Sell Outs – Apples & Power of Spirit


By Candace Hill


Who are they?


Why do they do what they do?


These are questions we must ask ourselves!


There is a saying, “how the oppressed become the oppressors” and we see this today with certain First Nation or Metis leaders who pose as respected ones in the eyes of the people but is all a front because the truth is they are aligned with the government and hide behind Freemasonry and Zionism and are what I call the “sell outs – apples”.


There are various reasons a person becomes a sell-out, a rat, a goon, a deceiver such as a sociopath born this way (no conscience, liars, always out to get something), money (being paid off), blackmailed, ego, fame, greed or being groomed from a young age.


One overlooked reason of “grooming” I discovered was found within the walls of the nefarious State of Canada and Church sponsored residential schools. It seems they masterminded using the more intelligent or perhaps those children from hereditary lineages to be the “enforcers” and in turn they likely received better treatment, food and education. Where it was once the priests and nuns who administered the punishment it was now these children. This information was shared to me from a survivor of the Kamloops Residential School.


Then there is SRA “satanic ritual abuse” not spoken amongst First Nations but experienced by some of the children in these schools. Where they were traumatized, abused, brainwashed and programmed through various MKultra mind control programming. And some of the children who were spiritually gifted were taught to use these gifts in a negative way to harm others again what I witnessed myself with adult sell outs – apples who are mind controlled.


Then after leaving the schools some went onto to receive a higher education becoming the lawyers, judges, senators, lieutenant governors, business men, ministers and most must become Freemasons or Zionists. Others were hired after leaving the schools by the church to be mercenaries against their own people again shared with me by a First Nations man whose father was in residential school and become a mercenary for the church.


These sell outs – apples are very clever at hiding who they really are I call them wearing two faces one for the public and one for their masters or handlers which they all have. I believe many do not even realize they are controlled.


Little did I realize I was going to come face to face and live with some of these above sell outs – apples? Some were very dangerous as I later learned but I NEVER had fear only the desire for Truth and Solutions.


I think it’s time now to share what I believe prepared me and gave me the courage to make the two journeys across the country.


I knew this time was coming I saw the writing on the wall from as far back as the year 2000 with free trade deals-globalization, groups being hijacked, censorship and some activists being taken out by I believe government paid mercenaries.


Now my background as an international health activist and researcher gave me an edge to see people’s real intentions as I interfaced with many of such sell – outs (non indigenous) who were lawyers, scientist, lobbyists.


Most importantly was the teachings and guidance from a few of my First Nation elders who were warriors and medicine people.


And of course my emotionally intelligent philosopher father who taught me to think, instilled original thought and to question and use my common sense to make decisions. He was my best mentor, teacher and rock who still helps me from the spirit world as do my family and elders. I must share with the readers I am a “spirit talker”


Day number two after Covid was announced I began a mission seeking solutions to stop this impending agenda.


I noticed this anticipation within myself but also a groundedness I had acquired from the previous nine months in my grieving “ceremony” of my husband passing and my daily praying to my new buffalo helper the previous year.


I found I only needed maybe five hours of sleep a night.


Interestingly I had this familiar tremendous energy and I recall saying to myself – where did I feel this before? It dawned on me it was 36 years before when I had my spiritual awakening.


I strongly believe I come from a lineage of warriors, medicine people and I believe Clan Mothers. I am an “Ogichidaa Kwe” the name of a female warrior in the language of my Anishnabe ancestors. This is a man or woman who stands for the people and is not afraid to die as death is not the enemy it’s an illusion. I like many others are here to help and serve the people.


I know myself and have high morals and values. Because of this I know how I will respond in any situation. I am guided by the Great Spirit who is the only one I trust who knows how I walk. I do not worry or fret over what others think. And am mindful of “walking my talk” like the skunk relatives who are one of my helpers.


I feel my spiritual preparation began when I did my first fast (vision quest) up on Dog Mountain on the Chewathal reserve of the Sto-Lo Nation (River People) territory near Hope BC in the spring of 1998.


Along with my various elder’s teachings and the strangers I call walk-ins who came into my life to teach me specific things and doctor me I now understand was to prepare and strengthen me. Plus I must add the many ceremonies I attended over the years from sweats lodges to Sundance’s, Yuwipi ceremonies, Pipe ceremonies, Medicine Wheel gatherings and more.


And a lived experience of understanding how good and bad energy works and how to protect myself spiritually. Also becoming aware of the power of the bird relatives who took “hits” for me from those trying to send bad medicine at me I have buried many bird relatives.


Mysteriously over many years two medicines – a mineral and a plant relative had been given to me through ceremony in France and fasting. One was to protect a medicine person and the other is to protect a warrior. I was unaware until I started travelling across our sacred lands we call Turtle Island that I fully understood that they were given to me for this time and protection.


I want to share how powerful and important other people’s prayers are for our protection too. It’s like a shield around you!


Interesting to note my protection was not like the “protection” our Prime Minister receives with many secret service men, RCMP and guns. That’s an interesting phenomenon what do these politician’s need protection from?


Are they full of FEAR as they know what they are doing is deceitful, wrong, secretive and non-transparent. And that they are knowingly hurting and murdering people when they get in the way or try to whistle blow. I know how sinister these people are from the millions of First Nations whose lives have been taken since colonization and from my many health activist colleagues whose lives were taken by such people.


Interesting the average person especially women cannot fathom these stories and finds them too unbelievable and would rather go into denial or fear. That’s our weakness as people in this country. Many have been conditioned to be NICE don’t cause a fuss be polite which coincidently is exactly what these sick sociopathic human beings want so they can control, abuse, and intimidate the population.


To end this story I would like to switch gears to a positive spiritual experience that happened when I was invited to a “Winter Dancing” ceremony in February of 2020. I had been invited before but was never able to attend. But I realize we are on “spirit” time and events happen when they are supposed to.


I was invited by the wife of the Chief of the community for the last night of the ceremony which begins in November and stops when the frogs come out of hibernation which is usually February. It was held in the oldest smokehouse on the Chehalis reserve in the Sto-Lo Nation territory.
I prepared all day by being in prayer and I recall arriving at night in the pitch black and when I stepped out the car all I could hear was the sound of the drums it was very powerful.

I found myself amongst the very spiritual black faces, the mask dancers and powerful drummers. My spirit was so happy it even tried to leave my body to join the dancing.


I recall after attending that ancient ceremony I felt I had a “protective” covering put over me by the spirits. Little did I realize a few weeks later “Covid” the false flag would begin.


I must let the readers know I come with an open heart and trust until proven otherwise which I was to learn numerous times in the coming two years by the sell outs – apples who presented themselves on my path.


In conclusion in my next story I will share who those people were and what I experienced. These trials and tribulations help strengthen us as human beings as warriors.

Written by Candace Hill (brown bear woman) a bi cultural Metis, healer, knowledge keeper, storyteller, writer and activist.









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