Of Other Worlds and The One We Know


by Nowick Gray




I – The Cloak of Invisibility


“You were cast into physical life at this time to participate and not to be an observer. But there is one Truth above all others you would do well to place prominently in your heart as of now:  When you can say, “Yes” to all of these questions [i.e., to do the inner work], evil, oppression, disease — and even bio-engineering — can not affect or even see you because you are rendered invisible by virtue of your higher vibrational state.” E. M. Nicolay

Susan Ferguson, who posts the channeled material of E. M. Nicolay, like that seer is a Sanskrit scholar well acquainted with the Bhagavad Gitaof Hindu philosophy. Its advice carries the same paradoxical contradiction: on the one hand “to be of the world but not in it,” and on the other, to fully participate as our karmic destiny and unique role calls us to do—as a spiritual warrior.

For each the question is the same, though the answer will differ: what is the one thing each of us can best do, in our current situation? If you are a rebel, challenging the accepted power structure and value system of the world, it is dangerous territory in which to take a stand.

The opponent, if one deigns to call it “the deep state,” is by nature hidden. Propaganda works not only by repetition but also deceit. The web of self-reinforcing lies, each covering for another, extends to infect an entire, trauma-based civilizational paradigm, whole classes of media and bureaucratic and academic functionaries, even whole populations fed steady diets of controlled narrative and distraction, from birth. This “mind virus” serves to conjure one kind of cloak of invisibility, serving as cover for the geostrategic conspiracies at play behind the headlines. And so a chief weapon against it is to expose the lies, the contradictions, the conflicts of interest: to strip the emperor of his false-flag clothes.

That’s the task of one cadre of effective renegades—the alternative press, the investigators, the whistleblowers, the TV-weaned person on the street countering transparent BS with common sense. Yet as the onslaught continues, not only the awake but also the sleeping sheep remain vulnerable to the oppressive schemes of our would-be masters, those few who profit from events that are catastrophic for masses of humanity. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse come to mind: conquest, war, famine, and plague. Welcome to 2020. And ask, “WHO stands to benefit the most?”

Nicolay asks us to believe it is within our power as “Angelic” beings to remain invisible and unharmed, immune even as our populations fall under the spell of totalitarian control, of untested technocratic “solutions” such as bio-engineering, vaccine nanobots, DNA modification and more. Can we withstand even rape by needles?

I, for one, may don that cloak of faith only as a last resort. The whole premise, immunity “by virtue of your higher vibrational state,” recalls the Ghost Dance movement of 1889–91, the last desperate gasp of the Native American resistance to the total conquest of their continent and effective extermination as a people. “Faithful dancing,” its adherents believed, along with “clean living, peaceful adjustments with the whites, hard work, and following God’s chosen leaders would hasten the resurrection of dead relatives and the restoration of days of Indian prosperity.” The immunity premise also recalls the cult of certain African anticolonialist guerrillas in the sixties, who believed, like the doomed Sioux, that their juju would render them impervious to the white man’s bullets.

We the people are facing those literal guns and looming vaccine syringes filled with DNA bullets as before, and once more we are offered—like Christians before the Roman lions, or the masses of India against the British—the advice to seek our salvation elsewhere, in the unseen realms. One might include Timothy Leary and the CIA–LSD escape hatch. In retrospect we appreciate the cloak of its invisible purpose, offered to a generation of would-be antiwar revolutionaries, to sidetrack their nonconformist ambitions into psychedelic cul-de-sacs of incommunicable bliss and reflection, colorful art and harmless music… or, as discovered under more tightly controlled conditions, psychic disintegration.

Threat neutralized, is what all the above examples illustrate.

The multidimensional belief system is appealing at least as it affords freedom from conscription to the belief systems constructed at the lower levels. In a kind of meta twist, many Trump/Q supporters characterize POTUS as a folk hero, orange hair puffed under a white hat, toying with the opposition by deploying his inscrutable “5-D chess” moves. Yet if we take a step beyond, we might see Q/Anon as a psyop to neutralize the right into blind faith that “the storm is coming” or that “the war is already won.” “No worries, the indictments are already filed.” “The patriot military is just waiting until we are all ready before they move to secure control of the nation.”



The above critique is what Nicolay implies with the option to play the longer game of “Ascension.” Don’t get misled into thinking either side will save you, he says; both sides of the brewing American civil war are co-opted and corrupted by the real “deep state”—those extraterrestrial and incarnated beings whose agenda we unwittingly serve. Yet this quantum step up also just brings us to another level of faith, where now we have to believe a whole system of astral politics and interdimensional architectures, to find peace with our present powerlessness.

Coming back to the personal, this is not about me or what I believe. I offer the above theories for your consideration, without particular endorsement. Personally I find it hard to anchor my beliefs in intangibles such as the cosmology offered by Nicolay. Yet his overview of events and agendas is breathtaking in its insight and certainly resonates with what I see happening. Moving back down the levels, I similarly find the Q movement intriguing for its accurate overview and incisive questioning of many aspects of the dangerously dysfunctional US “deep state,” particularly regarding the desperate machinations of the Democrats. Yet in light of the continued deferment of victory by the Qsters, along with Trump’s puzzling and contradictory policies and personnel decisions, it’s hard to buy the whole Q package and set anchor there, either, in the opaque waters of metapolitical intrigue.

As for the Democrats in the US, like their globalist allies the world over pushing for a technocratic, neoliberal/neocon reset to a new world order under their control (rebranded now as “new normal,” “woke,” “green,” and “antifascist), I need not comment further here since the world is already awash in their image as promulgated by every official channel, with dissenters banished by the censors into (whether we like it or not) an imposed limbo of invisibility. And with surveillance meanwhile nearly complete, we face the ultimate irony whereby we are visible only to our masters, and invisible to each other.

Sacha Stone, like the better known David Icke, is another gifted and eloquent seer who goes beyond what seems a rock-hard analysis of current world events to couch the top players in extraterrestrial influence, while also professing faith in Donald Trump as a force for good in this world-altering battle. Again, I find such far-reaching understandings and eloquent smackdowns of the ruling forces compelling, if not completely convincing. Ultimately, how can one prove with five-sense evidence such theories, short of a War of the Worlds disclosure event—which could well be staged to prey on humanity’s easy gullibility?

It all might make sense… or it might be just another psyop. I recall the folk wisdom of a Maui friend, blessed with that unique perspective from the middle of the world’s largest ocean: “It’s all one big rumor.”



ii – Wetiko vs. Empathy


Looked at from another angle, the inner dimension is our natural birthright, our true home ground, to defend against the existential, full-spectrum attack on our humanity. In the long and comprehensive essay, “Politics, Trauma and Empathy: Breakthrough to a Politics of the Heart?” Eva Schonveld and Justin Kenrick point precisely to the inner revolution needed to create a new system: “Any hope for our species is now in our hands.… [The current] system of domination requires us to separate from our inner selves and so stay separate from one another. If we were to challenge this, if we were to commit to working towards a system of connection, then the cruelty, injustice and alienation we experience and support would become impossible for us.”The unique human potential, to recreate the world in our most integral image, rests precisely in that quality lacking both in psychopathic personalities and in artificial intelligence systems: empathy.

One of the essays informing the above approach points to an intriguing theory explaining the problematic mindset currently in control. Like the phenomenon of the Ghost Dance, it harkens back to Native American lore, but this of an older, more mystical lineage: the figure of the Wetiko. “Wetiko is an Algonquin word for a cannibalistic spirit that is driven by greed, excess, and selfish consumption…. It deludes its host into believing that cannibalizing the life-force of others (…including animals and other forms of Gaian life) is a logical and morally upright way to live” (Alnoor Ladha and Martin Kirk). (The following quotes in this section are from the same essay on Wetiko, unless indicated otherwise).

If the source of our modern disease (at least as old as “civilization” itself) can be characterized as an evil spirit occupying a parasitic position in our collective soul, then it becomes more plausible to reconsider the solution also residing in that unseen realm. Indeed, the world’s mystery teachings have long counselled the same approach in the face of the world’s evils. “Many spiritual traditions, including Buddhism, Sufism (the mystical branch of Islam), Taoism, Gnosticism, as well as many Indigenous cultures, have long understood the mind-based nature of creation. These worldviews have at their core a recognition of the power of thought-forms to determine the course of physical events.”

So is the fate of the world, after all, within our own hidden powers?

Certainly the first step toward recovery from this mass addiction is recognition, breaking down the wall of denial. “One of the starting points for healing is the simple act of seeing wetikoin ourselves, in others, and in our cultural infrastructure. And once we see, we can name, which is critical because words and language are a central battleground.”

Once able to name our disease—to see the naked emperor ruling over and within us—we face the duty of conscious participation. Psychonaut Terrence McKenna expressed our role this way: “as spontaneously responsive, moving, embodied living beings—within a reality of continuously intermingling, flowing lines or strands of unfolding, agential activity, in which nothing (no thing) exists in separation from anything else, a reality within which we are immersed both as participant agencies and to which we also owe significant aspects of our own natures.”

Lest we resist that call to a unifying vision, and are tempted to instinctively fight the battle of resistance head to head, historian Jack D. Forbes reminds us that “we cannot fight wetiko in any traditional sense: ‘one of the tragic characteristics of the wetiko psychosis is that it spreads partly by resistance to it. That is, those who try to fight wetiko sometimes, in order to survive, adopt wetiko values. Thus, when they win, they lose.’”



Fighting on the world stage can be transmuted to creative acts of resistance if you “have access to the heart of the wetiko monster,” and alternative solutions if you are outside of that power structure. It could mean anything from nonmonetary gifting or barter, to cryptocurrencies, deschooling, cooperative communities, or debt resistance… “if done with the right intention and state of consciousness.” Once again the key is to hold primary our internal and interpersonal state of vibration.

By contracting new relationships with others, with Nature, and with ourselves, we can build a new complex of entanglements and thought-forms that are fused with post-wetiko, post-capitalistvalues. We have to simultaneously go within ourselves and the deep recesses of our own psyches while changing the structure of the system around us.

Let us reclaim our birthright as sovereign entities, free of deluded beliefs in market systems, invisible hands, righteous greed, chosen ones, branded paraphernalia, techno-utopianism and even the self-salvation of the New Age. Let us dance with thought-forms through a deeper understanding of ethics, knowing, and being, and the intimate awareness that our individual minds and bodies are a part of the collective battleground for the soul of humanity, and indeed, life on this planet. And let us re-embrace the ancient futures of our Indigenous ancestors that represent the only continuous line of living in symbiosis with Mother Nature. The dissolution of wetikowill be as much about remembering as it will be about creation.

So, it is all in our hands, after all, moved by the renewed spirit of our natural humanity.

Or is it?



iii – The Wild Card


In a commentary on the Wetiko essay, Ray Songtree brings us back to that elusive X-factor, the “off-planet” origin of our human troubles. Since it is so difficult to fathom that perverse crimes against nature and humanity are a natural outgrowth of the Earth’s own life-force, we can perhaps more palatably lay the blame elsewhere.

The corporate media is the all seeing eye symbol, and is owned by same group of banksters who have spiritual/demonic/extraterrestrial roots.… Wetiko is destructive of life because it is not life, it is like an invasive nano-robot. Wetiko is anti – organic. The origin is off planet.

The pathogen that is destroying life on Earth… is an extra-terrestrial agenda that uses personal greed to accomplish “progress” which is centralization. The goal is one slave state controlled, not by humans with hearts, but by artificial intelligence. Default software connected to electric fences and armed drones. AI can never be self conscious, but it can be programmed to self replicate and defend itself.

Wetiko is more than a meme or a belief system, it is an artificial lifestyle which is parasitic, non-symbiotic. The extra-terrestrial parasite will exhaust this planet and move on to another. This has been going on a very long time. We are the brain washed slaves for THEIR machine to harvest the organic for the artificial.

The antidote is touching the Earth, in my opinion. I believe the Earth will enforce this and cities will empty and become scrap yards. There is a race between conscious independent local de-centralization and centralized illuminati slave robot cannibalism.


No thought by the reader will matter compared with actions. What matters is if you support local farmers or the bio-tech plague. Organic or wetiko? What matters will be how you vote with your wallet and how soon you leave the city. Waking up will mean unplugging.

By this analysis, even the off-planet hypothesis requires not retreat into immunizing “thought forms” of “higher vibration,” but practical choices to live our lives by Nature’s systems. This wisdom comes naturally from the ground up—instead of artificially from above, from those who would be our gods, or from a lifeless, soulless, higher order global “intelligence” grid.

Nature itself is not Earthbound. It is large enough to contain and explain whatever parasitic forces arise, from unconscious microbes to world-eating colonizers. Yet it is possible, for those of us still among the living, to identify and oppose forces that deny the organic integrity of life.

The antidote to the parasitic power evident in the world today, it seems to me, is commitment neither to belief or disbelief in the existence of abstract beings of other dimensions. To believe or not believe, that is a question of distraction from the calling of our true individual and collective soul, which is best known to our human ears as the call of the Earth. This sphere of existence is what matters now, to hold in reverence as our motherland, our mother lode of wisdom. Our heart and home are in need of no convincement or cybernetic code—only remembrance and humble return to the empathetic values which nurture and sustain life.




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