My Earth

by Nowick Gray



The Personal Earth

I used to think, If I ever wrote a manifesto it would be around the concept of “My Country.” The vision of a natural man on the natural earth, with only natural boundaries to define his roaming territory. It is also a country of the soul, where each resident of Life may explore at will, draw nourishment, and feel at home, without conditions.

Now I would upgrade that concept of “Country” to go global, and call this vision “My Earth.” Not in the manner of the globalist aspiring rulers, the climate chess-masters or the techno-utopians. Rather only to expand the local terrain to include the whole natural Earth. In doing so I identify with the family of life that is nature, and also with the human community spirit. This is not to claim global citizenship, rather to denounce it as a passport to slavery, a chain to false states of control.

This vision of My Earth is not only personal to me, but shared as personal among any who choose to so identify. For the benefit of every one of life’s creatures to keep the personal alive, in each the unique spark of spirit. The contrary kind of collective that would express itself as “Our Earth” collapses into a fiction of collective conformity, with the power to define reality in the hands of those monopolizing the microphone. Arrests to follow.

Aside from the individual and collective human meanings of the term “personal earth,” the Earth herself is a kind of person. We are cells and micro-organisms of that personal earth. We might call her Gaia, and we might attempt to degender her, but by definition she is the life giver, our one shared Mother. In that light again she is also the personal earth of each of her children, after all.

Which type of organism do we choose to be, in the body of the Earth? What do we identify as our given role?

The white blood cell, self-appointed to destroy by consuming any entities it is programmed to perceive as “enemy”?

The red blood cell, converting oxygen into usable fuel for the body to function?

The brain cell, liable to brilliance or distraction, ever sparking in a network of possibility?

All eight billion of us human organisms are milling about in this body of the Earth, most unthinking of what we might do to serve the whole. Distracted by our personalized matrix of concern, we forget the genius of the larger design.

We keep running away from home, to join the army of white blood cells, when that’s not who we are. This body most needs oxygen (and wouldn’t you know, masks and 5G share the same main effect, restricting oxygen: one at the mouth, the other at the mitochondria: every cell’s engine.

And now, pressured to invite synthetic constructions by certain cancerous white-coated brain parasites, many of us other organisms will perish. Which makes one wonder at the ultimate aim of those rogue free-riders, “destined to destroy the societies which function as their hosts” (Academy of Ideas, “Freedom vs. Force”).

If it is to cleanse the Mother of humans, whom by decree are deemed undesirable in the long-awaited Earth Health Management Plan, then Who, we might ask, is doing the purging? Who is the doctor, and if they are human too, isn’t that a conflict of interest?

The alternative—that they are nonhuman—is another possible conclusion. But putting that speculation aside for a moment, let’s entertain the mindset of that elite human gamemaster. Satisfied he has served the mother he never learned to love by ridding her of our pesky billions, he rests content, surveying his vast estate of replenished wild game, relaxed restrictions, uncontested airspace, free reign for his (and I do mean his) lordly desires. In a twisted sort of prayer to his swirling scotch, he mumbles homage to his own lord and master, the father he never saw and secretly hates, but is driven to emulate. Dominion accomplished, Sir!

One way or another, a guy in the sky… which brings us back to door number one. Shall we open it, channeling Pandora?

Maybe there is a foreign invader, on a planetary scale. Maybe there are alien entities among us already…

  • in whole-cell form masquerading as humans
  • in viral debris engineering our DNA
  • as spyware code in the AI operating system
  • as thoughtforms and psychic parasites

Maybe they aren’t bugs, after all, but features.

Maybe the Mother is herself just a peon, a lowly organism like us serving a greater entity, a galactic Hive Mind-Body. And all this drama circulating on the microscopic terrain of her vast round skin is just that, an operatic dance. She will live, after all, with rages of fire and chilling tears at the tragedy of our infection, mourning what might have been if she had been left unharmed to express her true desire.

Meanwhile, in present time, we bear witness to a bad child’s scrawl on a priceless canvas, the work of lifetimes.


Freedom versus Coercion

The tension between individual freedom and the collective cohesion of the tribe is perhaps the most defining human trait, at the source of much of our psychic and social drama. In tribal times the ultimate punishment was banishment. Since then every freedom has been hard-won. At first it was nature’s necessity. Certain proud men claimed such power for themselves, to enforce allegiance to their selfish version of “My Country.” Ultimately such possessiveness carried over whole continents, by decree and force of arms (“Crown Land”) and over whole peoples, captured into slavery on pain of death.

The book Columbus and Other Cannibals, by Native American scholar Jack D. Forbes, lays out the essential understanding of the civilizational sickness that has by now ravaged the entire world. The psychic disease or mind virus known as wetiko has infected religion, government, media, science, academia, education… in short, the cultural programming of whole societies and billions of individuals, all prone to conscious coercion and unconscious mass suggestion. We can identify symptoms of psychopathy, sociopathy, narcissism, egotism, materialism. We see the results as a relentless war on nature, and the dehumanization (along with colonial assimilation or extermination) of all peoples wishing simply to live in physical and spiritual harmony with the earth.

At the heart of this conflict playing out over the course of recorded history is the fundamental polarity: Freedom versus Coercion. Freedom to live as nature provides, or Coercion to conform to the dictates of self-appointed human rulers.

Like moths to a flame, centralized governments attract authoritarian and narcissistic personalities who believe they know better than the rest of us and who experience little remorse or guilt when they manipulate, deceive, lie, or use force to sculpt society in whatever manner they please. (Academy of Ideas)

To the extent that people are coerced by violent force, appeals to their own self-interest, and top-down propaganda, they join forces with the rulers; and the trampling herd grows in number until every pocket of resistance is found out and either converted or destroyed.


The Missing Amendment: Freedom of Thought

Nowadays the final battleground is freedom of thought. Freedom of speech is already curtailed in a campaign of censorship enforced by big government, big media, big tech. History is rewritten as we speak; writing itself faces a final solution. Big pharma is joining the fray with its beta test (under cover of a misnamed “vaccine”) of a controllable operating system into the human brain and genome. Once the 5G network has full reign over our energetic space, the hookup interface is complete and remote control of thought passes from fiction to the new virtual reality, which will have replaced the reality of nature… or so the tech-fantasy goes.

While the New York Times shouts, “Don’t Go Down the Rabbit Hole,”DARPA’s robo-rabbits and their nano-elves are busily mining the honeycombs of techno-enchantment for our next precious plaything. But some canaries have flown back out to cry the alarm about what’s cooking down below. Of course, they are gunned down for disturbing the peace, but luckily their mournful songs have been recorded and transcribed.

Only now is the full insanity of the anti-human agenda coming to light. Not only are the fauxines not designed to do what popular belief has been groomed to assume—offer immunity—it appears the predictable outcome is far worse: 1) among those inoculated, programming their immune systems to destroy their own cells; and adding insult to injury, 2) to produce immune-resistant strains of the offending virus, then shed-and-spread these increasingly deadly variants among the remaining population with their natural immunity overwhelmed (see this and this).

What the technocrats forget is that nature, wounded and shunned, will never lose its primary place as the ultimate arbiter of our human reality. The natural Earth is the final judge and jury of all these crimes against her and her humanity.

Forbes reminds us of that fast-vanishing but timeless Native wisdom:

Busy erasing the past, hacking reality, and engineering the future, the architects of Human 2.0 are fabricating a stage set worthy of WestWorld, complete with the ritual bloodbath. But when the man in the virtual reality headset reaches for more popcorn at the roll of credits, he’ll find the bowl empty.

So much for his karma. But what about us, watching the all-too-predictable Hollywood climax of gore, through the digitized comfort of our latest-release hand extensions?

Just as with the theft of our natural freedom and connection with Mother Earth, the required response is both individual and collective.

The lockdown schematic, attributed to “Covid-19”, has been a form of hibernation for millions, if not billions, of people. We are now slowly emerging from our chrysalides, and a collective and individual Dark Night of the Soul. Some people will find they have grown new wings and vision; while others will be crooked and hobbled by the expectations they fostered — or were fed — while in the gestation tube. (Corey Lynn)


The Collective Response

It may seem obvious that a collective crisis demands a collective response. “We have a diminishing window of opportunity,” says Iain Davis, “to stop this global fascist dictatorship.… All we need to do is refuse, en masse, to comply…. We stand together or divided we fall.”

Cells in an organism don’t contribute simply as free-floating individuals, but in collaborative efforts, as organs or systems within the body. In the political realm, it is undeniable that numbers matter, which is precisely why the lockdowns are designed to keep people separate from one another. These are not policies grounded in health science, but in prison management, brainwashing and torture.


The purpose of all coercive techniques is to induce psychological regression in the subject by bringing a superior outside force to bear on his will to resist. – C.I.A. Human Resource Exploitation Manual, cited by Corey Lynn.

As the war on humanity is waged against both collective and individual resistance, so must the liberation struggle be carried out on both fronts.


Control What You Can Control

I believe that efforts to achieve justice in the socio-political arena of life are essential. But the basis for those efforts, if they are to be successful, must rest on the spiritual regeneration of each of us who are engaged in such struggles.

The Buddha taught… that humans can break away from the wetiko disease… by following an individual path wherein they steer clear of dogmatism, sectarianism, greed, and [even] organized religion.… Gotama insisted that each person had to follow his own path, because enlightenment is a personal experience, unique for each individual. —Jack D. Forbes, Columbus and Other Cannibals

In the lifestyles of indigenous peoples and societies worldwide, such principles of self-reliance were interwoven in the fabric of community survival. “Native societies were organized in such a way as to encourage people to avoid greed and excessive craving as well as to emphasize non-possessiveness and humility.” Thus oriented away from selfishness, the competitive motivation for dehumanizing others—whether it arises from one’s own desires or from a tempting offer from the wetiko matrix—is cut off at the root.

Ironically, by minimizing concern for our own individual wealth and attachments, we increase our security through stronger bonds with our human and natural milieu.

Original Americans emphasized the interdependent relationship of all living things and the daily practice of open expressions of thankfulness and kinship. ‘The four-leggeds and the wings of the air and the mother earth were supposed to be relative-like… The first thing an Indian learns is to love each other and that they should be relative-like to the four-leggeds.’ (Black Elk, in Forbes)

In modern team sports, not only are the primal skills of the hunter celebrated, so too are the twin survival attributes, individual fitness and team effort. Especially notable is that most common cliché heard in baseball’s spring training camps: “I can only control what I can control.” With that mindset the competition within the team is friendly, geared toward the mutual benefit of greater shared success.

Orioles prospect Ryan McKenna elaborates in a way that is instructive for our more serious political predicament: “I can’t control anything any other player does. My game is the only thing that I can focus on. And taking it day by day and being in the moment for what I need to do to get better is the only way that I’m going to help myself succeed and the team.… My mentality is, control what I can.”

For the rest of us ordinary and extraordinary humans, the game is on now, presenting us with the challenge (to use another cliché) to “be the best we can be.” What that means for each of us, in a global crisis that affects every locality, is up to each of us to determine and follow. If we go deep enough, attuning to inner guidance, we may yet reestablish that live connection to our shared personal planet, which we know intimately as My Earth.


image credits:

(feature) Mother Earth: Comfreak, Pixabay
walking: Nowick Gray
earthweb: Gerd Altmann, Pixabay
hive mind: Dr StClaire, Pixabay
Faucism: Mark Crispin Miller
PsyBot(novel by Nowick Gray): David Dees
freedom rally:
who’s responsible: Nowick Gray, New World Haiku

Nowick Gray writes from Salt Spring Island, BC. His books of genre-bending fiction and creative nonfiction explore the borders of nature and civilization, imagination and reality, choice and manifestation. Connect at to read more. A regular contributor to The New Agora, Nowick also offers perspectives and resources on alternative culture and African drummingand helps other writers as a freelance copyeditor at Sign up for the “Wild Writings” email newsletter for updates and free offers.





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