On the Other Side of Selfish

By Soren Dreier


There is a big difference between being selfish and being consciously selfish.

The difference is that when we´re just selfish, we act out of self-interest and self-interest only, especially at the expense of other people. It’s: me, me, me.  Selfishness in this state is based on fear. Fear of missing out on any need we have. Fear of being overlooked. Fear of letting: Live and Let Live.

Consciously selfish is a conscious choice, a spiritual thing. Selfish is subconscious.

When we walk the path of self-development, we often take in the programming of the Ego as being a bad thing and a bad thing only, which would embed selfishness. We take on the belief that it is counterproductive.
It is not so much a bad thing – it is more a trait in one’s character that needs to be disciplined, mastered and transformed.

The first time we may act Consciously Selfish is when we step out of whatever programming we are under or exposed to and the first word we meet from the nasty little frontline of the bigger control system – being friends, co-workers, family – when we must insist on breaking free is: You´re Selfish!

So, all of the sudden Selfishness, in the System based on selfishness, is a problem.
That means there is Selfishness and then there is the selfishness of: Personal Freedom and the right to pursue it. Yes, this world is mad. This is where we have to stand our ground and demand the right to live exactly as we want for ourselves without being a prisoner or a slave to the conformity of the Matrix.

It is a double bind effect, since we are blasted with selfishness being a bad thing from people who actually are very selfish in not allowing us to express or live in accordance with the pull we feel inside.

Messy. But the healing lies in the concept of Consciously Selfish.

People exposed to that, and I think we all have been, could see only ‘Personal Needs’, ‘Personal Ambition’ and ‘Nurturing Oneself’ as a reminiscence of the Ego and a setback if they should tend to go into Selfish behavior. But the term Selfish, doesn’t really apply anymore, since it seems to have gone away, and blindly ‘Serving’ others has become the mindset.

My point being: That if you are not capable of being Selfish (protect yourself), this world will eat you up.
Drain your batteries.
Drain your trust in fellow beings, and much worse: spark an internal dialogue that tells you that you are such a selfish being, and you should be ashamed.

New Age programming can be very evil and counterproductive sometimes, and if you haven’t allowed yourself to go Selfish, it’s about time that you give yourself that permission.

I am talking the New Selfish – Consciously Selfish, since when it is a feeling or a state of mind that you can choose, it also means that you can un-choose it when your reasons for taking it on have been satisfied.

The differences of course are: Before, you started down the path you’re on, you were just plain selfish. You didn’t have a choice, because society programmed you that way. Selfishness seems to be the overall drive here. Then you broke that programming so much that you think it’s wrong to revisit, but it isn’t.
It’s a spiritual survival dynamic.

If you ever need somebody’s approval to go Consciously Selfish, well, here it is. Do it. Point being, that you shouldn’t ask or seek anybody’s approval other than your own.

Walking the path is not becoming like everybody else, it’s all about becoming you. What you fancy, some others might not, but it is none of their business anymore. It’s yours and yours only. To acknowledge that is stepping out of external programming and trusting your own, with the inspiration of others who have walked their path.

Thinking the path is the same for everybody would be a fatal point of view as goes for the internal events we all will encounter.

A lot of mundane and spiritual veils are lifting and that is just the mere beginning. So, you will need to focus more on you and your inner guidance in order to bring about the things you need on a metaphysical and mundane level for the next year, but very, very Consciously. Not reptilian brain driven, but driven by what your soul needs.

A side remark: You probably know some New Age people who claim that they are so zuperzpiritual, self-sacrificing and good hearted, but you really have a hard time seeing that in them, since they act very selfishly, sugar-coating it by bypassing other people’s needs.

This is where spirituality and New Age will clash, since ‘spirituality’ becomes some kind of clothing they put on in order to get past what they really should be working on: The fear of looking themselves in the eye and becoming real. But that is not our problem – its theirs – just don’t get flabbergasted when you run into them.

The Spiritual Dynamic:: We step out of selfishness the moment we find it is blocking our Hearts. Stepping out of it on that level is most liberating and we start to feel like better versions of ourselves, which we are. We allow others – we let others – and often step away so others can get to the table, whatever table that might be. Very good.

After some time, often years, we might then find ourselves in a situation of: Being fooled. Taken for granted. Easy to manipulate. Always behind in the line. No needs. No ambitions. There are a lot of emotions tied into that. Some of them are valid and healthy and can be transformed into: Not a problem for me, I am a conscious being and I don’t mind all those busy little bees coming first to the table. And that is an okay statement.

But, there’s a but, and that is one of the reasons for taking on the concept of being Consciously Selfish:

You have to guard your energy and whatever vehicle we take down Freedom Road is probably okay, for a while, until we learn how to dance with self needs – the needs of our Self. The deeper needs, as in Soul.

Do not bypass that – it is the call of the Soul and very important. It has to come from within, often facilitated by an external voice, an external calling. Something is helping us out of the jam we were in. And as long that call isn’t snake oil, like: In order to be spiritual and join us you must leave your family, give us your money and we decide who you kiss and sleep with… as long as it’s not along that sick line it is probably safe. But those new control systems sure are lined up as goes for outside control now all wrapped up in ‘The Right Spirituality’.

There is no ‘Right’ Spirituality – there is you and what your soul craves, and leaving the tribe of family, friends, co-workers and what have we, these Ghoulish-like constructs sure know there will be a void and they are just sp ready to fill it up for us.

Maybe not get lured into that.

“You can only be spiritual if you have done DMT,” seems to be the new requirement. Be your own DMT and be your own Spirit Molecule.

Number 2 on the Top 10 seems to be: “Let’s reinvent the Gods and all the Myths of the ages.”

When we set out on our individual journey we shift from Horizontal attachment, we detach it (The Control System) and into Vertical attachment (The Celestial).

Since most know that Organized Religion is a part of the Horizontal attachment, you only need the Pope and what he fancies to control you with of do’s and dont’s, is also pretty obvious. That is why people break free of that also. Consciously Selfish little heathens, Good.

Some New Age franchises actually do that. The phrase: “Let’s reinvent the Gods and all the Myths of the ages”
Some might take a fancy name, spell it in reverse and reinvent the myths, and still we are easily tricked and do not see that as the new prison.

The final thing for now is the concept of being of service. That is a really good concept. But there is a catch: When we set out and maybe have some mileage behind us down the Path of redemption, we raise our energy and thereby our frequencies. That is really good.

High frequencies attract low frequencies like light attracts moths. Soon you will see yourself in a position of being a rock standing out in an ocean of doubt for people who want to tap into your emotional energy, either to destroy it because it starts to pose a danger to the powers that be, or for their own personal gain.

An inconvenient truth;

Our attention is the strongest tool we have in our sensory toolbox, that is why they want it.

But they are not really interested in changing anything. They are not interested in getting better, having a better life, and whatever else they approach you with.

People hang on to their emotional stuff, because they are so afraid of the void that will appear if they are not ‘sick’ anymore. They would rather stay in the: Poor Me.

You are targeted. They actually think that you are some sort of Emotional Garbage Can. Are you? That is one of the worst positions to be in, and some actually think it is cool. That is, you and your Victim in co-dependency. It will make you sick and it will take your energy to zero. Maybe not now, but it will roll in from the sea of souls lost in the concept of misunderstood lack of boundary setting.

These self-victimizing people will always survive, since when you are down on the energetic killing floor, deprived of any form of emotional energy left, they will just take a minor walk and plug into another battery of attention and the draining continues.

If you are exposed to this the best way to deal with it is:

I am not an emotional garbage can. I am not a biological battery you can plug into when you can’t feed your own light.

I can and I will help you and I will love to help you on one condition and one condition only:
You must provide change to your situation. Make change a currency. Make it action oriented. Set demands.

And when that person starts their journey, be there. If they don’t go action oriented, go consciously selfish and walk away.

They won’t understand, and will make you the target of revenge maybe by gossiping about your lack of spirituality behind your back, because they think, like you or maybe we did before we got into this, that spirituality equals emotional spinelessness, setting every need you have for yourself aside.

Selfish: Is now Conscious and when you have rested, you can leave it again.
It has become a tool and not a programming, and one more important step toward our Conscious Self-ish walk toward freedom of body, mind and spirit. Also for the downtrodden, tired and weary.

If you are downtrodden, tired and weary, maybe this vortex stole your energy?

©2021 Soren DreierServices



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