The Power Below the Surface

by Max Igan



What if we were powerful beyond measure? What if we were each individually capable of the most amazing things and collectively, to possess a creative potential so vast and wondrous that it cannot even be measured by any known standards?  And what if our true potential had been purposely hidden from us and an enormous amount of effort had been undertaken to keep it that way?

People are seeing the truth of these statements now and they are beginning to feel the great potential that lies dormant inside them. That is a very positive thing and even though all are not yet awakened, most people now know, somewhere in the back of their minds that something is terribly wrong with the world today. People are beginning to feel again, and what they are feeling is that they are something more than they have been taught to believe they are and that there is something higher, more profound going on here.  They often just cannot seem to put their finger on what it is that troubles them – but they know something is not right and the awareness and unease of it is there, always like a thorn or splinter, or a leaky faucet dripping somewhere in the back of their minds. People are beginning to realise that they are slaves. But how? How did it happen and how to identify the prison and how to fix it?

The reason people find it difficult to identify the slavery system they are living in and often fail to ever comprehend their own power can be directly traced to the education and social systems people are subject to, virtually since birth. The education system for example is focussed almost entirely towards the left brain whereby people are trained to think in language. From this standpoint their understanding of reality becomes greatly dependent upon their comprehension of their language. When that language is English, a language which has been purposely designed solely at stimulating the left brain and which is virtually void of any spiritual understandings, peoples knowledge of reality and even of themselves, becomes almost entirely separated from any right brain understandings and thus to a great degree, separated from reality itself. The left brain decodes reality analytically whereas the right brain decodes it energetically.

How is one to ever truly comprehend reality in its most esoteric or even in its most basic forms, when the energetic aspect of reality is ignored and when using a language in which there are no words to explain such concepts to people? In the case of English, the problem is even further compounded as the vast majority of those who speak English fail to even clearly comprehend the true meanings of many of the words and phrases they use on a daily basis.

Of course people cannot be held wholly responsible for this predicament. English is an extremely deceptive language and it is quite complex. Many words have dual meanings or even more, depending upon the context in which they are used. This allows for more than a little ambiguity in the interpretation of even basic concepts. Plus it is essentially 3 languages running in parallel. One aspect of it is that which appears upon the surface, the everyday words we use in order to communicate with each other. Yet lying behind that, and running in tandem with it is legalese, the language of law while running behind legalese is the language of commerce.

There are many who identify English as the language of slavery and rightly so because while sounding all very flamboyant, stylish and intellectual it is by nature an extremely disempowering form of communication. This is not only because of its ambiguity and focus on the left brain, but also due to the structure of the words and because of their interpretations under the languages of legalese and commerce. In fact it could be said that English does not really run in tandem with legalese but rather that English IS legalese.

Because English is an extremely deceptive language where many words have dual meanings and often even subtext that exists within the words themselves, it is a language perfectly designed to disconnect people from each other, from the world around them, from themselves, and most importantly, from their own personal power. It is a language that is attractive intellectually, but ultimately contains no heart. It convinces people there are others of greater intelligence and greater worth and it helps people feel comfortable in giving their power away to someone else because it causes people to form an unrealistic view of their own worth. And the training people have undergone, virtually since birth, which has moulded them into always thinking in language, has had a huge impact on the world we live in today and on the path of human evolution.

Consider  also, that not only is ones understanding of reality constrained by ones comprehension of the language, in the case of English, as already observed, a language virtually devoid of spirituality but due to the modern scholastic system, people are taught to believe that all that is possible is that which fits snuggly within the borders defined by modern science. There is little room for any higher right brained understanding of things. Indeed in left brain scientific teachings, there is barely any acknowledgement of the right brain at all and certainly no credibility given to any application it may have to the physical world. Yet such is simply not the case at all. Right brain activity put into action happens just as often as its left brain counterpart. The problem is that most people are unaware they are doing it. Right brain language is the language of energy. The language of feeling and emotion. It is a language we speak daily yet are often unaware we are doing so, and even less aware of the effects this language has upon those we are speaking to and also upon ourselves.

Left brain communication methods, i.e. words and actions create distinctive, noticeable and well defined changes in our reality. When we do or say something, the effect is more or less immediate and visible. Words can heal and encourage people and they can also hurt and destroy someone’s faith in themselves, often very deeply.  The point is that when we communicate with others, via any medium or format, we have an effect on them and thus an effect on the world. The same can be said for the language spoken by the right brain, the language of energy and emotion.

We live in an electrical universe, taken down to its most basic form, everything is energy. All matter, every rock, every tree, everything both living and inanimate, all is energy. The same can be said for our thoughts and emotions. They are energy too. Just like everything else. Our moods, our feelings and the energy we create and send into the surrounding field with them, are very much like our words and our actions and what we tangibly manifest in the solid reality around us. Only the fruit is far more subtle and often less visibly noticeable, simply because we are often unaware we are even speaking this language, and so we are less aware of our actions. If truly looked at correctly however, it soon becomes apparent that it is our thoughts and emotions that create the world around us and the society in which we live, even more than our words and actions, because it is the thoughts and emotions that dictate what words and actions will follow. And not only do they dictate our own actions, but quite natural the energy we attach to a statement or deed can then influence the thoughts and actions of another.

When we say something, or do something. How did we go about it? Were we in our heart in our actions? Or were we simply responding to the reactionary monkey brain?

A lot of what is going on in the world today is reactionary, and it is designed to be that way. Our response to the system, our business dealings our everyday life, even our relationships. In dealing or responding to any of it, our response is very often reactionary. We base our response in our ego and often even more harmful, in false ego. And the harm therein lies in the fact that false ego will almost always manufacture a false threat. Perhaps that is the root cause of the entire problem, our propensity to view everything as a threat to our own belief system and thus our need to constantly prove our own worth to others rather than allowing ourselves to simply be. We all do it. The question is, is it a natural response or is it the result of training. Any real investigation into our society would indicate the latter to most likely be the underlying cause. The issue however is just how well it has worked and just how effectively people have been trained into operating according to a reactionary way of thinking.

When we do respond to someone else’s criticism of us, or a personal attack that has been directed at us, in a reactionary way, (and we all do it, no matter how aware of yourself you may be, it happens to everyone) what we have essentially done is allow that person to temporarily disconnect us from source and we have taken that persons reality on as our own and that is where the problem really lies. We have forgotten ourselves and our reactionary responses are a good indication of that.

The truth is that there is an esoteric side to each and every one of us. A vast warehouse of untapped powerful creative potential and ability. There is in fact, far more to everyone than even they themselves are aware. The trick lies not even in discovering it, but simply in knowing it’s there.


In Lak’ech

Max Igan
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