Salvation or Survival

By Nowick Gray



Who or what will save us?

The Truth?

‘Speak truth to power.’ —Quaker maxim

‘The truth will set you free.’ —John 8:32

Digital warriors of the last two years and beyond take inspiration from a long tradition of principled resistance to tyranny. Going back at least as far as the sayings of Jesus, and certainly to the example of Gandhi, nonviolent freedom fighters operate from the assumption that knowing, speaking, and acting on truth is central to the liberation struggle: if not with any guarantee of success, at least with a moral imperative to stand up for natural justice.

Obviously, “truth” in this sense is not the ersatz variety conjured by propaganda ministries, global corporate think tanks, and fact-check factory workers. Neither does it refer to some post-postmodern theory of infinite subjectivity. Rather it is researched without conflicts of interest, grounded in deep personal intuition, and grasped as a universal principle of nature.

‘The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.’ ― Thomas Jefferson

Still, where has all this upstanding diligence got us? Some minds have opened; some lawsuits have been won; some protests have had the desired effect. But the information war goes on. The hypnotic smoke of media lies and government doublespeak continues apace; and while the digital warriors pause and take stock, their constituents remain slow to rouse from slumber.

‘I do not believe it’s a fault in those who fall for the narrative that they cannot see the lies. People want to believe that governments and experts, for all their well-known flaws and occasionally uncovered corruption, are trying to do the best they can. They cannot accept the truth, that there is a group of powerful people who regard the ordinary members of the public as surplus to requirements. They want to deny evil because it makes them feel bad, sad, and uncomfortable to think about the world this way.’ – Dr. Mike Yeadon, Covid Lies: Revised Definitions and Bizarre Statements

The real question at hand is not, “What is true?” but rather, “What can be done about it?”


‘At this point, it looks like only the aliens can save us.’ —a friend


While official sources dangle the UFO hypothesis like manna for our palates hungering for salvation, we should be wary that the stage is being set for a fake bogeyman, a new “common enemy.” And maybe they are.

We know something fishy happened six thousand years ago, with the sudden rise of the Sumerian civilization, “out of nowhere.” Perhaps the seeds were planted 50 thousand, or half a million or a million years before, with the sudden rise of Cro-Magnon, or homo sapiens. Was genetic engineering of humanity not only a pipe dream of the transhumanists, but a long-buried origin story of our own, otherwise inexplicable species? If so, where have all the Anunnaki gone? Or do they live on in the weaponized DNA of our ruling class, the bluebloods?

Infighting among the Elites?

A pessimistic view sees recorded history dominated by the rapacious rule of elites. But that story is skewed by the bias of those recording, preserving and disseminating that his-story. It paints a picture of a captive reality, to further captivate the minds of the masses.

To open a wider lens does not exclude the atrocities and genocides perpetrated upon us, but rebalances an understanding of human nature that is gentler and more peaceable than mere history would lead us to believe. Another hopeful fact arises, too, from the bloodthirsty battles fought falsely in our name. In the perpetual rise and fall of empires and warring states, not only is oppression and collateral damage a given, so is the counterweight of forces vying with each other for the most power, the position of top dog.


If the subject populations lack the fighting spirit to defend our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness, then we may yet be spared as one supervillain takes on the other. For the psychopaths taking charge, it’s never enough simply to control their own populations. They must rise to the challenge of the other rogue actors, as the stakes continue to escalate with each conquest, on each contested terrain.

The Stakes

At stake in this global war is the next phase of human evolution, which must account for both the integrity of our Earthly lineage—even if it was once raped, hijacked, compromised—and the right and power to determine our future. In practical terms, much hinges on what’s left of the rule of law.

Compared to natural law, the codes of the rulers are yet another imposition. Yet certain benign statesmen set in place charters and constitutions, safeguards and guarantees, so that at least a modicum of civil order could be maintained, and redress gained against abuses of power.


All of that got thrown out the window by the Covidian crisis/opportunity—by design, as the old, national and even international basis of “rule of law” needed to be dismantled and replaced by a monopolar model, with new rules imposed from on high, by the likes of the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum. In this new world order, national sovereignty is superseded by the interests of global stakeholders; errant local judges are bought off, threatened or overruled by higher courts; and the buck doesn’t stop until it gets to the top of the pyramid.

The Stakeholders

So who are these stakeholders whose interests now hold sway over policy, property, and definitions of truth itself?

The Property Titlists

Seeking to preserve the aesthetics of the Earth domain they claim for their own enjoyment, the property titlists favor a policy of eugenics: a euphemism for democide.

The Rabble

The rest of us are mere rabble. Deprived of our own stakes in the ground and fenced off from the preserves of the masters, we are indulged at best in the role of compliant livestock, or slaves, or servile workers. Resisting our subjugation and awake to the source of it, we take up stakes with a different purpose. Stirred to action by brave rabble rousers, we aim for the hearts of the vampires who suck our lifeblood.


Title Match Contenders

The silver lining of the title sweepstakes is that the contenders feel compelled (to the extent they have any feelings at all) to vie with one another for supreme power on this planet, or at least eminent domain in their own regional fiefdom. Their names and associations are legion, beginning with the usual suspects: WEF (Fourth Reich), British Crown, City of London, Vatican, CIA/Five Eyes, Rothschilds, Soros, Gates, US, Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, Brazil, Korea, Japan, EU, NATO…


‘The military is not going to save us…. Control what you can control.’ (General Flynn)

Ultimately, if we need salvation we need to rely on ourselves. Yes, acting as Digital Warriors matters… because it’s an information war, a psyop; so learning and sharing is crucial. We need to represent our truth where we stand—at the local level, or whatever level we can participate in, whether through media, networking, or live.

At the most basic level it comes down to survival. What will it take, individually and collectively, to live through the tribulation? In a time of holocaust, it means getting out of the way of the train to the camps. In the time of the dinosaurs, it meant the small jungle mammals (our ancestors) had to scurry for cover, to watch the titanic reptiles battle and fall.

We will recognize we have no choice but to take matters into our own hands. We can take inspiration and guidance from the example of indigenous peoples, with their skills, values, worldview, wisdom, lifestyle: a sustainable model of natural human nature.

Refusing to partake in the shadow play between the alphas (leaders) and betas (followers), we can be sigma cats, observing, licking, biding our time.


In Covid Narrative Remix: Two Years of Dissent, Nowick Gray critiques the global agenda with the voice of the natural human spirit. These compiled articles from The New Now/Agora (2020-2022) shed light on the narrative sabotage carried out as the primary strategy of the war on humanity. Against that weapon of moral destruction, pen turns to sword in the ongoing battle for truth and freedom.

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Nowick Gray is a regular contributor to The New Agora and also offers perspectives and resources for alternative culture and African drumming. Subscribe to his Substack (New World Dreaming) or visit his  writings website at



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