‘Return of the Men’

with Ex-Canadian Forces and Retired-OPP Auxiliary Police Officer Eddie Cornell & Lorenzo of The New Now




It was my great pleasure to have this opportunity to discuss the current viral nonsense and much more besides with Eddie Cornell, a man who has spent his professional life on the front lines of defence for our mutual peace and prosperity.

These days, it seems to be more popular to ‘go along to get along’, many giving up their freedoms for what is perceived as safety. Too many men becoming, in my opinion, squishy lost babies without positive direction. Obviously, this is an effect of the current ‘belief system’ indoctrination that says: you must listen to and follow ‘authority’ in order to be successful in life.

Much of what I’ve seen in this ‘upside down’ clown world of today is that the direct opposite of what gets promoted in the mainstream is actually true. This is also what I’ve learned from speaking with real men like Eddie Cornell.

In other words, the more you stand up for yourself and act in your integrity, the more you are rewarded for your ‘bravery’. Certainly, there are challenges, comes with the territory and that’s a good thing. We all have them, and must accept that walking a path away from the herd can be one of ‘danger and uncertainty’.

Without the potential for failure there can be no real successes in life, in my opinion.

There is so much more I could say here, but let’s hear it directly from Eddie.

We had a great chat today and it feels to me like I’m making a new and valuable friendship.

Through his long professional career, literally putting his life on the line to assure his family, friends, community and country are kept safe from the ‘monsters of the moment’, he has found peace and prosperity and treasures money can’t buy. He told me himself, ‘I sleep well at night knowing I’ve done what feels right for me, all the time’

He is, I would say, the kind of man any would welcome into their community. One who always has your back. Worth more than gold to me, he’s someone who’s word you can trust empowered with the wisdom earned and honed from authentic life and death challenges.

His simple advice to all men today who are not sure of what to do when faced with their own challenges:  ‘Best to Grow a Pair and Act from your Guts’.


A little about Eddie Cornell, in his own words:

‘’I served 22 years in the Canadian Forces in a combat arms trade as a gunner (artillery). I took part in many operational and training exercises within Canada and also in other parts of the world. I was an instructor for 3 years at the Canadian Forces Recruit School which is the first exposure they receive and will rely on throughout their careers in the military. I served overseas in Cyprus UNFICYP as a part of Canada’s role with the United Nations. While there I was awarded the Medal of Bravery.  During my career I was a person who did not just follow orders blindly. I found myself questioning orders and that does not fit in well in a command structure. Luckily my superiors recognized that I had some leadership abilities and promoted me into leadership roles. This gave me a unique perspective and opportunity for becoming a critical thinker. I was also tasked with a role of being an instructor on numerous tactical, operational and support functions the military would encounter.

When I returned to civilian life, I found myself in the unique position of being able to see things from a point of view that others I was communicating with did not.

I later went on to join the Ontario Provincial Police as an auxiliary Police Officer and gain some perspective of what it’s like to be a Police Officer serving my community.

I have been very active for the past decade speaking out against what is certainly upon us now. This was not an easy task and still is not. I have been speaking at a number of rallies over the past months speaking as a veteran and citizen to save our country and our way of life and freedom.

I am active now with several groups who are resisting the coming tyranny. I am adding my voice and knowledge to this fight.’’


Both Eddie and The New Agora are ready for more direct participation.

Eddie may be reached here:   prontoman1@gmail.com  https://freedomrising.info/ and https://takeactioncanada.ca/

For more of what we do.   https://newagora.ca/

Much Love, Lorenzo!



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