Spiritual Mummification and Manipulative Initiations in Ancient Egypt


“In ancient Egypt, it was customary to mummify corpses involving lengthy and elaborate procedures. Through mummification and its associated preservation of the human form, a stronger attachment of humans to physical and material existence in later incarnations was achieved, combined with an intensified soul identification with one’s personality, while also promoting a tendency towards materialism.


A long period of training and initiation was required to become a priest. Initially, the priests in the ancient Egyptian temples worked with substances according to the divine intentions inherent within them. In this, they collaborated with the gods. As the priests became less and less able to connect with the angelic hierarchies, however, Egyptian culture fell into decadence.


Power struggles also arose among the priesthood. In the interest of particular power structures, the ‘I’ and the spirit became separated too strongly from the human being by means of distorted, manipulative initiations. As a result, the pupil remained susceptible to external influence after returning to the body. This laid the foundation for the emergence of a manipulable priesthood.


[…] These souls lend themselves to becoming suitable instruments for the adversary spirits, as may manifest in politics, medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry today. Due to an insufficient integration of the ‘I’ within the personality, they become vulnerable to manipulation. Access to their inner source of conscience and moral feeling has been impeded. One may ask: How many such priests, falsely initiated in Egypt, may be active in leading positions in society today?


In the Egyptian period of decadence, the divine relationship to material substance was lost, thereby opening the door to adversary spirits. What began in those times is widespread today, manifesting in pharmacology and conventional medicine insofar as these practices are based on materialism and a denial of the spirit.


Separation of body and spirit, appropriate for human evolution, was the legitimate goal of the old “mummification medicine.” This was abused and exaggerated during the period of decadence. The higher potential for the “initiation process of illness” “has nowadays been subverted. This is analogous to the manipulated initiation processes of Egyptian times. Today’s covid vaccinations can be conceived as a “spiritual mummification while alive” that serves the preparation of machine man (cyborgs). The unredeemed, untransformed decadence of ancient Egypt is now breaking through.”


The Egyptian Priest Class & The Occult Law of Agreement of Entrapment


The distorted, manipulative initiations Mayer talks about as the Egyptian culture fell into decadence which opened the door to adversary spirits, relates to an “Agreement of Entrapment” based on the Law of Agreement.


This is the law hyperdimensional occult/alien forces took advantage of to manipulate the power-hungry Egyptian priesthood into agreements of entrapment via corrupted rituals/ceremonies as they were getting tempted by their lower nature (appealing to greed, lust, power).  The law of agreement ties into the law of free will, for the adversary occult forces do need our “free will” consent, even if it is based on unconscious deception or our ignorance of not being aware of universal laws.


An agreement of entrapment is a “Faustian pact with the devil” (negative occult entities) and can be made consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes these negative entities appear to disguise themselves as “positive forces,” appealing to the belief system of the person they want to get consent/permission from and/or appealing to their ego via temptation.


Nowadays, people still make traps of agreements and engage in black magic unknowingly when calling in entities coming from their ego-lower nature. These entities can adjust to any belief to receive permission. For example, someone conditioned with Catholic religious beliefs, these shape-shifters may appear as “Jesus” or “Mother Mary.” To someone caught in the New Age and the “space brothers are here to save us” deception, a negative entity may appear as a Pleiadian, Blue Avian, etc.


The agreement of entrapment is like a legal contract that can be active over multiple lifetimes. It is symbolized in Vampire mythology when a Vampire needs permission to enter the house of his/her victim. All universe agreements are valid in all dimensions, through time and space eternally. All agreements can be changed only through the awareness of the universal laws of their creation.


As Mayer pointed out, the leading players in politics, medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry today who created and pushed the COVID vaxx could be related to the “Egyptian Priestclass” that engaged in black magic, lending themselves to becoming suitable instruments for the adversary spirits.


Is The Sinking of Atlantis Being Repeated Today?


“Atlantis has not come to an end; almost everyone, ourselves included, carries the experiences of their Atlantean incarnations in the depths of their souls.”

– Thomas Mayer


There is much mystery around the ancient civilization of Atlantis. Some people deny it existed, others can’t agree on its location. However, there is enough data and information from Plato, Rudolf Steiner, and others that point to its existence and subsequent destruction or “sinking.” The biblical flood could also be an analogy related to the sinking of this once highly advanced and powerful civilization.


We are descendants of Atlantis and carry its Karma and unresolved past life traumas as well. In many ways, we are replaying the same story in a different timeline, and we may re-experience the fate of Atlantis again, leading to our destruction if we don’t learn the lessons this time around. As a friend wrote to Mayer:


I also notice an increasing parallel to the sinking of Atlantis, the dynamic of the black magic scientists and priests of the time, the leaders of the decadent Atlantis and their inspirers. These can certainly also be found today, particularly in transhumanism. Right down to individuals. And I have become aware that many of the academics who are getting vaccinated and are experiencing the corona pandemic completely uncritically were among those fallen Atlantean scientists and leaders.”


Mayer describes what Atlantis represented:


“[Atlantis] signifies an earlier peak of human cultural development, which is described in many myths and which Plato also referred to. Many cultural testimonies from the Atlantean period exist around the world, but to be able to recognize them as such requires a trained eye. Experience has shown that reference to Atlantis is often unavoidable when considering individual karma because many unresolved karmic entanglements can be traced back to the later part of this epoch.


The Atlanteans were closely connected with the life forces of the earth as well as with elemental beings and angels. Only in the last third of the Atlantean epoch did humanity develop an initial degree of self-awareness. This was accompanied by greater possibilities of seduction, which ultimately were to lead to the sinking of the continent.


Similar to the Egyptians being taken over by adversary spirits as a result of losing their connection to the real “I” [the Divine within], the Atlanteans abused their power and “were increasingly deprived of their feeling for the spirit,” which opened to the doorway for adversary spirits to come in:


“The betrayal of the secrets of the Vulcan oracle [of Atalantis] had a particularly unfavorable influence because the view of their adherents was predominantly directed to the earthly conditions. As a result of this betrayal, humanity became dependent on spiritual beings who, as a result of their previous evolution, had rejected everything that derived from the spiritual world (…).


In accordance with the disposition they had developed in this way, they worked precisely in the element which developed in the human being through his having perceptions in the physical world, behind which the spiritual remains hidden. These beings now gained great influence on many inhabitants of the earth, and this manifested itself initially through the fact that human beings were increasingly deprived of their feeling for the spirit.


– Rudolf Steiner


Underlying Patterns – Then and Now – A Crossroad


Atlantean history and the unresolved Atlantean Trauma is a very big topic on its own. Mayer points out the following underlying patterns that stand out when considering the decline of Atlantis:


  • The Atlantean priests and leaders turn away from the high divine-spiritual world and connect with seductive adversary spirits
  • They engage with strong forces and beings without having acquired the necessary moral maturity
  • Their desire to satisfy egoistic needs and to increase their power leads to a compulsion to do anything that is feasible
  • They drag the entire population into the decline, which they themselves caused
  • People are seduced by the effects of Atlantean magic but do not understand which spirit beings are behind it
  • The fallen priests of the Vulcan Mysteries played a special role in the Atlantean catastrophe, as they not only dealt with Ahrimanic, but – at least such is my impression – also with soratic beings with whom they worked very effectively, but in an abusive way. [As Steiner pointed out:]“These beings now gained a great influence over many inhabitants of the earth.” People were “more and more deprived of the feeling for the spirit”.


Mayer emphasizes the big opportunity in this “repeat round” of the Atlantean crisis to process and heal some of its trauma. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always seen this time as a huge opportunity. None of us can escape our ancient Karma and trauma stored over lifetimes.


I have said time and again that ALL and EVERYTHING we suppressed, ignored, and denied – not only firm this lifetime but all our past lives, even going back to ancient Egypt and Atlantis – is coming up now, even more so during this Time of Transition to be looked at, process and healed.


Healing our traumas is also the prerequisite to reconnecting to our spiritual nature, which we have lost a long time ago when we dove into the darkness of materialism as the spirits of darkness invaded humanity due to our own greed for power.


We are now truly at a crossroads between falling deeper into and getting trapped in the dark age of materialistic synthetic Trahsnumansim, which will inevitably result in a mass cataclysmic event similar to the sinking of Atlantis, or we “answer the call,” learn our lessons and engage in the Great Work to ascend to our Divine Nature.


Mayer concludes:


“Initially, however, the old film is having a rerun. There may be an unconscious need to repeat such experiences, to reconnect with similar spirits to those with whom one was formerly connected on Atlantis. Once again, I pick up my friend’s letter. He writes further:


I am very preoccupied with the mindset of those who advocate vaccination. Many give me the impression that their decision has long since been predestined. It appears to be rooted in a deep layer of their being. This is evident from the fact that you simply cannot discuss this issue with many people and that there is absolutely no preparedness or appetite for discussion or debate. They haven’t even read the vaccines’ enclosed product description, let alone the informed consent document and legal clarification. Perhaps this represents a prenatal karmic intention to embark on a long detour with transhumanist beings.‘”



We are in the midst of a death of an old era and the birth of a new one. What happens next is of critical importance because it will be the seed of the next cycle of this drama that we call Planet Earth. I talk more about it in this video:


The New Fall of Humanity


When considering the temptation of Traunshumansim in light of the mRNA vaccines, our ancient Egyptian and Atlantean Karma, and the digitization of humanity by technocrats who not only want to play but become like gods, one can see a parallel to a new fall of humanity and the expulsion from paradise as told in the archetypal and metaphorical story from Genesis. Thomas Mayer elaborates on this comparison in his book:


“Adam and Eve were easily seduced. They were deceived by the Serpent’s statements and did not attempt to verify or discuss it beforehand. It had already been proclaimed that humanity of that time would then be expelled from Paradise, but in their dreamy naivety, they simply did not believe it.


How easily do people have themselves vaccinated today? And how stark and serious can the consequences be, before and after death?


By voluntarily surrendering to the covid vaccination, one connects oneself with dark forces, irrespective of any prior knowledge or understanding. Neither was Eve aware that the Serpent was the Devil when she took the apple from the tree, nevertheless resulting in their expulsion from Paradise.”


The Genesis story of the Temptation and subsequent expulsion from paradise is also a classical example of the concept of “entrapment of agreement,” as explored earlier. The dark occult forces need our consent, even if it is manipulated consent based on lies and deception. Ignorance is not a defense or excuse. Hence, as I always said, it is of vital importance to understand the “rules of the game called life”, i.e., occult and divine laws.


Expulsion from paradise on a soul-spiritual level


According to Rudolf Steiner, the Genesis metaphor in the bible goes back to pre-Atlantean times and is based on the Lemurian period. It is about the descent into materialism, ego-consciousness, and entanglement. in the world of the senses. Again, this was a free-will choice. This is important to understand so we don’t get caught up in victim/blame consciousness, which is a matrix trap in itself:


“Humanity’s Fall from Paradise, as described in the Bible, is a process which, according to Steiner, occurred during the “Lemurian period,” the age preceding the “Atlantean epoch.” At the beginning of the Lemurian age, humanity had not yet become individualized but lived united in a great human soul.


Luciferic spirit beings connected with human astral bodies, and through this “Luciferic Temptation,” the individualization of humans began. Rudolf Steiner has described these processes in detail. The Expulsion from Paradise represented a “descent to earth, an entanglement in the world of the senses” – and with this, a loss of the bliss within the all-encompassing, great human soul.


The Expulsion from Paradise was, therefore, not a physical but a spiritual process. Human beings have lost the sense of being encompassed in the divine human soul. Since then, we have inevitably faced isolation and experienced loneliness, desolation, trouble, suffering, and heartache. But up till now, our physical body and etheric body have continued to be our home. These two bodies created by the gods carried us and received us every morning on waking up as our soul-spiritual beings re-entered them.”


Expulsion from physical paradise and soul entrapment


The Covid vaccines destroy the physical body, dislodge the soul and create entry points for Soratic and Ahrimanic beings. Transhumanism, gene therapy (also ties into Transgenderism), and the temptation to artificially modify the human genome can be seen as an expulsion from “physical paradise” as our natural god-given body is the temple for our soul and spirit:


As we have seen, the covid vaccinations and their associated soratic beings destroy corporeality. Many deceased souls who had been vaccinated experience this. They find themselves in the debris field of their etheric and phantom body, are bound to it, and feel miserable.


When we invoke Soratic and Ahrimanic beings into our bodies, a new, much deeper “sin” takes place. This is the counter-impulse to connection with the Resurrection Body of Christ [our true Self/soul/Divine Nature.]


When our bodies are so broken and congealed that they no longer permit access to our soul and spirit beings, this constitutes the new Expulsion from Paradise. Then the gates of the bodily Paradise Garden are now also locked, and the soul must wait in despair in front of the bars.


This expulsion from physical paradise via the genetic modification of the human body is the soul-harvesting agenda of the occult adverse forces as the soul gets trapped in the afterlife, interrupting the reincarnation cycle and soul-evolutionary process as the human bodies don’t become suitable to host a soul anymore. Instead, these genetically modified bodied become hosts for adverse [demonic] occult Soratic and Ahrimanic spirits – the alien invasion through our bodies.


Trapped in the After Life & The Battle For Our Souls


It is hard to predict the future accurately since many unknown factors, variables, and expectations come. I’d also add that it depends on each one of us and the work we’re here to do during this Time of Transition and, of course, Divine Will. Considering these limitations and unknowns, Thomas Mayer concludes his book with a supersensible look into the future.


His concern is mostly related to the many earth-bound trapped spirits of deceased humans who have received the COVID vaccine and how to help trapped souls in the afterlife. Keep in mind that, as of April 2023,  70% of the population of humanity has received at least one shot of the mRNA vaccine, with 13.37 billion doses administered worldwide. While the shot affects everyone differently, as mentioned before, this is is still a very large number, so we need a sober reality check but without doom&gloom fear-mongering.


Add to it many other environmental toxins, GMO food, EMF radiation, 5G, allopathic medicine & pharmaceuticals, people already being disassociated due to trauma and social media/phone addiction, and the dawning age of Transhumanism to modify the human body even more genetically, we truly are facing a battle over our souls:


“If we consider the combined effects of the covid vaccinations, which are to be repeated continuously in the future, the conventional medicines, the exposure to environmental toxins, electro smog, etc., it is likely that countless individuals will experience a very difficult time in their after-death existence. Remaining earthbound with their destroyed bodies, they may suffer for centuries.


Since they have bonded with destructive beings unfamiliar to them, which they cannot handle themselves, they will probably require outside help. Help would always be possible, but who is to provide it? To help a soul in the life after death normally takes me at least an hour. After a few hours, my forces are depleted. We saw in the reports that because of the covid vaccinations, this now often takes much longer. And how many individuals are being vaccinated every day? It is like a mountain that cannot be cleared away.


A very, very long period of time will probably be needed to provide everyone who has died with the help they require. The more healing circles that will be formed in the future offering active help for the dead, the faster this work could progress. This book aims to encourage the formation of such circles and create a basis for understanding what is required.


This book itself could be seen as providing life jackets thrown to the earthbound deceased. Whenever it is read with an open mind, a field of resonance is created in the spirit world that the deceased who are nearby can perceive. This orientation could give them a starting point for their transformative journey, as long as they themselves were able to recognize and take hold of the life jacket. Many will initially find this challenge too overwhelming.”


This age of pure materialism and Transhumanism can not sustain itself in the long run, for it ultimately goes against Nature and Divine Law. We may experience complete destruction as we dive deeper into a “dark night of civilization,” similar to what happened in Atlantis and symbolized in the biblical flood, or we learn our lessons and successfully pass through this test and learn our lessons without the need for a cataclysm.


“Spiritual laws also apply to those who ignore them. Ultimately, the spiritual world is the stronger; materialism and transhumanism will not be able to hold out and will collapse.”


However, according to Mayer, there are at least three problems:


  1. Deceased souls who are involuntarily earthbound have a negative influence on the spiritual atmosphere of the earth, and this puts a strain on incarnated individuals. We have already had to contend with deceased earthbound souls before now. Now this dark layer around the earth will become much larger and stronger, making it increasingly difficult for incarnated individuals to remain physically and mentally healthy. Staying free of these burdens is already a major challenge.
  2. Earthbound spirits of the deceased being hijacked by adversary spirits: A second problem is that these earthbound deceased, having lost connection to their angel, lack any protection against spiritual “Mafia” groups [other occult adverse forces], of which there are many and who are keen to avail themselves of the forces of such deceased. However, this leads to even more entanglements and knots.
  3. A third future problem might be that souls striving for incarnation can no longer find parents able to produce bodies suitable for them to enter. After continued vaccination of humanity, according to the current agenda, how are bodies still to be born that are sufficiently permeable for soul and spirit? What then is to become of the will to incarnate of the unborn?


However, should all go well and the earthbound souls eventually break free and digest everything they have been through, they will have had enough of materialism and transhumanism and their associated destructive spirits. They will have experienced their descent into hell and catharsis; they will have come to know evil and will have good cause to maintain more light-filled connections into the future.


Considering everything we have explored so far based on Mayer’s work and other supersensible researchers, I add another layer to how the future will play out, which is about the “splitting of humanity.”


The Time Of Transition And The Splitting Of Humanity


Six years ago (2016), I first wrote about the “splitting of humanity” in my article Timeline-Reality Split, Frequency Vibration, and the Hidden Forces of Life:


[…]What we are experiencing (and are currently in the midst of assimilating into our neurology) is a timeline-reality/realm split…this is a natural consequence of the collective path humanity chose to take, for not everyone is here in this “Now” to awaken.


Many of us experience this “splitting”/cleaving of timelines within our own personal relationships, be it with friends, lovers, or even family. We also see it with regard to our lifestyle location and what we call “home.”


Some people simply don’t resonate anymore with where they are currently living, particularly in densely populated areas, or with the job they’ve had for many years. As a result of that, it’s easy to complain about others, your location, or a career that you don’t resonate with anymore.


However, the key issue here is frequency vibration. As you start to awaken, begin to seek out truths, and engage in sincere self-work, your Being and frequency change – this “alteration” initiates an inner conflict with regard to anything that is not of the same frequency.


There is no use in getting upset at others or with your location/circumstances. That reactive behavior is actually quite counter-productive and creates one of the many frequencies which the Matrix feeds off of – remember, these otherworldly parasites want us to get triggered, be reactive, project outwardly, and fight each other.


Where you live (and who you surrounded yourself with) was, at some point in time, a perfect match for where you were at. So we need to be mindful not to engage in shadow projection and blame the outside world for the changes we are going through, which are essentially arising from within.


As you allow the changes to manifest themselves and stay focused on your own evolution, remaining sincere in your inner work, seeking truth, and learning to respond from a zero-point, non-reactive level of consciousness, you will also attract the right people and opportunities into your life that will help you to expand your awareness of What Is, and what is possible.


If you feel stuck, then this is a sign that there are still lessons to learn (hint: there are always more lessons to learn, so get used to the occasional sensation of “stuck-ness”). Patience is key here – avoid making decisions based on desperation, fear, or head-centric ‘analysis paralysis’. It’s about responding from a fully embodied “knowing” – following your intuition and inner guidance instead of forceful (will-full) doing.


As frequency anchors (and societal renegades) during this time of transition, we will gradually attract – and gravitate towards – people and places that reflect our embodied vibration and vice versa. However, where we are supposed to be at any given place and time – and whom we are supposed to interact with – is not up to our (conditioned) ego mind and its desires to decide alone but is according to Divine Will.


We didn’t incarnate on this planet for a “vacation” of avoidance but rather to actively participate in the shift that is underway. Our participation in this “tipping point” involves our frequency vibration, gifts and talents, and the lessons we are here to learn for our own emancipation as we strive to aid others in their own process.


This means that we will be put into areas – and in contact with people – where we are most needed, according to our individual purpose-agendas, which are themselves birthed from a higher-self [Divine] perspective, not our ego’s conditioned cravings.


The planet is also being infused with ever-more-dynamic energies as the dark and light polarities are increasing, creating more friction for those who are swimming in the “current.” The light brings up everything that is not in alignment with who you truly are. It burns away everything that is false, bringing the darkness into contact with conscious awareness (both within and without) in order to be transcended through the alchemical fire of transmutation. It’s not a comfortable process at times (to say the least), but the only way out is through.[…]


Since then, the signs of a “splitting” became more apparent, especially since the plandemic started in 2020. I expanded more on this topic in various articles, podcasts, and videos, citing other sources that talked about it as well. In 2019, in my article The Necessity to Surrender to the Divine and Spiritualize the Being, I wrote a chapter on “The Splitting Of Humanity, The Supramental Action, And The Matrix:”


[…]The “Mother” Mirra Alfassa mentioned a possible “splitting of humanity.” She spoke about how one part of the humanity of people who sincerely engaged in the divine work (within and without) will “move up” into a collective higher level of awareness, while the pressure of the descending supramental force will disintegrate the other part of humanity who don’t do the work towards “awakening.”


Anyone who cannot embody the Divine (supramental) force that is descending onto this planet will become a pawn to the dark agenda and fall deeper into confusion, ignorance, disembodiment, and suffering.


The world is also in a very fragile balance, and we haven’t reached the “dark night of civilization” yet (which the Mother referred to), which is pointing to a further disintegration of humanity. This “dark night” is not going to be helped by us getting into a fear frequency or a negative or paranoid state of mind, but it can act as a sober reality check for the way we may be headed if things keep going in the same direction they seem to be headed.


This impending potential means that we cannot spiritually bypass our inner work and shadow any longer, nor can we bypass looking clearly at the darkness in the world and what needs to be done to resist these asuric hostile forces that control the matrix. We must rise to the responsibility to engage in both inner and outer work.


If insufficient human beings wake up to the reality of how the dark/matrix operates by actively resisting its influences while also doing the necessary inner work to come in alignment with their psychic being (soul) to connect with the Supramental (Divine); we may experience what various ancient civilizations have experienced in past cycles (such as Atlantis), resulting in our full destruction and the Divine pressing the “reset button” on our evolutionary journey.[…]


It is VERY important to note that you need to clear your “vessel” for the higher divine/supramental energies to be able to anchor themselves in you, reconnecting you to who you truly are (essence/true Self). The purification process entails deep psychological work as well (trauma work, shadow work, childhood wounding) so you don’t fall into the trap of spiritual bypassing to clear anything that is in the way of soul embodiment (bringing the soul to the front as a transducer for Divine Will and not acting from your wounded/conditioned ego personality.)


That process has profound effects on the outside world (which is not really “outside” or separated from “you”) with regards to a reality-creation process that is based upon your internal healing journey (and the resulting increase in embodied “Being-ness” frequency). This is very different from what is being promoted these days within the distorted and overs-simplified New Age idea of “reality creation” or the “law of attraction,” which is also most often based on the ego’s [conditioned] cravings and desires. Ultimately it is about surrendering to Divine Will.


It is also critical to understand that this “splitting” is a natural process in light of the evolution of consciousness, for there are vastly different levels of being and karmic soul lessons within 8 billion people. More on that topic in How To Navigate This Time Of Transition And The Birth Of A New Era.


Spiritual Preparation Needs To Come First


Considering all of the above in light of the work of Thomas Mayer and the insights by Robin Kaiser about the connection between the mRNA vaccines and Transhumanism, causing a “death of the inner life,” dislodging the soul from the body, and how it affects the future incarnation cycles we get a better idea of how this “splitting” within humanity may occur.


As Kaiser noted before, the majority of humans that get vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine may follow this path of assimilation into a highly [artificial] intelligent, technical field. Those people who decide to digitize their DNA will sooner or later have to settle on another trajectory that is not compatible with organic natural/spiritual evolution.


This ongoing “splitting of humanity” during this Time of Transition, as we are already witnessing and experiencing, is a very long process spanning over many lifetimes (with a potential disintegration and “reset” of the cycle) until all of humanity is fully spiritualized. This splitting is also not “black or white,” meaning there are many different timelines intersecting, and it all depends on each individual’s level of being [soul state over lifetimes], soul lessons, karma, and Divine Grace, which is beyond any human’s ability to control or predict.


Your level of Being/soul potential & embodiment, the sincere (self)-work you are engaged in and learning your specific soul lessons to find the truth/essence of your Being and what you  “do” (in alignment with Divine Will and your essence) in the Now determines your “Frequency Resonance Vibration” and the “future” reality-timeline in this lifetime and future incarnations during this “splitting.”


What is asked of us is way bigger than creating a new system of government or only striving for sovereignty, physical preparation, and decentralization externally. This transition is about the necessity for a quantum leap in the evolution of consciousness and the need to spiritualize our being. It is about our INNER alignment to the Divine, transcending the mental egoic materialistic consciousness. Otherwise, everything will disintegrate again and again until we get the “message.”


The old needs to die before the new can emerge – most of all, the death of the conditioned and programmed ego/false personality that we identify with (mistaking it for the true Self); all our wounds and traumas accumulated over lifetimes need to be healed and transmuted via this internal alchemical process [transmuting lead [matter/ego] into gold [spirit/soul being], resulting in the necessary disillusionment to ignite the fire within and “grow the soul” of this often difficult transformative process. Ego-identification is a trauma response in itself, the “original sin/wound” and “fall from Eden” – the illusory separation from God – hence everyone is traumatized.


We can’t skip any steps in this inner transformation and necessary work over lifetimes. As I mentioned many times before, it is very tempting to engage in spiritual bypassing, getting lost in New Age fast-food spirituality, or latching on to an outdated dogmatic form of religion and over-estimate your level of being, lying to yourself that you have already “ascended to 5D” or “awakened” in the true meaning of the word.


Moreover, things will never improve by themselves nor by trying to fix things externally or desperately trying to find a “safe place” in the world, getting into materialistic survival mode. As Rudolf Steiner and Sri Aurobindo and many other enlightened beings have tried to convey to us for hundreds and thousands of years, we need to bring forth a true and grounded spirituality within ourselves [seek the Kingdom within FIRST], i.e., consciously engage in The Great Work.


“Everything depends upon insight into the Spirit that is lying hidden in European and American culture — the Spirit from which men flee, which for the sake of ease they would fain avoid, but which alone can set the feet of humanity on the path of ascent.

People like to put their heads in the sand, saying that things will improve of themselves. No, they will not. The hour of a great decision has struck. Either men will resolve to bring forth the spirituality of which I have spoken, or the decline of the West is inevitable. Hopes and fatalistic longings for things to right themselves are of no avail.

Once and forever, man has passed into the epoch when he must manipulate his powers out of his own free will. In other words: it is for men themselves to decide for or against spirituality. If the decision is positive, progress will be possible; if not, the doom of the West is sealed and in the wake of dire catastrophes the further evolution of humanity will take a course undreamed of today.

Those who would strive for true insight into these matters should not, nay dare not, neglect the study of the life of soul in mankind at large, and in the different peoples, especially of East and West.”

– Rudolf Steiner, Cosmic Forces in Man, Lecture 1, Oslo, November 24, 1921

The Most Important Choice You Need To Make


As the energies and friction are intensifying during this Time of Transition and Bifurcation, there are various choices most people make, consciously or unconsciously, and to varying degrees which I’m sharing in this video. There is no middle ground anymore or trying to stay on the sidelines. This is a moment of conscious choice. Choose wisely: