One Fine Day


The sun stood still for a moment just above the edge of the mountain line, shining through the trees, as if to say goodbye, until we meet again…we did it, another day done, done well, well done, good night. and then slid out of sight, leaving luminous clouds, elegantly colored, their hue subtly changing second by second. The passing days are like passing thoughts, passing shadows, they vanish so quickly. Each precious day is lost forever, only some memories may remain. If you try to grab hold of a river, you never will be able to, its the same with each day, you can’t hold it, you can only be in it, which is a lot when you think about it.




One fine day… the story of our lives here. Everything has to happen within the confines of a 24 hour day. You can’t escape it. Here, it seems that each day is beautiful without exception. Just like if you observe nature, you discover that every part of it is beautiful to look at. Even if it rains, it still is fine enough for me. And hopefully, each of us enjoys each day and your day is filled with soft, fluffy, lovelinesses, loftiness, and wonderful moments, like something chocolate on the outside and creamy on the inside. If only everyone could appreciate all the incredible things that each day brings.





I want to live where everyone is happy and friendly/ humble, each one following at least one of his passions, where freedom truly reigns. Experiencing the wonder of each passing day individually and communally, sharing the joy!





You may say, I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I should imagine. I should hope.





One fine day, you will die or be dying, hopefully with no regrets and gently, surrounded by love and maybe after you pass you become aware of an infinite unconditional love that is everything and everywhere as was experienced by a woman who died and then was revived after a time.










The thing is I could go on, but that seemed like a good place to end. So, this part is only for people who don’t know when to stop, like myself.
The fading light is drenching the darkening greenery deeply, the dynamic and uniquely shaped clouds on two levels, set off by the luminous sky, with its illusion of extending into infinity, its pale colors briefly and deftly smudge the airy openness like illuminated fragrances, creating a glorious harmonious crescendo, exhaulting the day! it slips seamlessly into a restful, overarching and vast darkness, sprinkled with sparkling stars, messengers of hope and possibilities. In front of which I feel both humbled and empowered, to happily play a part in tomorrow, the next fine day.





To exist, or to be a human on this planet takes a lot of courage with all of the harsh realities that lurk in the shadows of the glorious light; the police and armies, hunger, sickness, crime, death, and pollution, and on and on. I’m surprised at how much courage we all have. I think it is overlooked. So many people without the basics or the means to get them, like the little children on the streets of Sao Paulo, the droned populations of Pakistan, or those who eke out an existence in the garbage dumps of huge metropolitan 3rd world cities, living from day to day, just trying to survive. I can’t wait till we get out of this cruel, inhumane system that we are trapped in.




Our time in paradise (Vilcabamba, Ecuador) is so precious, tranquil and perilous. As individuals we are essentially powerless against the system.





Only through unity can we survive the future.




Their job: keep us separated.



Our job: human family, rise up, unite, put aside all divisiveness, no matter what, keep the peace, be the love… I know we will all be free, one fine day.




Note: my photo of pond at Chambalabamba