See with Your Heart


~ Chiron Last




We have been spiritually blinded. Not by a certain degree, or partially, or fractionally.
No, each of us has been utterly ‘stone-walled.’ Tossed into a ‘’cave’’ of forgetfulness and vacuity, forever wandering aimlessly – stumbling in the darkness, mistaking the dimness of mental consciousness, awareness, positivity, and belief systems for insight, enlightenment, and spirituality.  Only able to see through the perceptions of the mind, one identifies themselves with their body, their character, and the associations that are created within this material realm.
By the time death reaches the individual, their spirit is so scattered, disoriented, and egoically assured of its mental attachments that is has no chance against the force that is containing it and keep it imprisoned. It is once again re-cycled.
It is completely true what has been heard before – ye must be reborn. Not into another physical vessel of forgetfulness as should be obvious.  Each of us must be spiritually reborn.





“The eternal recurrence of forgetfulness is the ever-repeating fate whereby the infinite individual is closed into a tiny bubble of perception chasing after dreams of always ‘becoming more,’ because it has forgotten its completeness.”
Be ever kind and compassionate to one another, as you find your way out of the darkness.



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