On The Threshold



“Every moment is an opportunity to be an expression of truth.”


All Things Considered


There is an intensity to the subject matter and style of the articles I publish.  For many, it may be read as critical and pessimistic.  To others, there is an undeniable resonance with the energy between the lines.  I do not take offense when I hear from family, friends and others if the articles land for them as societal cynicism.  I have chosen to walk the path of my personal truth.  However, being an intuitive person, I sense the responses in comments, likes, shares, etc., or lack thereof.  My intentions have never been for profit, and I am not delusional enough to be seduced by popularity.  When people experience insights with these articles, even those interpreted as negative, I am fulfilled in my expression.


Delusion, Illusion and Oblivion


We each exist within our personal security bubble.  It is almost impossible to differentiate ourselves from our defenses, given our institutional assimilation via our social conditioning and programming.  It is our enslavement; imposed by our ambiguity, denial, egocentricity, fear, insecurity and self-righteousness.  We are all creators of our experience.  In every moment, we have the opportunity for universality.  Yet, we dismiss our universal birthright to conform to society.  We design our personal delusion to interact with the illusion of reality.  Our engagement in this dynamic establishes our oblivion.  We satiate ourselves with instinct and intellect, discrediting and refuting everything in opposition of our personal and social bias, narrative and reality.




Duped From the Truth


Personal truth is a social inconvenience.  It flies in the face of everything we are conditioned to believe through the enforced programming of education, entertainment, media, politics, religion and science.  From the moment we are born, we are conned into a lifestyle of enslavement.  We adopt and endorse our external dependence, because we fail to empower ourselves with our soul and the universe.  Perhaps the most difficult realization we all face is acknowledging and accepting that we were all duped.  Our egos enact an elaborate ruse to spare us from the dreaded culpability, humiliation and suffering we may encounter when we clarify and embody the truth.  Howsoever we endeavor to evade our awakening, it is inevitable.


An Awakening


When I was an adolescent, I was confronted with the harsh reality of becoming an adult in society.  There was always a gravity of density, conformity and restriction I encountered at every turn.  It is extremely emasculating to transition from an eternal expression of being to a finite emulation of humanity.  The disturbing truth for me was understanding I would have to sacrifice too much of my soul for the gratification of egocentric “success” in social reality.  We may react defensively to this statement in justification of our own personal dependence on egoism, pride, prominence and worth.  When we choose to free ourselves from our oblivion, the resonance of our personal truth is all that remains.

“We are not an emulation of existence; we are an expression of experience.



Recollection of Revelation


As a teenage poet and musical artist, I experienced a unique fluency with creativity and imagination.  This empowered me to observe, clarify, understand and embody emotionality, intuition, relativity and universality.  What started as an act of adolescent rebellion gradually progressed into a declaration of being.  As I aged, it became a daily practice of soul preservation against the imposing elements of social reality.  I am fascinated by the energetic, experiential and transformative empowerment of universality.  The further I synthesize with my unique progression, the greater experience I encounter as a universal expression.  Social revolution does not exist without personal revelation.


The Rub of Relativity


We all have personal experiences in our social engagements.  It is almost impossible to find the equilibrium of our being amidst the constant stream of chaos, conflict, density, illusion, intensity, manipulation and programming. These elements modify us from the outside in.  We exist in a reality of artificiality, yet we are oblivious to the intricate nuances of its impacts and influence.  Our desire for superficial acceptance and belonging with our peripheral relations lures us away from our soul and the universe.  There is a limitation to the fulfillment we may share with others because we are segregated from ourselves.  No matter how much we invest our energy into our external encounters, the deficiency of our internal experience is the rub of our relativity.




I Am Who Iam


It is illuminating to experience ourselves through the eyes of others.  When we can observe ourselves outside of our permanence, it gives us a unique insight into how we occur.  It is an existential experience of transcendence, even from our selves.  I recall the first time I witnessed another’s fixed perception of me.  It was a transformational revelation in which I clarified who I was not.  A family member was speaking to me through an interpretive filter of who I was years before.  I realized they were unable to see me for who I had become, only with whom they felt most comfortable.  I shifted from reacting with aggravation to accepting their perception of me, even though it conflicted with who I truly am.


Life on a Limb


We fail at thriving when overwhelmed with the gravity of surviving.  We do not experience life.  We merely exist within the engineered parameters of a holographic simulation we collectively accept and adopt as society.  This concept is nearly impossible for the assimilated mind to comprehend.  Our cognitive dissonance casts stones of “conspiracy theory” in our malevolent quest to discredit, debunk and destroy all things beyond the proverbial box of social reality.  Our institutional programming revises our history and annihilates our mystery; accelerating the conflict, disease, fear and insecurity that enacts our enslavement.  We live life upon a fragile limb, clinging to social dependence in a desperate plea to proliferate our egocentricity.




Transcendent Sponsorship


Over twenty years ago, I met a woman who helped shift my programmed perception from knowledge to understanding.  I have learned that knowing is an intellectual encounter, whereas understanding is a multidimensional experience.  For decades, she has expressed her unbridled passion for conscious transcendence with anyone who lent her their listening.  Mine happened to be open at the time of our first encounter.  Elva Thompson is an author of articles and books, yet these pale in comparison to the awareness and inspiration that transpires in the eternal moments of her conversations.  It is ordinary to engage in relativity with others.  Yet, extraordinary to be empowered by the resonance of the energy beyond the words.


On the Threshold


We all stand upon the threshold of our unique experience with the universal energetic shift.  One humanity has yet to encounter.  For many, it may be interpreted as an apocalypse of our existence.  For some, it is the manifestation of our transcendence.  Howsoever we may choose (or not) to experience this extraordinary new era, our lives are best expressed in who we choose to be.  It is either the convenience of artificiality (fear) or the empowerment of universality (love).  Whether or not we consider ourselves conscious beings, our personal delusion with the illusion of social reality is the oblivion enabling our virtuality.  The truth we embody is the expression of our universality.


“Our personal truth is the resonance of our soul.”


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All of our Links:    https://linktr.ee/freedomiscallingyou