Phantom Work and Your Imagination by Lorenzo



Perhaps we can all feel being haunted? Past choices, missed opportunities, lost life challenges and more besides.  Give it an honest contemplation and you will see, I would say, that something has been ‘dogging’ you steps your entire life.


Why do we choose to hide so often through our distractions? Alcohol, drugs, sex, entertainment and even vacations can be seen as ways chosen to ‘balm the pains’ of the everyday. Phantoms abound, and as missing parts of ourselves, as in phantom limbs, I often knew throughout my life that there was a piece of me I gave up, chopped off, left fallow and so was always feeling ‘less than whole’.


Fill that hole, then, by understanding how it was created, how you created it, in the first place. All lack has it’s roots in lost parts of our childhood. Look at children, especially when they play, and I don’t’ mean video games, but out in nature and see their eyes, their movements: watch their imagination in action and grasp for yourself the potential of imagination, or lack thereof, you now possess.


If we don’t possess ourselves, our imagination, our very lives, we get possessed…by what?  A good question worth it’s weight in gold to explore.


I hope you find much of value in this new video series, I am starting solo, ‘Phantom Work’. 


Just Out Now – Haunted by Madness – Phantom Work – Episode 2



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At its core, phantom work to find your ‘missing bits’.


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