Now is always the time.

By Lorenzo


Now is always the time for change. Thoughts can be few or many. Some can seem insurmountable, others sad for considering and ending to a situation that has persisted for a long while. But they are only that, thoughts, and those can’t change anything, in my opinion, until acted upon.

We could desire something new to begin or something old to end. There can be many variables required to see such outcomes ‘made real’. The actual physical requirements of change can be simple or complicated. Lucky though, I have found, there is only one time to make ‘the move’ whatever it may be for you, and that time is ‘Now.’

Now is only when things may happen. Now is always the time that is waiting for you. Now is when, no matter the thoughts, change appears ‘in hand’ and not ‘on the horizon’. Actions bring results, good, bad or indifferent. These new bits of knowledge accrued from decisions made are very useful for understanding the effectiveness of your actions; for whatever reason or whatever they may be, it is only in the choosing to do, that they may get done, and thus show you, what is or is not, a desired result of those specific movements you have just made.

These actions may simply be a choice which could lead to a future action. But even that choice must be made in the now. Even no choice is a choice and that too must be ‘born’ in the now. So much can appear to happen in theory, in our thoughts, in our considerations, machinations, ruminations, ponderings and even ‘day dream-like’ imaginations, but it is only in the now that we can make any ‘real’ movements of change. Of course, this is all, now and forever, only my opinion.  Act then See.



The past and the future are but thoughts on the winds of life, but to ‘splash’ and ‘play’ in the oceans of potential, we must get our boats in the water, or maybe strip naked and dive in to go on that journey. In other words, now is always the time, to see about change, to work towards whatever you may wish to see and feel as real for you. Delays can only do that, delay what you would love to experience for today.

Even words only come close to sharing the meaning I am working on making here. Now is wonderful. Now is magic, Now is when all is available for our new life, our new connections our new feelings of wonder.  If we wish to harvest at some point, whatever that may be, we need to plant those seeds Now.

Now is always the time and for me, a  Man of Action who loves to see things ‘Happen Now’, I for one, am delighted to ‘finally’ and fully feel this truth for myself.  How?  By acting on it.

There comes a time, when there is no more time. Wasted moments feels like they always did, a slow death of precious energies that may never come again. The past, good or bad, makes no difference other than to the person who is using those memories for current actions. The future, perhaps an inspiration, perhaps a cage of fears, either way, seconds or years, it’s not real until it’s here so you may as well ‘’wipe all of those tears’ and get on with whatever you feel like getting on with. There is only Now, after all.

Now is always the time for change, for the better, for the hero to realize success only comes through the actions we decided to do, or not do.

With much Love, Lorenzo. ‘’Your Happy Destiny is Unavoidable’’.


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