Sign the petition to indicate your wish to expressly remove your consent to be governed by corporate politicians, corporate provinces and corporate CANADA that rule over you, not serve you. Peoples of the Salmon empower you to give lawful notice to the Governor General of non-consent to be governed by the corporation Canada/CANADA.


Notice of Denial/Removal of Consent


This is the “no consent message”, which you can edit before you send it if you wish, that will be emailed to the Governor General and Peoples of the Salmon after you complete the form. You will receive a confirmation email and you must click the confirmation link in that email to confirm sending your notice.


To: Governor General Mary May Simon, in official and private capacity Her Excellency the Right Honourable Mary May Simon, I hereby give notice that I do not have confidence in, due to an ongoing breach of trust, lack of good faith actions, and failure to provide good governance I hereby revoke, rescind, withdraw, remove and deny my consent for you, any man or woman, any political party, any parliament, premier, prime minister, member of parliament, member of a legislative assembly, city council, municipal board, school board or any other alleged government agent, department or agency to have authority over my actions, choices or property. I do not consent to be governed, having lost all confidence in said governance. This express action of removing my consent to be governed that I give notice of, is done in good faith, and with sadness that my fellow man and woman could not perform in honour and integrity the trust that was placed with them. Sincerely,


NOTE: After completing this form you will receive an email with a confirmation link which must be clicked to complete the petition. If you do not click the link your Petition will not be recorded.


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   Each petition message, as above (or your edited version), will be emailed to Governor General Mary May Simon and a copy to Peoples of the Salmon.



The present, corrupted, corporate, government agents who trample the inherent rights of a man and a woman do so ONLY under the guise of ‘consent of the governed’.

THEIR legal game and legalese, enforced with violence and threats of violence, has persisted too long and harmed too many people. THEIR unlawful and immoral taking of the land, forced removal of its natural people, and tyrannical rule over people, will only persist if enough men and women waive their natural rights by voting (give consent to be governed) for politicians. By voting for THEM you are submitting to them, asking them to rule over you.


You can choose to give notice that you remove your consent to be governed rather than voting or not voting in elections.


Think for a moment. Lawyers and politicians by THEIR actions, over generations, have lost the respect of the people and consistently are found to be among the least trusted professions, yet THEY still get the people to act as if they deserve to be in authority. THEY only acquire the authority that you, the people, grant to them.

Is it time to stop granting them authority to unfairly tax, control, mask, “vaccinate” (not even a vaccine by definition), lockdown, close businesses take children, harass, lawfare and imprison those who expose their crimes?

Consider, there is really no such thing as government. It is a legal idea that has people, men and women, playing a role, in a legal office, often in a uniform, with alleged authority, in a position of trust that THEY can only hold IF they act in good faith.

Have THEY abused THEIR granted authority?

Have THEY broken your trust?

Have THEY acted in bad faith?

If your answer those 3 questions is yes, then you can remove your consent, end THEIR falsely claimed and manipulated authority to rule over you.

You grant authority to THEM, you can take it away. You can choose to remove your consent. Complete this form to send your notice to the governor general (the Queen’s representative) and a copy to the Peoples of the Salmon.

When a government does not have the consent of the people it is not a government and the official offices are vacant.


For more info on why denial of consent is valid and important see this Post 

Our signature goal is – 5000000


(THEY, THEM and CANADA refer to all forms of CORPORATE and government agents and agencies)